Brian Rudman on Pit Bulls: Kill Them All With a Hammer

Brian Rudman writes a piece for a national newspaper in New Zealand. His most recent offering advocates ‘throwing pit bulls on the barbie’. He wants them all dead. Brian Rudman, clearly, doesn’t mind a bit of good old fashioned generalisation, prepared to condemn an entire group based on the actions of just a few. It’s an interesting concept and I feel we should explore it by asking the question, would Brian Rudman of the New Zealand herald be happier wearing a white hood and cloak, riding out at night with a length of rope?Racism is alive. But it’s not well.

Racist people are now shunned by most right minded people in society.

Dogs aren’t people, you can’t be racist toward a dog. But the principles of the racist are very much clear to see in the views of certain people who are happy to condemn, en masse, entire groups based on little more than their own ignorance and hate-filled mentatlity.

These people who would once have been at the forefront of racist, bigoted movements which were once considered above board but, due to the updated views of most in society, have now been forced to direct their generalised, ill-informed hate toward other groups – groups who can’t complain and who won’t get you fired from your job.

It’s alive in certain police (I’ve met them).

It’s alive in certain legislators (we’ve seen it).

It’s very much alive in certain media figures – they simply can not help but allow their bile to spew forth even when they reveal they know nothing of the subject about which they write.

It’s alive in all areas of society, but it’s no longer considered OK or ‘normal’.

Brian Rudman writes:

The SPCA and the Minister of Agriculture, David Carter, are baying for the blood of Paea Taufa for bopping his pit bull on the head and recycling it in a backyard umu. They should be giving him a medal. If every pit bull owner in the land followed his lead, New Zealand would be a safer place to live.

Make a note of it. Rudman hopes that every owner of a Pit Bull type dog in New Zealand takes a hammer to the head of their animal and kills it before setting fire to the body. Those are the views he’s committed to print in a national newspaper.

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Nice chap.

Maybe even the extreme, right wing groups of the world would find the idea of smashing a hammer against the skull of a dog, which hadn’t ever done anything wrong, a little too extreme.

You can read Rudman’s spew here:-

Can you remember the last time a national newspaper advocated the mass killing of family pets?

I can’t. This is my first interaction with the New Zealand Herald and, I have to say, freedom of speech born in mind, they have clearly got some interesting ideas about what their columnists should be encouraging their readers to do.

I feel it would be futile trying to advise Rudman of the basic principles of how dangerous dogs are created, which is not by birth or breed, someone who is so entrenched in an opinion that they advocate the eradication of an entire group by means of hammer blows to the head is probably not open minded enough to listen or sane enough to care. But for a newspaper to print such a view, well that takes some digesting.

So, now we know. If you want to write for a newspaper but your affiliation for the ethos tactics and methods of the Klan get in the way of you landing your dream job, simply redirect your hate and ignorance toward dogs, stick your application in to the NZ Herland and you’ll be fine. We can no longer write about how much we hate certain groups, Jews, blacks, Christians, Hispanics, Irish – but if you want to redirect the self same generalised bile toward dogs, you’re ok.

A national newspaper advocating its readers smash their dog’s skulls in – wow, feel free to let them know what you think – their advertisers too!


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Jasmine Kleine

Jasmine Kleine

Jasmine Kleine is the the online editor at She is an experienced dog owner and professional writer who lives with her two beloved dogs, Mabel and Charlie.


  1. Hi there,

    Who is this total egg of a person? Rudman, go have a read-up buddy! I bet he doesn’t know anything about dogs! Go have a look at the Dog Whisperer t.v show. Something must have happened close to home to make him feel this disgruntled about the breed?
    It’s people who don’t know how to handle animals that create these problems in the first place, if someone has to write an article, write it on PEOPLE SHOULD NEED TO PASS A TEST AND HAVE A LICENSE TO OWN ANIMALS!!!

    1. I object to this idiots ideas as they are bizzare. I how ever also oblject to the photo of an English Staffordshire Bull Terrier being used in the article. English staffs ( the nanny dog) are an old well respected breed and are in no way related to pit bulls.

