Eleventh Hour Mercy Plea to Save Death Row Dog Bruce

Dog lovers around the world have reacted in horror to the recent news that the high profile case of pet dog “Bruce” may finally be over as a court orders he be destroyed in a few days time ending an exhaustive twenty one month battle to save him.

Bruce was a young Staffordshire Bull Terrier living happily with his family in Northern Ireland. On September 19th 2007 Bruce was seized by council officials as an alleged “pit bull type” and taken to secluded kennels whilst his owner was taken to court for owning a banned type of dog contrary to the Dangerous Dogs Act (Northern Ireland) Order 1991.

Whilst incarcerated in kennels his family were allowed to visit their dog in October 2007, Bruce had lost weight, muscle tone and had an open cut to his muzzle. Five months later Bruce was allowed a second visit from his family in March 2008, they were shocked with what they found: The wound on Bruce’s muzzle was larger, weeping and had become infected, he tail had been amputated due to damage and infection, he had open pressure sores, was underweight and looked totally broken and rejected, yet despite the clear pain he was in, is described by experts as being a friendly dog that poses no danger to the public.


A trial was heard at Bangor Magistrates’ Court on 27th August 2008 and the court determined that Bruce was “of type” despite the evidence from two expert identification witnesses who said he was not. Judgement was given two weeks later on the 12th September and Bruce was ordered destroyed devastating his family and supporters.

A legal appeal was lodged and a brief hearing on the 12th November 2008 listed the case for mention on 12th January 2009.

A further hearing in March 2009 was scheduled to set a date for the full Appeal. But, as we understand it, at this hearing the Judge gave Bruce a reprieve, as she believed Bruce does not pose a danger to the public. It was unclear how this potentially groundbreaking ruling would proceed as the Judge did not contest that Bruce had been found to be a pit bull type but decided as he posed no danger to the public he could be returned to his owner under the conditions that apply to pit bull types in England: Bruce’s owner was trying to obtain third party liability insurance for him as a pit bull type in Northern Ireland. As it is illegal to have a “pit bull type” in Northern Ireland no insurance company was able to offer insurance cover.

A further court date was set for 29th June 2009 to decide how this ruling for Bruce could proceed and the Judge ordered destruction.

In a desperate attempt to save Bruce, owner Shannon Brown, supporters and neighbours have created petitions, online networking groups and videos resulting in worldwide support to “Bring Bruce Home”. Bruce remains on canine death row, removed from his family home, alone and unaware of the worldwide support he has to spare his life.

Despite being debated several times, Northern Ireland has not adopted the provisions within the1997 Dangerous Dogs (Amendment) Act allowing friendly pet dogs found to be unlawful by appearance, but posing no danger to the public, to be allowed to live. In England, Scotland and Wales, a dog found to be “pit bull type” by the courts can be ordered entered onto the Index of Exempted Dogs as an alternative to destruction. If the Amendment had been accepted in Northern Ireland, the court would have been able to exercise discretion as with the rest of the UK – Bruce is likely to have been home long before now, alive and well registered on the Index of Exempted Dogs.

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If Bruce lived across the border in Southern Ireland where no breeds are nationally banned he would never have been seized and imprisoned at all. Bruce has been offered a place of safety with a dedicated rescue and sanctuary in Southern Ireland where he could legally live out the rest of his life; this offer has been conveyed in writing to the solicitor but has sadly not been accepted by the court.

Bruce hasn’t actually ever put a paw wrong; he is sentenced to death due to the way he looks and the fact that NI has a mandatory death penalty unlike the rest of the UK who gave the courts discretion when sentencing twelve years ago.

Bruce and his family have endured much mental and physical anguish and pain solely due to a draconian law. His owner is simply a young dog owner who has been struggling for nearly two years to save her dogs life.

All that needs to be done to let a friendly dog live is for Bruce to be allowed safe passage from Northern to Southern Ireland and Bruce needs your support again during his eleventh hour.

We are asking supporters to contact the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland (Shaun Woodward MP) and Ministers urging them to use compassion and discretion by granting Bruce a Pardon removing the penalty imposed – the mandatory death sentence with the provision that Bruce is moved to the rescue placement ready and waiting for him in Southern Ireland. For a nation who claims to be animal lovers this would be the expected outcome.

As the court has ordered that Bruce be destroyed someone will be expected to administer the fatal injection. Veterinary surgeons take a sworn oath and promise to safeguard the welfare of animals committed into their care. In line with this sworn promise we are calling on all veterinary professionals within the UK to take a stand and refuse to kill Bruce – a healthy, wanted animal who poses no danger to the public & has a rescue space waiting for him in Eire. Bruce’s legal owner does not give consent for Bruce to be destroyed.

Please help by contacting the relevant authorities (template letters available) – details below to add your support to “Saving Bruce”.

For Further Information – Please Contact:

DDA Watch

Email: mail@dangerousdogsact.co.uk


Tel: 0844 844 2900

Endangered Dogs Defence & Rescue


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Jasmine Kleine

Jasmine Kleine

Jasmine Kleine is the the online editor at MyDogMagazine.com. She is an experienced dog owner and professional writer who lives with her two beloved dogs, Mabel and Charlie.



