Brian Rudman on Pit Bulls: Kill Them All With a Hammer

Brian Rudman writes a piece for a national newspaper in New Zealand. His most recent offering advocates ‘throwing pit bulls on the barbie’. He wants them all dead. Brian Rudman, clearly, doesn’t mind a bit of good old fashioned generalisation, prepared to condemn an entire group based on the actions of just a few. It’s an interesting concept and I feel we should explore it by asking the question, would Brian Rudman of the New Zealand herald be happier wearing a white hood and cloak, riding out at night with a length of rope?Racism is alive. But it’s not well.

Racist people are now shunned by most right minded people in society.

Dogs aren’t people, you can’t be racist toward a dog. But the principles of the racist are very much clear to see in the views of certain people who are happy to condemn, en masse, entire groups based on little more than their own ignorance and hate-filled mentatlity.

These people who would once have been at the forefront of racist, bigoted movements which were once considered above board but, due to the updated views of most in society, have now been forced to direct their generalised, ill-informed hate toward other groups – groups who can’t complain and who won’t get you fired from your job.

It’s alive in certain police (I’ve met them).

It’s alive in certain legislators (we’ve seen it).

It’s very much alive in certain media figures – they simply can not help but allow their bile to spew forth even when they reveal they know nothing of the subject about which they write.

It’s alive in all areas of society, but it’s no longer considered OK or ‘normal’.

Brian Rudman writes:

The SPCA and the Minister of Agriculture, David Carter, are baying for the blood of Paea Taufa for bopping his pit bull on the head and recycling it in a backyard umu. They should be giving him a medal. If every pit bull owner in the land followed his lead, New Zealand would be a safer place to live.

Make a note of it. Rudman hopes that every owner of a Pit Bull type dog in New Zealand takes a hammer to the head of their animal and kills it before setting fire to the body. Those are the views he’s committed to print in a national newspaper.

Nice chap.

Maybe even the extreme, right wing groups of the world would find the idea of smashing a hammer against the skull of a dog, which hadn’t ever done anything wrong, a little too extreme.

You can read Rudman’s spew here:-

Can you remember the last time a national newspaper advocated the mass killing of family pets?

I can’t. This is my first interaction with the New Zealand Herald and, I have to say, freedom of speech born in mind, they have clearly got some interesting ideas about what their columnists should be encouraging their readers to do.

I feel it would be futile trying to advise Rudman of the basic principles of how dangerous dogs are created, which is not by birth or breed, someone who is so entrenched in an opinion that they advocate the eradication of an entire group by means of hammer blows to the head is probably not open minded enough to listen or sane enough to care. But for a newspaper to print such a view, well that takes some digesting.

So, now we know. If you want to write for a newspaper but your affiliation for the ethos tactics and methods of the Klan get in the way of you landing your dream job, simply redirect your hate and ignorance toward dogs, stick your application in to the NZ Herland and you’ll be fine. We can no longer write about how much we hate certain groups, Jews, blacks, Christians, Hispanics, Irish – but if you want to redirect the self same generalised bile toward dogs, you’re ok.

A national newspaper advocating its readers smash their dog’s skulls in – wow, feel free to let them know what you think – their advertisers too!


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