      1. how are they not related ALL domestic dogs are the same species, and pit bulls and staffies were bred for exactly the same thing, both from bulldog and terrier mixes

        1. I think you’d find there is a lot more in the pit bull mix than terrier and bulldog.
          All dog breeds are not the same although the same species – some are bred for gaurding and I think you would find the pit bull has these thrown in other wise why the people aggression which is not evident in the English Stafford.
          Saying that however alot of it has to do with how the dog is raised – punish the owners not the dogs!

          1. yh but even the chihuahua and the great dane as more similarities between them then differences.

            and what other breed do pit bulls have in them?

            and pit bulls, like staffs are a dogfighing breed, why would they have guarding breeds thrown in?

            and if you ever looked at the pit bull standered, you will realise that agession towards humans is about as charecteristic of pit bulls as it is of staffs. after all theyre both dog-fighting breeds, and agression towards humans is about the biggest sin a fighting dog can have

      2. well least shees trying to come up with ideas, i dont see you comming up with any, instead of calling her an idiot why dont you offer some constructive critism

      3. The Staffordshire Bull Terrier is one of the breeds that went into developing the APBT (American Pit Bull Terrier) and the AmStaff (American Staffordshire Terrier), which were the same breed recognised under different names by two different KCs. The APBT has not only some of the physical traits of the “nanny dog”, but was originally known for being an ideal childrens dog.

      4. Jane wrote:

        “I object to this idiots ideas as they are bizzare. I how ever also oblject to the photo of an English Staffordshire Bull Terrier being used in the article. English staffs ( the nanny dog) are an old well respected breed and are in no way related to pit bulls.”


        “I think you’d find there is a lot more in the pit bull mix than terrier and bulldog. All dog breeds are not the same although the same species – some are bred for gaurding and I think you would find the pit bull has these thrown in other wise why the people aggression which is not evident in the English Stafford”

        Not related to the Pit Bull? Staffordshire Bull Terriers are simply another branch off the Pit Bull tree. While the American Pit Bull Terrier is simply a continuation of the origional working bred Pit Bulls brought to the US during the 19th century from Europe. Nothing else has been added and APBTs should be no more human aggressive than Staffordshire Bull Terriers.

      5. pit bull is a group not a breed. most of the time when bsl is passed, pit bull is classed as, american pit bull terrier, the american staffishire bull terrier and the english staffishire bull terrier as well as any dog that looks them.

        for example: devener’s pit bull ban
        “A pit bull is defined in the ordinance as any dog that is an American Pit Bull Terrier, an American Staffordshire Terrier, a Straffordshire Bull Terrier, or any dog displaying the majority of physical traits of any one or more of these breeds.”

        so when he is talking about killing all pit bulls, he also also talking about the staffie also, so the pic is justified. yes staffies are related to pit bulls, them all come from the same bull and terrier cross from 1800s.

  2. Shame we can’t post comments on his article because I’m sure there are very few people who actually agree with this piece of trash.
    What an idiot – he clearly has no idea how it’s owners who create agressive dogs.

  3. Thankyou for emailing me the story of what Brian Rudman had written in the new zeland Herrald. I have written to the editors with exactly what I feel about the story and of course how annoyed I am with the uneducated people that condem a breed for being itself, how its uneducated owner trained it! I also commented on the ignorant Brian and how he has let himself down as a writer. I hope that my comments are published for the sake of the poor dogs.

  4. What a wonderful role model this ignorant ass must make for his children and any kids that may happen to read his column!!! I am appalled to think that any newspaper would print ,let alone pay someone to write such evil! If i lived in NZ I would be outside the offices of the Herald campaigning for his column to be closed completely. If he wrote such things against a human being he would be arrested for inciting murder.

  5. I can’t believe rubbish like this has actually been printed in a newspaper! Its the irresponsible owners who are to blame and not the dogs.

  6. The banned breeds have been given a bad wrap by humans, both ways.

    Horrible breeders letting nice gentle puppies to people who make them mean and biters, and the reactionists who ban them are the real ones who should be banned.

    Though I don’t like the egg head of the bull terriers, I have known some who think they are lap dogs, and they are a bit heavy for that, never mind big.