    2. This is absolutely horrendous!!! This is an innocent creature of God. This dog has never shown aggression to anyone yet people are being aggressive to him by treating him inhumanely and making him suffer! The people that have put him in this situation should have to live in the same environment. They should be judged … for being mean people … maybe they don’t fit the a certain status. Who cares if they are a judge. Are they too fat? Too thin? Obviously their stupid! That’s enough of a reason right there. Give them the same sentence this poor animal has been given. This world sure doesn’t need any more stupid people in it! It makes the same amount of sense. Just because other dogs of the Pitt Bull breed have been aggressive in the past does not mean that all Pitt Bulls will be aggressive. This was a beautiful family dog and now not only has the dog been tortured but so has the family! There is NO acceptable excuse for this. It sure does not make me want to travel to that country!

    3. How can this happen! – For goodness sake – how can Bruce and his family find themselves in this position. Sense must be seen. Surely there is someone somewhere in power who can stop this.
      Maybe there will be people out there who think “its only a dog, whats all the fuss”. But Bruce is a much loved family member who has done nothing wrong.
      Do something right – prove that there really is justice in this often sick and cruel world, and put a stop to the plight of Bruce and his family right now.
      Someone somewhere has made a terrible mistake. Have the courage to realise this and back down and stop it before it really is to late.

      Please Please let him go home to his family, even if it is on the proviso he is muzzled at all times when out in public. But please – let him live.

      Sara Trudgeon

    4. I have started the following online petition;

      We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to Review case
      of Shannon Brown’s dog Bruce

      For the Government to review the case of “Bruce” a dog
      belonging to Shannon Brown of Northern Ireland. Bruce has been
      condemned as a pit bull type although he poses no danger

      When it is accepted I will post a link

      1. Why does a poor dog through no fault of his own end up in a life death situation, what about rapistist and murders kill then not a dog who has not even shown a piece of aggression i have rescued a dog in april from a dog home in spain i know nothing of his back ground he is the bestest friend i could ever ask for and to see how much he loves me and stays by my side is unbeliveable the law is a farce its too easy to say kill kill kill give bruce back to his loving family my heart is with this poor dog on death row .

    5. I just don’t understand how any country can punish an innocent dog just because of his breed!! All dogs like people are different,. It depends on how they are raised!! In the proper hands this breed is very gentle. Please look into your heart and soul and ask yourselves this one question?? If I were this dog and I had not did any harm to anyone but have been banished to these deplorable situations, would you wnat to be there ?? Would you want people not to take care of you as they have been neglecting , Bruce ! No animal or person deserves to be mistreated in this manner. Bruce is not the criminal here, it’s his present caretakers ! They aren’t even feeding him properly, not tending to his wounds ?? What’s up with that ?? Now that’s animal cruelty ! They are the criminals not Bruce . He has harmed no one not even the people who presently neglect and abuse him !! Please Do the Right thing and give Bruce back to his Caring and loving owners, he deserves his freedom . You have punished him all this time for doing nothing but being the wrong type of breed according to you. Please I ask you to search your hearts and please set him free, to his proper owners so he may heal and feel loved again. PLEASE !!!!


      1. This nonsense of sending this dog to his death has to stop.

        Just like foolish humans once thought that someone wasnt worthy of life because of their race…..

        Just like foolish humans once thought that someone wasnt worthy of life because of their sex

        Now humans foolishly think that we can murder someone, because they arent worthy of life because of their species.

        We learned our lessons on racism and sexism, and the day is coming ever closer when we shall learn our lesson on speciesism as well.

    7. OMG the video made me cry how could a council put this poor dog through such pain not to speak of what it is doing to his family. RETURN Bruce home NOW .Thinking of you all.

    8. To the Bangor Magistrates:

      The sheer stupidity of humans has always been and will always be a far greater threat to the human race than any breed of dog — or any other non-human species, for that matter. It’s staggering that adult human beings in the 21st century could be seriously debating the needless destruction of a harmless dog on the basis of an asinine law that judges an animal by its appearance. For God’s sake, look at yourselves; you’re clearly in far greater need of restraint than this abused, victimized animal.

      I would say “shame on you” if it weren’t evident that you lack the capacity to feel that emotion. Otherwise, you’d be shamefaced already at having allowed such a rank injustice to reach this stage. It’s absolutely appalling that Irish citizens would put any degree of public power into the hands of such spiteful, cold-blooded knuckleheads. Know this: if you execute that tortured animal, you’ll be murdering a creature of greater worth than you’ll ever possess, and such worth as you might still claim will be irrevocably degraded and forfeit in the act.

    9. Im am so disgusted at the laws of BSL, Breed Specific Legislation. It is nothing more than organized genocide! Bruce has done nothing wrong, been no more than a faithful loving companion, & he has been sentenced to death simply because of the way he ‘Looks’, Humans are expected to live in peace with all the many different human races, we dont euthanize them simply because of the colour of their skin or the way they look!! This beautiful k9 has done NOTHING wrong, I say “JUDGE THE DEED, NOT THE BREED!!” Any help you may need regarding bsl, or for any support, please email me. We may be on the other side of the world, but our love for our k9 friends is still the same.

