Deceptive Pet Cremation Services Targeted

The Pet Cremation Alliance offers resources to help families and professionals.

The newly formed Pet Cremation Alliance (PCA) is determined to bring scrutiny to the many and varied practices in the pet cremation industry. With no government regulations in place and concerning a topic some would prefer to not talk about, too many pet crematoriums operate in a manner that might shock the pet loving public.

This week the PCA launched their web site with the goal of educating the public and pet care professionals. The site calls special attention to the definitions of key industry terms. The same terms that, in many cases, disreputable cremation providers manipulate and misrepresent. The result is that grieving pet parents are not receiving the service they expect for their deceased animal companion.

Promising a major announcement on the evening of March 27th 2012 that will permanently hamper the ability of disreputable pet cremation providers to engage in unethical practices, the PCA is poised to rattle the industry and hopes to enlighten everyone that cares about their animal companions.

Sharing of the address for the PCA web site is encouraged by any and all that care about animals and their families. Those facing the loss of a companion animal should avail themselves of the resources on the site to ensure they do not become a victim.

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