    No animal is aggressive if it is properly trained and socialized. Ditto for people!

    This jackass (an apology to the 4 legged ones…sorry) should get the treatment he prescribes.

  7. The man is so well UNEDUCATED,

    I am a vet nurse and have been for 15years, in my experience no dog is born bad, it is who the unfortunate animal ends up living with.,

    I really pity this man’s wife and kids, they must have a living hell.

  8. I wrote and dared him to spend a day in the good ol’ U S of A with Cesar Millan’s pack of Pitbulls. He couldn’t then say that all Pits are evil, murderous monsters. What a Twit! Although you’re right, he should be sacked for advocating animal curelty in a large scale!!!

  9. I live in New Zealand and this has been a huge topic this week. But I’ve not heard any stupid reports like this one by Brian Rudman….he is trying to make a point that killing the family dog is not different than killing the family lamb for dinner…..yet his opening paragraph is pathetic and unneccessary…

    You can contact him directly on –

    Here is a bit on the man as well:
    Rudman’s views are often controversial and comparatively blunt. He has been the subject of at least three complaints to the New Zealand Press Council, none of which were upheld.
    Rudman has been awarded the Charles Southwell Award from the New Zealand Association of Rationalists and Humanists, for “his many years of equitable and informed journalism, often supporting views compatible with the objectives of this Association”.


  10. Well – having been to the racist country of New Zealand – am NOT at all surprised!!!!
    1. had a Kiwi tell me that WE (USA) deserved 9/11!
    2. most of the South Island has signs banning all dogs on any street – even leashed!

    #2 is due to the demise of their beloved, but incapable of flight, Kiwi bird. However – they have totally failed to recognize their own part in the problem. When they emigrated from the UK, they wanted to maintain their hunting privileges. So, they imported foxes and opossums. They apparently haven’t too much of a problem with foxes, but the possums have been very fruitful!!! The roads are coated in dead possums. And – possums eat EGGS!!! But – they maintain the dog is the threat to their ground-loving bird. Brainiacs???? NOT!!!!!!

    1. This lady talk a load of b…..t, I have travelled all over the country and not seen the signs she is talking about. She is also totally wrong about the issue of foxes, they were NEVER imported into N.Z., we just do not have them at all. Yes there are possums, they were not brought in for hunting but for their fur, also as to having roads coated with dead one, unfortunately that is not true either, they are a real pest, they are responsible for a major downturn in bird life as well as destrying large tracts of bush.
      So Carol get a life, checks your fats as I doubt you have actually ever been here.

  11. Re :Rudmans comments on Pit Bulls-New Zealand Herald.Firstly ,allow me to apologise on behalf of the rest of New Zealand for this piece of uninformed trash. I reluctantly concede that Rudman is entitled to an opinion—but his is not mine, and whatever his ego may tell him he does NOT speak for the rest of us. Secondly, The, so-titled, “New Zealand Herald” does not represent NZ any more than does Runman—it is an Auckland publication–part of the Fairfax Empire—and often times the views published are as balanced and rational as Fox News in the US—NOT!Your readers need to understand that Auckland lies North of the Bombay Hills and ,we, the real citizens of this country regard anything North of the Bombay Hills as national park and treat its in-habitants,including Rudman, with appropriate contempt Rudman and Mz W Goldberg would be great partners.

    1. oh so over 1/3 of the NZ pop live in a national park and are beyond your contempt – grow up!
      Rudman is an idiot but I who live in North Auckland are as mcuh a citizen of NZ as you are!

  12. I also live in NZ and believe me Rudman’s views do not reflect the views of the majority of NZ people.
    This event is horrific in that the powers that be have no grounds for bringing the offender accountable. Apparently stunning an animal before slitting its throat is considered a humane way of killing an animal. The other horrific event in this was that after he had cooked the dog the family ate it. As it is a custom in the ‘offender’s native land, this also cannot be dealt with.

    I find this personally incomprehensable that a person can hit a domestic pet on the head, slit its throat, cook it and then eat it and is given no more than – don’t do it again NZ people don’t do that sort of thing tut-tut.