    10. who the hell does this goverment think they let bruce go home i have a rehomed staffi and she is amazing.lets think that if the goverment are this sick why dnt we just bail him out by breaking him out to freedoom bring bruce home he has done nothing wrong

    11. Blessed are you, Lord God, maker of all living creatures. You called forth fish in the sea, birds in the air and animals on the land. You inspired St. Francis to call all of them his brothers and sisters. We ask you to bless this pet. By the power of your love, enable it to live according to your plan. May we always praise you for all your beauty in creation. Blessed are you, Lord our God, in all your creatures! Amen.

      Let this dog come home…give him peace, give his owners peace..of your charity set him free.

      1. I urgently support the life of this dog and it is totally disgusting and cruel to think of putting thia poor friendly creature to death. surely something can be done urgently

    12. I am totally disgusted that this poor animal has been judged purely on it’s covering and so horribly been taken away from a family who obviously love him very much. I agree with all the comments that say that no breed are the vicious killers they are made out to be and it is the way in which they are raised which can have an effect.
      I am also appalled by the treatment of this poor innocent dog who has been mistreated so badly.

    13. This is the saddest thing to hear. A healthy happy dog taken away, kept from his family and tortured for such a long time who is threatened with death just because of his breed. A court that wont allow him to be moved to a new home. Its awful. Its so wrong. Just because he has bully blood. Its disgusting!

    14. The dog has done nothing wrong and should be reunited with his owner. I wonder how the judges would feel if the situation were reversed and dogs stood in judgement because someone had a similar look to an ”outlawed’ breed. Looking at a bunch of lawyers standing in a dock would offer an interesting outcome I would imagine.

    15. I’m so pleased to see how many people are committed to helping Bruce and his owners. When I think of how poor Bruce is being treated I despair of humanity, but together we can try our best to bring about a reprieve. Please do spread the word so that we can continue to campaign for his safe release.

    16. What an appalling story – just what are the ‘animal welfare and prevention of cruelty’ organisations doing about the shocking state of this dog and the breakdown in his health which his incarceration in kennels has brought about ??
      The staff responsible should be prosecuted. I am disgusted with the spiteful officialdom which the people seem to have little power to fight. Bruce has been mitilated and scarred, and has suffered dreadfully, he should be allowed home to be nursed back to health by his obviously caring and loving family. Shame on all those involved in removing him.

    17. How could something like this happen? This is terrible shame on those involved, Bruce should be allowed home immediently to his family so that they can help him back to full health. He is obviously not getting looked after where he is. How can people live with themselves? It sound like he needs vetinary help.

    18. What the hell is happening with this dog? A gentle, healthy, loving pet is taken away from his family, and basically abused for the next 2 years for doing absolutely nothing wrong. The government and everyone connected with taking this dog away should be absolutely disgusted with themselves. They havent obviously got a compassionate bone in their bodies.
      This poor dog should be allowed to go back home immediately.

    19. I am so tired of ignorant people and ignorant laws. Any idea what kind of money it would take to “get him out” and move him to Colorado??

    20. I have now been sending emails and faxes from South Africa to the powers that be in Northern Ireland on behalf of Bruce, an innocent dog caught in the whirlpool of politics. And all I receive are either canned responses or no response at all.

      When the human race sinks this low, to decide arbitrary on which of God’s creatures have the right to life the humans as a race is deemed for extinction. We start this violation of an animal’s right to life, of a family’s right to own this ‘breed’ and where do we think it will end? It’s final product will be who will decide which human being has the right to life.

      Has Northern Ireland not seen enough violoation and abuse of human rights? And why the delay in implenting the adopted provisions within the1997 Dangerous Dogs (Amendment) Act allowing friendly pet dogs found to be unlawful by appearance, but posing no danger to the public, to be allowed to live?

      I do hope that those who are responsible for the lack of good care that Bruce has received during his incarceration will also be brought to book. You are a disgrace to your office.

      And it is my fervent prayer that this political saga and one-upmanship will come to an end; that sanity and decency will prevail. My disgust at these perpetrators knows no end.

      Bruce, you are in my prayers, in my thoughts, constantly.

      1. Eureka, your comments are commendable, but in our beautiful South Africa the death rate in the kill welfare shelters is unspeakable. Thousands of dogs are killed by lethal injection each and every month – just too many dogs and not enough homes. They are also mostly healthy loving babies who just need a place in the sun and to be loved. We need to sometimes look a bit closer to home!

    21. This is evil. The spirit of this law was to protect people from fighting dogs. This is no fighting dog. He is love and this is evil. Where is the spirit of the law? Where is any sign of intelligence? SAVE BRUCE!

    22. I am appalled that this poor dog has been taken from his family just because of his breed. Bruce has done nothing wrong and he should be allowed to go home. Also the laws need to be changed so that there will be no more dogs punished just because of their breed. BSL is a knee jerk reaction, and causes responsible people and their loving dogs to suffer. I have been following this story for more than a year, and am just totally disgusted with the way that Bruce has been treated. Charges of animal abuse and neglect should be brought against the kennels where he is being kept. And the way that the court has treated his owner just blows me away.

    23. This saddens and angers me. Why is there so much ignorance regarding dogs in general? This dog has not hurt ANYONE and should be allowed to go home. Maybe a DNA test would reveal that he is not even a Pit Bull and he could be saved that way.

