Advanced Canine Lymphoma Blood Test From PetScreen is Launched

Advanced canine cymphoma blood test helps you make a more timely diagnoses.

Canine cancer screening experts, PetScreen would like to say a big thank you to all the vets that have provided PetScreen with follow up on their patients after using the LBT. With your help, we have been able to further develop and improve the test.

The company says:

"Many clinicians have asked about the identity of the biomarkers detected in the LBT. Therefore, we have been busy characterising and identifying the biomarkers used in the original LBT and found that two of them are acute phase proteins (APPs). Although APPs have been investigated individually in veterinary medicine for some time, we have continued our unique multi-marker approach to develop specific analytical algorithms which combine the relative levels of both haptoglobin and C-Reactive Protein in serum. This has enabled us to develop the Advanced Lymphoma Blood Test (ALBT), which has numerous benefits over the original LBT."

"We have tested the ALBT with 194 rigorously followed up diagnostic samples consisting of lymphoma samples, samples from healthy dogs and dogs with benign lymphoid hyperplasia and other diseases with similar presentations to lymphoma."

"By measuring the APPs using immunoassay, we are able to achieve excellent levels of performance, reproducibility and objectivity typical of such tests."

What the ALBT offers:

Differentiation between patients with lymphadenopathy due to lymphoma and lymphadenopathy due to other conditions such as benign lymphoid hyperplasia.

Same day results – lymphoma can develop very rapidly, and time is of the essence.

A simple blood test, taken as part of routine blood work. If results come back as positive for lymphoma, you might want to consider more invasive tests such as FNA or biopsy.

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Reduced cost. The new same day turnaround test costs less than the original 5 day turnaround LBT.

You can request the new ALBT straight away. The submission form can be downloaded from our website, please follow this link:

If you have any questions, please contact us at or you can call the Freephone number 0800 028 4811

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Jasmine Kleine

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