  13. There has to be something we can do! Words can’t even begin to express how enfuriated I am by this man’s blatant ignorance and cruelty. If I could bash in his skull and get away with it, I would. My question is, what about the millions of animal rights groups out there? There has to be something they can do. What about PETA? Their whole group is based on the humane treatment of animals. Maybe if we all stand united, we can stop this douchebag. I would be willing to start a group and gather ideas about how we can stop him. There has to be a way. There’s always a way. Who’s with me???

    1. PETA humane treatment of animals? HA. humane eradication of animals more like. PETA supports breed bans, not only that their trying to get rid of all pets. coz its ‘slavery’.

      they kill 97% of animals they ‘save’.

      over than that i agree with you. this guy in england, the nextdoor neigures dog got into his garden so he bashed it over the head and left it on their door step for dead! but he got away with it coz the creulity laws in england need the animals to suffer, and their was no evidence this dog regained conisiness, so no evidence it felt anything! it was only a small border terrier, it was running round his (enclosed) chicken coop and that p****d him off!

      it should be illegal for anyone other than a liscenced vet to kill a dog! expect him life or death stituations.

      if the media can’t report reponsiblely they should be banned from stateing breed or using pics of dogs, unless it is a possitive story. how many thousands of dogs have been killed under bsl, all fueled by the media! voilent criminals, like the baby P’s mother get protection from the press, dogs should have it to!

  14. This sort of thing does not shock me in any way ….. People will never shock me with their cruelty towards animals . They will not be happy untill every breed is deformed due to over breeding or shot for some reason or just left to die due to lack of care . Or forced to fight each other untill one dies … All at the hands of humans ….. I need not say any more man is a parasite !!!

  15. I say throw Rudman on the bbq before we even consider his insane, dumbass suggestion! Don’t blame the breed blame the owners who don’t know how to handle a dog of that size and nature. What I have just read has made me feel sick! What is the world coming to? Dog is man’s best friend and there is no dog, no matter how aggressive, that deserves to be killed in my opinion as they can all be rehabilitated.
    Kill that sicko Rudman!!!

  16. What a complete nut!

    I’ll never get over how people can persecute an animal based on it’s appearance. There are unsound dogs of all breeds. Labs and Goldens have mauled and killed. Does he have any idea of what breed it was that caused the lady in France to have a face transplant? LAB.

  17. Thank you for illustrating the racist nature behind these kinds of statements. I live in a place (Ontario, Canada) where breed specific legislation is in practice against pit bulls. I have been around dozens of pit bulls over the years. I also lived with one for 4 years, and will soon be living with another.

    The thing that people don’t understand about these dogs is they are sensitive, almost human-like dogs that react like a human would when faced with neglect and abuse. It is unfortunate that, as in many cases in life, that the “bad” ones/things are what you hear about.

    When the BSL came to be in Ontario, I was livid. The Ontario government has a ban in place that will essentially eliminate the pitbull population in Ontario – No new pitbulls are allowed to enter the province, and all “grandfathered” pitbulls were required to be fixed – obviously I see pitty puppies around town, so the law isn’t really working anyways…

    The thing that REALLY got me mad, was the blanket statement made that any dog who resembles a pit bull fits within the confines of the Pit Bull Ban. So in others words, not only is the government promoting genocide of a “race” of animals, they are also promoting stereotyping of other “races” who appear to be said animal.

    Is this the kind of message we want to teach our children? “That one looks like one of the bads ones, so it must be one of the bad ones.” I’m part middle-eastern – I take this kind of thinking to heart, because of what we have seen lately in human society…

    Bottom line, after that ramble (if anyone is even reading this), we cannot continue to promote racism of ANY KIND! It is NOT ok to treat any living being with bias and prejudice. We all deserve love…well except this douche bag Rudman.


  18. Hi there,

    Sorry if you will find some mistakes in my opinion but can’t write english perfect yet.