    24. I am so pleased to see the plight of Bruce has captured the attention of the world. Northern ireland, take note! The world is watching, and demanding justice for an innocent victim of an arcane law.
      Bruce is a friendly, gentle Staffordshire Bull terrier who has done no wrong, and he has suffered terribly in these past two years – and for what? What good has his suffering brought to Northern Ireland? He waits under sentance of death without any crime having been committed.
      I call upon the USPCA to undertake a full enquiry into this case, and cases of other innocents that have been put to death because of the way they happen to look, and the treatment of the dogs whilst in their care! For a society that perpetuates care and respect for animals this is nothing short of outrageous, and the motives and behaviour of their chief executive needs to be fully investigated by the board of trustees.

    25. so if this is how were gonna be we have come no farther from Hitler just changed what we wanna eradicate I hope the people that feel genicide is ok or take apart of it even the politicians who fuel these which hunts hope they realise it’s them that will have the god turn his back there will be no help for people who do this remember god sees all and god is the only one that should choose life or death not somones insecurties so lets just kill em all attitude

    26. Please leave this poor animal alone, he hasnt done anything apart from being of a certain breed. Let him live his life out in comfort and peace ;ike ALL dogs deserve

      Bless you Bruce

      We are thinking of you


    27. To the animal imprisoners in Northern Ireland as regards the innocent dog, BRUCE!!

      I can trace my Irish ancestry back about 900 years to Old Ross, Ireland on the Irish Sea. My DNA is now 6,000 miles away, but I am watching you and wondering what the hell you people are thinking.

      As God is my witness and yours, set this poor, innocent animal free to go back and live with his family!! He has suffered so much, yet committed no crime. How has all this suffering changed him? Hurt him? Dogs don’t live that long. They truly are man and woman’s best friend. Why have you tortured and imprisoned, maimed this innocent dog? I can’t imagine what kind of people are in charge of this madness.

      Come to your senses at once!! Let Bruce go. Let him live the rest of his little life in peace with his loving family. We are watching you and we call upon God the Almighty with our humble but mighty prayers against you and for Bruce.

      Sincerely, Barbara Briodin, Artist & Poet, Social Worker, Animal Rescuer

    28. All is Seen…To those who are responsible…..Let Go of the Fear. We will not be remembered by our words, but by our Kind Deeds.
      My Thoughts are with an Innocent Dog named Bruce. Today I wish a day of Ordinary Miracles.To those in Fear, Change that Thought and ask yourselves ……WHAT WOULD LOVE DO NOW? SHOW BRUCE THERE IS CHANGE FOR THE BETTER, SHOW HIM MIRACLES HAPPEN. SHOW BRUCE LOVE. Remember, ALL IS LOVE…..Mahalo.

    29. I wrote to and received a polite reply from Cllr Peter Weir MLA, in which he explained, “I was concerned to read about the situation that Bruce has found himself in, and have written to North Down Borough Council to see if anything can be done. Given however that a judicial process has been put in place it may be difficult to see what action can be taken to rectify the situation. I regret that this is the case but it would be wrong to give you false hope. The Assembly has risen for the summer, but I will press the Minister to introduce the appropriate legislation to ensure that no other Bruces are put in the same position.”
      While I deeply appreciate the fact that Mr. Weir is concerned and wishes to introduce legislation to stop innocent animals from being seized in the future, it does nothing to help Bruce, who has suffered such unnecessary and heinous abuse, for so long. WHAT ABOUT BRUCE?
      What I cannot understand is how SOMEONE had the authority to make the Breed Specific Legislation an active law to begin with. SOMEONE gave the order to go to Bruce’s home and confiscate him. SOMEONE is acting as his jailer every day, and has acted as such for nearly two years.
      SOMEONE decided that any dog that even resembles a pit bull can be murdered.
      Now we see that this kind of racist stereotyping is dangerous, deadly and unfair. This is a mistake that needs amending IMMEDIATELY!
      Bruce has never harmed anyone and yet he is on death row, being tortured not for just a few minutes or hours, but for TWO YEARS, with parts of his body painfully rotting and requiring removal from being unattended in a dank dungeon. THIS IS AN INNOCENT CREATURE BEING TREATED THIS WAY!
      What has he done to deserve any of this? Absolutely nothing. What has his family done except love him?
      And now all these “SOMEONES” who put this poor dog and his unfortunate family in this deplorable state, seem to simply want to wring their hands of it all, and act like the legalities of it form such a huge, inpenetrable entity that nothing can be done. Oh, see, now the concept of law is so big, why, we just are powerless in the face of it.
      WRONG! THEY ARE THE ONES WHO CREATED THIS HIDEOUS LEGISLATION, and now a totally innocent dog is being systematically tortured, and they can’t DO anything about it?
      Of course something can be done, and it very much should be. These people set it up, and they need to take it down, right now, not in some vague, indefinable “maybe” future kind of haze, but right now, when an innocent life depends on it.
      SOMEONE needs to stand up and say, I don’t care about idiotic laws, this is bare-bones universal right vs. wrong ethics, and this dog is being treated unethically. It must stop immediately.
      Someone should march into that dungeon right now, this second, and take Bruce in their arms and either send him home to his loving family, or to a willing, able, shelter that is waiting outside the draconian land where he is unfairly branded an outlaw.
      It’s simple. Get up from your desk and go get him. NOW.
      Instead I’m reading that the Assembly has risen for the summer – hello? How can people go away on a lighthearted holiday, for months, laughing and enjoying their health and freedom, and probably enjoying the company of their own pets whose freedom and safety are assured, when this dog has been cruelly, wrongfully imprisoned AT THEIR HANDS for TWO YEARS?
      This bureaucratic, “oh, our hands are now tied” attitude makes me furious. They were plenty “hands ON” when they got their little busybody noses into business they didn’t thoroughly understand when setting up this ignorant, fear-based BSL junk.
      BSL is the same mindset that caused millions of Jews to be horribly murdered in the Holocaust. It is the very same viciously ugly prejudice that takes away any hope of anyone ever being anything but what they and their “group” are labeled. It is murderous and grossly wrong.
      So I guess now we know all black people are only valued as spit-upon slaves, all Jews are to be slaughtered simply because they are “filthy” Jews. Of course all Irish are low-life red-nosed drunkards and cannot ever aspire to be anything more, and all dogs like Bruce are just time bombs waiting to explode in vicious attacks because they merely “look” like a certain breed of animal. Right?
      If you believe it about pit bulls you must believe it about the other groups, because prejudice is prejudice and of course all of it is utter hogwash.
      If that is the state of mankind, that we can still label all these groups and use those labels as excuses to abuse and torture them because of our own narrow-mindedness, then I say we have never left the Dark Ages.
      GET BRUCE OUT OF THERE TODAY. This has gone on far too long. He’s a young, beautiful creature who deserves to live his life in peace, JUST LIKE WE DO.

