Concerns Over UK Dog Breeding Raised in New Report

Parliamentary Group Publishes Latest Report on Concerns over Dog Breeding.

APGAW has issued this update report following on from their 2009 ‘A Healthier Future for Pedigree Dogs’ publication. This report is to be sent to Defra Ministers, Members of Parliament and accessible to the public via

After speaking to key stakeholders including the RSPCA, British Veterinary Association, Kennel Club and Dogs Trust and gaining the views of those seeking to improve breeding practice across the UK, APGAW has set out the actions which have taken place since the airing of ‘Pedigree Dogs Exposed.’  It has also set out what needs to happen now to make significant improvements and prevent potential suffering for the approximately 8 million dogs in the UK.

“Healthy from Birth, Fit for Life” is the key message arising from the Associate Parliamentary Group for Animal Welfare (APGAW) latest dog breeding report. Careful and informed breeding choices are still key to ensuring healthy and happy pets which is the key function for the majority of puppies born.

The Group Chairman, Neil Parish MP, states;

“There is a commitment to preventing further poor welfare caused by irresponsible breeding and there remains a large amount of work to be done in achieving this. However, it is clear that there is tremendous dedication to resolving the existing problems and that progress has been made. The report forms part of the continuing dialogue which keeps this issue firmly on the minds of decision-makers, stakeholders and the public.”

APGAW is recommending that the dog breeding licence is reduced from 5 litters down to 3 and that there is a strong system of traceabiiity which goes further than the current government decision to microchip. It also asks the Government to consider the relevance of educating the public and in particular children and young people on the importance of choosing a healthy pet and responsible dog ownership in the hope this will tackle problems which arise later including stray dogs and general anti-social behaviour involving dogs.

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The report means further pressure on dog breeders in the UK to start to meet the standards these important organisations are calling for and the Government to acknowledge the need to protect the public from low standards of breeding which leads to pets suffering.

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Jasmine Kleine

Jasmine Kleine

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