    So I think that there is still a lot of people who are UNEDUCATED like hi is,and all those people say he is right.And will continue this poor education from generation to generation.
    People who do not know how to handle dogs shouldn’t have them,as from nice and calm dog they can make animal without control.There is still a lot of people who are buying dogs and do not know anything about this specific breed.People are to lazy to read books,try to find info on website forums,speak to behaviorust and take dog when is puppy for properly training to achive good socialization with another dogs and people.Most of people thinks that dogs like pit bull, english and american staff,rottweiler,doberman are dangerous and have to keep away from them just because they don’t really know them.And is doesn’t matter what dog you have,you can even make really dangerous dog from Golden Retriver if you will not handle animal properly.
    I just want to say THANKS to all of you who left opinions about this article as I see that we are educated and can own happy dogs.

  19. i have left a comment with the editor saying they should keep an eye on this man as he is obviously a psyco. everytime i turn on my computer i seem to be reading some appaling story as to the treatment of this breed or some stupid ill informed baffoon spouting vindictive diatribe. our own geremy clarkson who writes an article in one of the tabloids, when hes not trying, but failing to be witty on top gear had a similar veiw for pitbulls. he said there should be a pitbull amnesty and surrendered dogs should be made into shoes and hats.

  20. The world will be a better safer place without people like this Rudman dude. Obviously he is ignorant and has hatred and thinks that he can take it out on innocent dogs that all their crime is that they have bad reputation because irresponsible people and evil greedy bastards that like to fight them.
    Understand the breed don’t kill it! Did you hear that Rudman? do your homework and study this breed. Or are you a lost case feeling cozy and warm with your ignorance?
    Found a place to take your frustration out on poor innocent dogs? is that what it is? hate something you don’t understand? History doesn’t teach you a thing hey Rudman?
    Just shudup and don’t show the world you’re not smart.

  21. This man is sick. I cannot believe he would say this. Does he feel the same about other animals that kill. Snakes, crocs etc? No, cos he knows that they need respect, the same as these dogs.

    I have a rottweiler & she is the most sweetest & loyal dog. She is a joy to own & she is our FAMILY pet. She is not agressive & loves to be around humans. Its people like this man that make people cross the streets when I walk with my dog.

    He does not deserve to be paid to print his crap!!

  22. I Read Brian Rudman’s comments regularly and by no way does his comments reflect the views from the rest of New Zealand yes pitbulls are not exactly liked by many people I have one living next door which has killed a cat recently and has bitten by other neighbors but the owners are treating the dogs badly they are confined to their back yard and do not get walks at all I know the pit bull is not a bad breed of dog it is the owner’s problem
    I disagree with Rudman’s comments completely If I ran the New Zealand Herald I would sack Rudman right away he is scum and the New Zealand media would be a much better place without the man

  23. Would it be wrong of me to say kill all Muslims just incase they are terriorist?????

    I think so, some people are so pig headed.

    yes there is a problem with PBT dogs but its the owners not the dogs that are the issue. We need more broad minded people around and we need more funds around the world to sort out the issues of gangs/criminal fighting with any sort of animals not just PBT dogs.

  24. I’m sure the paper is happy with the increased readership and click-though revenue. You want to make them take notice? Send a short note to the editor suggestion you’re considering contacting their advertisers to discuss boycotting any product/service that choosing to spend their ad dollars on the site.

    At the very least, enough of them might convince them to apologize and retract his moronic comments.

  25. Rudman’s comments reflect rather sadly the “lock’em up” mentality that is so pervasive, and increasingly so. Where addiction is a disease mind capable of change with a dose of ‘self will’, intolerance is an incurable disease of the spirit.

    The more we keep (some) dogs behind high fences and on short leads, the more we create the very Moloch’s that scare us. Our reaction to ‘those’ dogs so parallels the social disease ‘of its those people again’ that the two are almost inseparable.

    Should we be surprised then the the New Zealand Herald derives so much profit from ‘crime’ reporting… its an easy story. Rudman’s column demonstrates how little thinking is required. They will not fire him, he and his like are the life blood of contemporary public journalism.

    Keep up the excellent work Ryan.
    We have so much to learn from our dogs….