    30. I am horrified, appalled & TOTALLY diguisted that the authorities concerned can even consider to condemn this poor poor living creature to death, of whom has done NOTHING wrong WHAT SO EVER & is just a case of mistaken identity. Why can’t they do something right & just for a change & hand this poor defenseless dog back to his doting wonderful family. Another thing for deep consideration is how did this poor dog get in to such a physical state of .deterioration & neglect. Surely thats not only huge cause for concern but despicable & illegal & someone should be held accountable! I am a massive dog lover (owning three of my own) & I can’t imagine what Bruce’s poor family have & are going through. My heart goes out to them. If there was anything more I could do I would, but all that can be done now is to hope & pray with everything crossed that these malicious authoritarians grow a heart and realise what callous & vile individuals they are, BEFORE ITS TO LATE!!!

      i Personally understand this problem i have an english bull terrier that outside the vets is so sweet but she is frightened of the vets and has to be muzzled when she is in there fear flight fight thing, She is an animal first not a human more primitive than us so therefore reacts in her way. Cesar Milan even admits that he isnt as good as daddy in training younger dogs in the pack because they are a different species and should be treated accordingly. Ask yourself a question, Vets spay dogs to reduce population quite rightly so as there is too much breeding going compared to homes. but they also recommend spaying a dog to calm them down, maybe so but is there an alternative like better education rather than so many different forms of training and the diversities of people trying to think the way a dog thinks or control a dog a certain way that it doesnt like. Destroying a dog because it looks like a certain breed isnt the answer and in fact if they did that then a lot of dogs would disappear altogether, many people are afraid of Dobermans and Rotweillers German Shepherds etc. and it is a fact that more people are bitten by German Shepherds than bull terriers whatever their prefix every day and what is done about it NOTHING they arent on the dangerous dogs list in fact the problem actually lies with the dangerous owner, EDUCATION EDUCATION EDUCATION AND THAT IS THE ANSWER TO ALL AREAS OF THE DEBATE LEARN ABOUT YOUR DOG LEARN ABOUT ITS CAPABILITIES CHALLENGE ITS BRAIN . vETS SHOULD ALSO BE EDUCATED IN BEHAVOUR AND HOW TO APPROACH BOTH NERVOUS AND UNDISCIPLINED DOGS, AMERICAN DOESNT HAVE ALL THE ANSWERS BUT THEY ARE CERAINLY HEADING THE FIELD IN GETTING DOGS USED TO CERTAIN SITUATIONS AND VETS ARE ARMING THEMSELVES WITH KNOWLEDGE AND HELPING IN ALL AREAS RECOGNISING THAT DOGS ARE A SPECIES THAT LIVE A CERTAIN WAY LIKE HUMANS DO. MORE HELP SHOULD BE WIDELY AVAILABLE FOR US ALL TO BE ABLE TO HELP ALL DOGS FULFIL THEMSELVES. WE DONT HAVE DOGGIE PARKS TO HELP DOGS SOCIALISE EFFICIENTLY WE NEED THEM WE NEED MORE EFFECTIVE TRAINING AS HUMANS TO BE ABLE TO KEEP OUR DOGS IN THE CORRECT MANNER. dogs have personalities they arent all the same to the dog owner that is obvious. the old saying is GIVE A DOG A BAD NAMe AND HE WILL LIVE WITH IT FOR THE REST OF HIS LIFE HOWEVER LONG OR SHORT. WHOEVER JUDGES THIS DOG NEEDS TO HAVE HIM IN THEIR HOME OR BE WITH IT FOR A FEW HOURS AND ASSESS HIM ACCORDING TO WHAT THEY PERSONALLY FIND WHATEVER THE LAW AND ALSO ASSESS THE FACTS THAT THERE IS SOMEONE OUT THERE WILLING TO TAKE RESPONSIBILTY FOR ITS WELFARE, WOULD THEY REFUSE CESAR MILAN IF HE SAID HE WOULD TAKE THE DOG, JUST BECAUSE HE IS FAMOUS AND HAS A REPUATION FOR PUTTING A DOG IN THE RIGHT SITUATION FOR IT TO LIVE. GIVE THIS DOG A CHANCE TO PROVE HIMSELF HE ALREADY HAS PROVED HIMSELF IN HIS OWN HOME, AND ALLOWING HIM TO BE NEGLECTED AWAY FROM HIS LOVING HOME IS A CRIME IN ITSELF AND NEEDS TO BE ADDRESSED AS THE LAW STATES ITS CRUELTY TO ANIMALS AND THAT IS AN OFFENCE IF SOMEONE OWNED THE DOG AND TREATED IT IN THIS WAY TO HAVE TO HAVE PART OF ITS TAIL AMPUTATED A PERSON WOULD BE BANNED FROM KEEPING ANIMALS . THESE PARTICULAR LAW ENFORCERS NEED TO LOOK AT WHERE THEY HAVE PUT THIS DOG AND WHAT ITS DOING TO HIM. THEY ARE BREAKING THEIR OWN LAWS!!!!!

