22 Shelter Dogs Shot, Discovered in Landfill

A disturbing picture is emerging as a police department launches an investigation following witness reports of at least 22 dogs being discovered shot and buried in a landfill area.

Animal welfare campaigners have claimed that animal control officers killed the dogs and buried them.

WSOCTV reports:

On Friday morning, Debbie Farhi dug up a dog in a pit across the street from the Chesterfield County (USA) Animal Shelter. She told Eyewitness News she heard from shelter employees that they had taken several dogs to the area and shot them.

"The dog was freshly dead,” Farhi said. “It had blood on its head. If a dog had been euthanized by injection, you wouldn't see any blood."

Farhi thinks as many as 22 dogs may be buried in a mound of dirt, but she and a friend only found two on Friday morning.

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