  26. This man is sick. Its barbaric. I only hope he would realized what he has said. If he is a god fearing person he would not say or think this kind of thought. I would suggest this man should seek psychological help. I believe that every god’s creation have a space in this earth, no matter how small or big u r. We are only stewards of god’s creations. We don’t have the right to say who will stay or not. God forgives you

    1. I’m sorry Andrea but God didn’t create Pit Bulls, evil people did. Most people here are being childish. There is no reason for these “dogs” (more like killing machines) to exist. First of all they are a threat to other normal dogs. Secondly, when people see a Pit Bull walking towards them, they cannot immediately read a detailed report on whether it was raised in a loving home. Pit Bulls have been bred to kill other dogs, they are also very capable of killing people. For these reasons the breed should be sterilized and die out. Owners should get severe sentences for owning lethal weapons and lives.

      I’m sure most machine gun owners are responsible, does that mean we should allow people to carry them around? I would rather see someone walk around town with a machine gun than a Pit Bull.

      1. Nope. Sorry, but any one who compares ANY dog to a machine gun is instantly discredited in their logic and theory. One is designed for the sole, express purpose of killing and maiming people – the other, quite simply, is not and never has been. Lots of things are capable of ‘killing people’ – try, for a start, electricity. And then do the maths on how many people are killed by electricity, bleach, stairs, cars, drugs. Pit bulls were not ‘bred to kill other dogs’, that’s just not true – so this whole argument is started on a fundamentally incorrect platform.

        1. dumb question here ut werent pit bulls breed to fight other dogs.

          werent some mastiffs bred as war dogs, and used in battle and gladiator rings? but most dogs are for legal and social resons no longer bred for their original purpose. DOGS of all breeds, have elveated beyond their orgiginal functions of guarding, huntng, herding, etc and are now used as SAR, therapy dogs, assistant dogs etc

      2. I suppose you would applaud what the police did to a disabled veteran friend of mine. While traveling through a community that had a ban on pit bulls, he and the person who he was riding with stopped at a Dennys. His service dog, an APBT (American Pit Bull Terrier), remained quietly under the table while they ate. On leaving the restaurant he was stopped by two police officers who had left the Dennys a little before him. His dog was confiscated. He was told that because it was a pit bull, it must be destroyed. He went to court to get his service dog back, but was told at the hearing that the dog had already been destroyed. The judge offered him replacement value at shelter adoption rates, even though the training of his service dog was $15,000 and a year and a half of training time.

        This dog had done nothing remotely threatening. It was considered a dangerous dog simply because of its breed. As terriers go, APBTs are one of the gentler ones. Give almost any large dog to a person who thinks it’s macho to own an aggressive dog, and the dog will become aggressive and dangerous. Put any dog through what the dog fighters do to their dogs, and see if the result is a calm, gentle, well mannered dog.

        It’s not the breed, it’s the people who abuse them.

        1. which is why you shouldnt bring any dog of a particular breed into an area which as a ban on that breed.

          and more importantly its one of the many reasons bsl is bull shit legislation

          1. That presupposes that before you drive cross country, you research every city, town, and county you will pass through. Not only would that be difficult, but I believe impossible. This person’s trip brought him through four states (Starting in Arizona, through New Mexoco, Colorado, Wyoming, and Nebrasks; and stopping in S. Dakota.). Researching the destination community is a good idea, but not every community you will pass through on a trip. A community that not only bans certain breeds from residing in their community, but confiscates dogs of the banned breed/s which are passing through; is ludicrous. And that the dog was a certfied service dog, only makes the whole fiasco worse.

          2. yh but tbf im 20 so i can legal consume alchohol here, but if went to america and drank alchohol there, i wouldnt be able use the “im just passing” excuse

          3. But there is no Federal Law inolved in your scenario. The ADA Federal law protects service dogs throughout the nation in the USA. Local ordinances can’t over-rule federal laws. So even in communities where a breed is banned, a service dog of that breed is legally exempt. As the dog was not born in Denver, nor even residing in Denver, and was already a certfied service dog when it crossed into the city limits; what they did was not only morally reprehensible, but illegal too.

            If there were a US federal law quaranteeing your right to consume alchohol at twenty, then the scenario would be applicable.