    32. Please help show humanity & love towards all animals including stray dogs. Do help and offer him a better life & make this world a better place for our children & the future generation.

    33. How can it happen nowdays in EEC? What is this dog fault? He has been punished, and I don’t understand why. What a shame for this country justice !!!

  1. The RSPCA, USPCA, British Government and Northern Ireland Assembly ALL continually urge the public to place appropriate value on animal welfare.

    What sort of example are they setting if they kill this dog when the offer for him to live legally in Eire is on the table?

    What role model is government projecting when it kills WITHOUT NEED?

    1. Bruce does not deserve to die because of the way he looks. He is a beautiful SBT who has done no wrong. Let him live be free , dont you think this poor baby has suffered enough. Draggged from his loving home, being shut away not knowing what the hell is happening. Let Bruce home and let him home NOW

    2. please someone see sense,this dog has been proven to be of NO threat,even under the pressure of a kennel enviroment,away from his family/pack this boy has remained pleasant,let him go to southern ireland and live out his days in comfort and being loved and cared for,he doesnt deserve this and he certainley doesnt deserve to die!!!!!

    3. There are no dangerous dogs only dagerous owners and trainers, this cas is absolutely dreadful – how can an authority/council impound a dog and then treat it so cruelly they should be pu on death row instead. ALLOW THIS DOG TO ENJOY THE REST OF ITS NATURAL LIFE WITH PEOPLE THAT LOVE HIM,and stop being so all powerful over helpless creatures you are worse than the people that breed dogs for fighting.

      1. Hi,
        This story is horrible!!..I agree 100% if dog has been mistreated, one day he will snap and this is every dog and not just the pit bull. I hope the authority will leave Bruce alone and he will be returned to his family.

    4. Who are these sick people who make the decisions whether someone lives or dies, This dog has done nothing wrong so please do not do this to him or his family he deservs to live more than the pathetic excuse of a person who subjected him to all the abuse he has been put through. He is a beautiful little dog and no one has the right to say he is not, it is like saying that ugly humans should be put to death just because they are unattractive. This is not on and we should not accept it in any shape or form. There is a large problem out there with something called “animal cruelty” has no one heard of something called the 5 freedoms?. Do not make this little dog go through this hell, without his family he feels so lost and insecure, do you know what that feels like? no one has the right to put the dog to sleep as he has done nothing wrong, he is no threat. My plea to you is please let this little dog go home to his family where he belongs and is loved, do not let him die for something as stupid as this. At the end of the day it is evil humans who are to blame. Leave this dog lead a happy healthy life which all animals deserve. He needs to be home now. If the authorities have a heart they will let him home tonight. PLEASE, PLEASE LET THIS BEAUTIFUL LITTLE DOG GO HOME TO HIS FAMILY, HE NEEDS THEM.

      1. N.Ireland the world is watching!!!!!!!!! How dare you judge a book by its cover ? I’m so sadden by this case..Do we really truly still live in these dark ages. Brings me right back to Salem Ma…One women accused of being a witch and the next thing you know thousands of woman being hung and burnt because of this unknown fear… Some pit-bulls were born to be fighters (terrible owners) so kill the whole Breed cause of a unknown fear……If my daughters steals from a store does that make every girl in her teens a thief? No of course not…. Let me give you an example of all dogs are not the same.. My friend and I both bought chihuahua’s from the same breeder of the same littler….. Her dog is the sweetiest little dog you ever want to meet.Loves everyone..My dog is a horror show!!!! love him to bits, but he is so bad with other people other than his family…So really all dogs are not the same..Bruce is sweet loving and has DONE NOTHING WRONG!!!!!!!!!!! How can you end his life for doing nothing wrong…. Shame on Northen Ireland for living in such dark ages!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Shannon I’m so sorry for all that you and your family has gone through… I’m even more sorry for the way they have treated Bruce…UNCALLED FOR ABUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Shannon keep up the fight !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THE WHOLE WORLD HAS GOT YOUR BACK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        Hugs and Prayers going to you from Boston,Ma

    5. If according to the law a people can not kill another a dog must not be killed.
      If we can not kill a black people because he is black the law is unfair if it is obligatory to kill a dog because of its race.

