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Q) Is this online dog magazine owned or affiliated with K9 Magazine and DogMagazine.net?

A) Yes it is. This site is owned and operated by the publishers of K9 Magazine and it exists to become the full time replacement for DogMagazine.net.

Q) Is the content of MyDogMagazine.com the same as K9 Magazine?

A) MyDogMagazine.com is designed with the intent of ‘crowd sourcing’ the most popular, appreciated dog articles. We publish content here with the aim of finding out if dog lover’s enjoy it and want more of it. This helps us shape the editorial ideas we use for K9 Magazine. MyDogMagazine.com is also here to act as a hub for people to submit their own dog articles, pictures and content. We really want to make it the dog magazine website that connects closely with our readers.

Q) Who edits MyDogMagazine.com?

A) We have a variety of editors and moderators on this site. K9 Magazine.com is edited by the same team who edit K9 Magazine as well as some of the other digital publications owned by Total Pet Publishing.

Q) I would like to contribute regular material to MyDogMagazine.com. I am passionate about dogs and I’ve got some things I’d like to say to people. How do I become a contributor?

A) If you’ve got things to say about dogs then we want to give you the opportunity to say them. The best method to become an approved online dog magazine contributor is to start making regular comments on the stories and posts which appear here. We read them all and if you’re views are well put and you show an obvious passion for writing about canine subjects, then visit thewrite about dogs link on this site and submit your dog articles. We read every one.

Q) Are you prepared to allow contributors from other publications or dog websites to publish things on your blog?

A) Yes. No problem. MyDogMagazine.com is as independent as possible so if it’s about dogs, we’re interested in seeing it published here.


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Hookworm Warning For All Dog Owners

Worming your dog is important all year round, however, for one hookworm in particular, Uncinaria stenocephala, there is a sharp rise from July to September. In heavily infested pups, it can have nasty results such as diarrhoea, anorexia and lethargy. There’s something even worse you need to know about this particular canine nasty. Ready? You ...

Dog Health

Is It OK For Dogs To Drink Tap Water?

With all the concerns about what’s in our food and our water, many of us are paying even more attention these days to what we are giving our pets. You can’t blame pet owners for taking a few precautions. After all, pet food recalls raised concerns about chemical contamination; even treats have been scrutinised. So, ...

Dog Health

Dog Dental Care: An Expert Guide to Caring For Your Dog’s Teeth

What goes on in your dog’s mouth has a profound effect on how happy and healthy they feel all over. We know this. We know it from our own experience. Problems with our teeth can cause us great anguish, discomfort, pain and generally have us feeling miserable. In many way, it’s worse for dogs. Their ...

Dog Health

How to Entertain Your Dog While You’re At Home

Keep your dog happy and entertained while you're at home

Dog Training

An Amazing Story About a Three-Legged Dog

You absolutely, simply, positively must watch this. All the way to the end. It’s life-affirming stuff.

Dog Blog

Animal Charities Reveal Coronavirus Funding Crisis

UK animal rescue centres have lost up to half of their income during the coronavirus pandemic, a new survey reveals. The Association of Dogs and Cat Homes (ADCH) revealed their members were facing huge staffing and funding pressures, with nearly half admitting they may not survive the crisis. Representing 150 member organisations across the United ...

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