      3. “There is no reason for these “dogs” (more like killing machines) to exist.”

        could say the same for you and me, does life have a purpose? that depends on your beliefs

        “First of all they are a threat to other normal dogs.”

        um they are normal dogs

        “Secondly, when people see a Pit Bull walking towards them, they cannot immediately read a detailed report on whether it was raised in a loving home. ”

        well when you see someone walking down the street towards you, you cant tell wehter or not the persons going to mug you or not either

        “Pit Bulls have been bred to kill other dogs, they are also very capable of killing people. For these reasons the breed should be sterilized and die out.”

        ALL dogs are capable of killing people (i mite even go as far to say all animals are capabble of killing people), so according to your logic all dogs should be sterilised

        theyre are many breeds breed for dogfighting, such as shar peis, but i dont see many baning dogfighting breed enthusiats calling for shar peis to be banned

        “Owners should get severe sentences for owning lethal weapons and endangering lives.” so according to your logical smokers, cattle owners should be arrested to

        ” I would rather see someone walk around town with a machine gun than a Pit Bull.” no whos being childish?

  27. Ha Ha Ha. Look out, look out, there’s loonies about. Just goes to show that the lunatics HAVE taken over the asylum or in this case the papers. People buy this paper and pay his wages. says it all.

  28. Hello everyone.
    Having read through the comments left
    regarding the Brian Rudman subject I feel the underlying current is,
    quite rightly,the lack of education and understanding
    of dogs and in particular certain breeds, leading to undoubted fear of them.
    It is unfortunate, but happens daily, that unbalanced journalism is being
    published, however, sites like K9, and my own, bring balance to issues
    like these.
    I have worked as a canine behaviourist (in Cumbria)for several years and work
    not only with household pet dogs, who have often been rehomed
    having been placed in rescue for ‘behavioural issues’, but also in rescue shelters.
    Even in the shelters I have encountered fear in some canine carers who
    are wary of the dog just because of the physical look or the name of the breed.
    As this is the case, how can we expect the general public to understand
    when all they hear are the negatives.
    Many dogs have been bred to do a ‘job’, often hense their names, but they can
    still make wonderful pets when with the right owners.
    Myself and my team work hard to the educate the public and dog owners
    on understanding their four legged friends, and we also rehabilitate dogs
    who have fallen into the hands of the ‘wrong’ owner, so they can find the right home.
    With understanding and education and correct handling and socialising by
    dedicated owners, of any breed of dog, we have seen dramatic changes in
    canine behaviour which in turn has been noticed by the general public.
    This can only be a good thing for the so called ‘dangerous’breeds.


  29. Rudman likes to fire off a few shots at Pit Bull owners and their dogs and then runs for cover. He has done it for years. And The Herald then makes sure he never has to back up his taunts. I don’t think if was asked about the real Pit Bull he could say anything at all about them after all these years that was true…

  30. you all are a bunch of idiots to embrace such a violent breed of dogs.Month after month there are reports of them? killing children and their own family members. just today on headline news……..CHICAGO — Chicago police are investigating the death of a 56-year-old man from the city’s far South Side who was apparently fatally mauled by his daughter’s pit bulls.

  31. Earth to pit bull advocates. Dogs aren’t people. You can’t be racist about dogs. This is a red herring tactic. Dogs are divided into breeds, created by humans. The breeds were created so they would have a specific appearance and behavior. We created breeds so we could use a generalization to help us pick a puppy. Pit bull owners generalize all the time about how loyal, etc. they are. You can’t have it both ways Einstein.

  32. pit bulls are one of the best dogs i have ever had. they are so loyal and listen so well. they are a MANS BESTFRIEND! they are just like us they know nothing when they are born and just like us have to learn and they learn what they are taught. if there owner treats them good they will treat you good. if the owner treats them badly they are going to act badly. it is nothing against pit bulls it is how they are brought up. having a pit bull myself i will never go with another dog again. F*** You to all the ppl against pitbulls because you will never get rid of them. there is still to many ppl that think pitbulls are one of the best dogs possible. they are so good with kids. my pit plays with my friends 3 year old like its his own lil pup =] its amazing =] I LOVE PITBULLS & ALWAYS WILL <3

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