      The dog does not know that he is belong to a wrong category according to a few people.

    6. this dog has had enough cruelty being locked up away from his owners, he deserves to be saved and brought to his family, for goodness sake have some common sense and see bigger picture, accept law is law but this dog is only guilty of being wrong breed, surely something we can do for him is give him life not death, I hope for our own sake that we find compassin for this soul and allow him home..

    7. This poor dog does not deserve to die …he is not a pit …and I do not believe in breed legislation . It’s like saying every one with red hair is a lunatic …It doesn’t work …YOU have to judge on an idividual basis . ANY dog can bite ..OR NOT …Much is due to training and breeding , That’s one of the reasons I’d like to see breeders be licienced. It would cut down on back yard breeding and strays ..There are too many dogs in the world ..BUT when they are good dogs and loved , treated correctly …and you take them from peoples homes because they LOOK like a pit or whatever breed ..IT’S wrong ! This is a good dog raised by good people doing no harm …IT IS WRONG >>>PLEASE >>PLEASE ! Let this dog go home before he dies from abuse . If you want to do something to protect the public ..Punish the people that raise them to be mean ..It’s peoples fault when a dog isn’t right .Punish them ..It all come down to guilt and innocence …and this dog is innocent !

    8. Whatever happened to common sense and kindness?
      This is a disgrace. The people responsible for this cruel and mean situation should be totally ashamed of themselves.
      This dog should be allowed home to rejoin his family, or at the very least allowed to go to Eire.
      Judging people on the way they look, breeding and race is wrong.
      The same applies to dogs.
      Judge by character and actions!

      1. This is a shame for all human kind! To kill an inonncent dog just because the poor animal belong to breed that somebody treat like a dangerous?? I dont understand this! Bring this dog back to his family and free him now!!!!!! Nobody should have the right to decide which breed should live or die!!!??? Are you lost your mind!!!! FRE BRUCE NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Urgent Plea for a Pardon/Intervention to Allow Export of Bruce to Eire:

    • The Secretary of State for Northern Ireland – Shaun Woodward MP
    Northern Ireland Office, 11 Millbank, London, SW1P 4PN
    Fax: 01744 24306

    • The Rt Hon Peter Robinson MP MLA – First Minister
    • Martin McGuinness MP MLA – deputy First Minister
    • Jeffrey Donaldson MP – http://www.jeffreydonaldson.org
    • Gerry Kelly MLA
    Email: ps.ministers@ofmdfmni.gov.uk
    Letters to: GD36 Stormont Castle, Stormont Estate, Belfast BT4 3TT

    • Rt Hon Alan Johnson MP – Home Secretary
    Letters to: 2 Marsham Street, London SW1P 4DF,
    Email: public.enquiries@homeoffice.gsi.gov.uk

    Urgent Plea to Refuse to Administer Fatal Injection:

    Please urge your members not to participate in the death of Bruce.

    • Veterinary Ireland – Representative body for veterinary surgeons in Ireland
    Email: hq@vetireland.ie

    • Veterinary Northern Ireland (VetNI)
    Email: info@vetni.co.uk
    Secretary General – jo.gibson@vetni.co.uk

    • Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS)
    Email: admin@rcvs.org.uk & registrar@rcvs.org.uk Fax: (020) 7222 2004

    Urgent Plea to Help & Support Innocent Dog Bruce:

    • Northdown Borough Council
    The Mayor
    C/o Town Hall, The Castle, Bangor, BT20 4BT
    Email: tony.hill@northdown.gov.uk
    Tel: +44 (0) 28 9127 8067

    1. Please allow, Bruce, one of God’s treasured creatures, to live. Let us have compassion for a dog someone has loved and for the people who have loved him. It is a haunting feeling God places in our hearts when we destroy one of his own. We never get over it. Heed His principles and the world will be a better place. Death is final. The heart will never recover. Let Bruce live.

    2. How dare the authorities keep animals in this condition for no reasoon except for being a type of dog. How dare they allow an innocent animal to suffer without vererinary care with open sores and become malnurished.

      This is an absolute disgrase. This poor dog should be returned to his family. I am ashamed to class myself as British if the so-called knowledgable people running this country are allowing this to happen

    3. How can a so called civilized country allow such a thing. This an absolute disgrace. No animal should be put down because of their genetic code. Isn’t that what the Nazis did? And isn’t it against the law to allow an animal to suffer like that? This is tragic and unbelievable. How dare the authorities act in such a barbaric and high handed way.

    4. I am utterley disgusted – Bruce has been taken from a caring home and suffered the kind of treatment from the “authorities” that we usually try to prosecute. This dog has shown that he is no danger to anyone. – it is usually not the dog that is the danger anyway – it is the dog in the wrong human hands. Let this dog go now and let him live the rest of his life in peace.

