Alternative Health Treatments for Dogs

A holistic approach to pet care is favoured by many ‘modern’ dog owners” Alternative medicine has become popular among humans in recent years, but it is only relatively recently that it has had the same effect for dogs.

Conventional medicine is by no means inferior to holistic remedies, but sometimes alternative methods of treating canine ailments prove to be more effective.It is widely agreed that alternative medicine should be sought after the failure of conventional methods, but there is nothing to say that complimentary medicine cannot enhance the effects of traditional western medicine and vice-versa.

The term ‘alternative’ in the context of medicine means that the medical benefits are as yet, scientifically unproven. This does not mean that they do not work, it means that the controlled scientific tests have not been carried out to the extent which satisfies the AVMA (American veterinary medical association) although they have all but given their seal of approval to the use of holistic medicine.One of the most common forms of alternative medicine is acupuncture.

This has been used on horses and dogs successfully in the past and will be in the future. It is always necessary to consult your vet before any type of complimentary medicine is performed on your dog. This is because certain practices, particularly those which involve spinal manipulation, can be dangerous.Many pet owners have been using floral extracts in order to assist the treatment of all types of ailments. Crab apple is a popular method of ridding the body of toxins and impurities, whereas olive is very good for aiding recovery after a long illness. There are many ways of incorporating floral extracts into an already existing course of treatment.

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Studies performed at the university of Pennsylvania indicate that the effects of conventional medicine have been enhanced when used concurrently with other forms of treatment.It is important to remember that conventional medicine is developing at a huge rate and there are many significant advances being made daily, like those for the treatment of localised cancer. The essence of alternative medicine is to try and use unconventional methods of treatment to enhance the effects of other types of medicine and to exploit natural remedies in order to treat illness.

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Jasmine Kleine

Jasmine Kleine

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