Charity Issues Dog Weight Loss Challenge

PDSA Challenges Fat Dogs To Loose The Flab.Kevin Adams prepares to help chubby dogs beat the bulge PDSA challenge gives chubby pets the chance to get into shape.If you think your dog may be carrying one two more pounds than he should, then the UK’s leading veterinary charity, is offering the chance to take part in a unique diet and exercise challenge.PDSA Fit Camp is launched in response to new research that suggests the nation’s pets should be fighting the flab due to their couch pet-ato ways.

Nearly half (48%) of all pet owners spoil their pets daily with extra snacks and human treats outside of their regular mealtimes, including chips, cheese, chocolate (which contains theobromine that can poison some pets) and marshmallows, while a quarter also fail to give their pet regular exercise.

The charity is looking for eight pets across the UK to take on the challenge of PDSA Fit Camp. Selected by celebrity health and fitness expert Kevin Adams and PDSA senior veterinary surgeon Elaine Pendlebury, these eight lucky pets will follow a 100 day diet and exercise programme that will be regularly monitored by their local PDSA PetAid hospital. At the end of the programme, the pet with the greatest proportional weight loss who best stuck to their new exercise regime will be crowned PDSA Fit Camp Champ, winning the owner and their pet a weekend away at Knoll House Hotel at Studland Bay in Dorset .Even the pets that aren’t selected for the challenge will be able to benefit from PDSA’s expertise as every entrant will receive a free diet and exercise guide, including tips from Kevin and Elaine on how to enjoy a healthy and active lifestyle.

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PDSA Fit Camp judge and contributor to the diet and exercise guide, Kevin Adams, said; “We’re more aware than ever before of the importance of a healthy balanced diet and regular exercise, but PDSA’s research shows how we can let bad habits creep in when caring for our pets. My advice to owners who are worried about their pet’s weight is that a few simple steps can make a big difference. If you have a dog, why not both enjoy the exercise of a regular walk or run, or play indoor games with a small pet or house cat?”

PDSA senior veterinary surgeon Elaine Pendlebury added; “While it’s tempting to share the odd snack or treat with our furry friends, it’s so important for owners to take a responsible attitude toward their pet’s diet as they could literally be killing their pets with kindness. When it comes to weight loss, the same principles apply whether you’re a human or an animal – reduced and controlled portion size and regular exercise. I’m really looking forward to giving our eight PDSA Fit Camp challengers the support and advice they need to kick start a healthier lifestyle.”

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Jasmine Kleine

Jasmine Kleine

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