    5. This is absolutely barbaric! How could anybody with a conscience do this to a living thing? This dog never threatened or hurt anybody and if anything the jailers keeping it now should be prosecuted for animal cruelty. Obviously this dog is not even getting proper veterinary care. I would like to know which vet waited until his tail had to be amputated before treating the dog’s infection. The person who compared this situation to the deathcamps was absolutely right! The Nazi’s also didn’t provide adequate medical care to their captives. Hasn’t history taught us anything.

      Remember; those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it.

      I live in the US and even though there are laws technically on the books in certain parts about keeping a pit bull in certain counties or cities I have never heard of this kind of thing happening here in the United States, not anywhere in the US! Such extreme maltreatment would never be legislated here. Congress wouldn’t be able to live with themselves.

      This decision should be reversed and the family should be given compensation for everything they and their dog has been through.

      And please, never let this happen again!

      1. You raise an interesting point. These are quite a few petitions out there (I saw on with over 12,000 signatures. I don’t know how the Northern Ireland government works though. It would seem that if Bruce had safe passage and a safe haven they should let him go to it. I hope Shannon has an attorney that is working his hindparts for her!!!

    6. This is a totally horrifing vidio of Bruce why don’t you give him back to the owners before you end up killing him by this horrible caging treatment. He has not done anything wrong but the people responsible for his care should be shot.Bruce is a human being would you treat a human like this? I don’t think so but then again maybe you would. Release him

  3. this is a disgrace. Please return this dog to it’s owners. It’s painfully obvious that this dog is suffering where he is now without proper care and love.

    1. PLEASE do the right and humane thing and save this poor creature who has already suffered so much when he has done nothing wrong. We only ask that he be allowed to go where it is legal for him to be and not be killed senselessly. There is absolutely no reason that this can’t happen as it would cause no one harm for him to leave. We ask you for sweet Bruce.

      Thank you, rlo

  4. Please let thge dog live, his owners have already endured so much, this is very sad and heart breaking, the dog did not do anything wrong and the breed is most known to be loyal affectionate comanion..Please spare this dogs life it is not fair, god bless.

  5. I am appauled at a country that shows such indifference towards animal. This dog has a place to go to live out his life free. Haven’t they tormented this animal long enough. Are the egos of the judges/Ministers in Ireland so large that it overshadows the heart. I had always wanted to visit Ireland however, they will NEVER see a dime of my vacation/travel or business money. Is therir objective to KILL or simply ban this breed of dog. They sound more like a Killing machine than people of education, compassion and leadership.

    Please FREE BRUCE, it is the responsible, compassionate thing to do,let him go live in Southern Ireland. The distruction of this gentle animal will only serve to strenghen my conviction that Northern Ireland is a land of KILLERS of innocent animals! SHAME ON YOU!

  6. There is no justification in killing this dog Bruce.Are you ashamed of the fact that through your ill equipped holding system and obviously ignorant and insensitive staff Bruce has suffered both mentaly and physically.Do you not want the extent of your neglect to become common knowledge IS THIS THE REASON FOR THE DESTRUCTION ORDER. As part of the UK you should adhere to common scense and parden this dog who at least has a bolt hole.Your time effort and lawmaking would be better employed by banning the puppy farming trade and the ease that farmed puppies can enter Northen Island from Southern Ireland or the Scandinavion countries. There is every chance that the unfortunate Bruce started his life in one of these unscrupioulous establishments.

  7. Dear sir
    I respectfully beg you to spare Bruce’s life. There is nothing more painful to a pet owner then to have his pet put down, especially when he is not sick and did nothing wrong. How would you feel if this was your childs dog? This poor creature has endured enough pain and loss already, let alone his owners. Please be the human being God made you and be merciful and give Bruce a break, You will be rewarded over and over again. I beg you, spare him.
    Send him to the USA I’ll take him.

    Elizabeth Bryant

  8. Please give Bruce a chance at living a life free from abuse. He ought not to be put down, but given a loving home. Killing him would be appalling.

  9. I cannot fathom how any judge in the world could order this precious boy destroyed, when there is a legal home ready and waiting for him. He is not vicious. He has not attacked anyone. He was a loving family member who just happened to be born with only PART of a breed that governments around the world ignorantly outlaw and banish, because of the deeds of a few monstrous people who use them for the wrong reasons. He has done NOTHING to warrant a death sentence. I can’t imagine his pain and confusion at being torn from his family and living in some horrible place that won’t even tend to his wounds!

    This goes to the very heart of the wretched BSL that is spreading like a cancer throughout animal-loving places. Just because of his LOOKS, he has been sentenced to die. Worst of all, die in a horrible place at the hands of strangers, with no one to hug him and love him and ease his terror.

    PLEASE do whatever it takes to get this death sentence overturned and allow Bruce to go to a home where he will be loved. Even though it’s not with the family who cherishes him, it will still be with people who love and care for him, where he can finally live out the rest of his live in peace and kindness, instead of darkness and fear.

    God bless all of your who are fighting for this precious boy. We must not give up! WE MUST BE HIS VOICE!!! Don’t let up until he is resting safely in the arms of loving people.

  10. I have just followed the links and have sent 15 emails along with using the web links to send the requests for help to all of the various places listed on the template letters for Bruce, as well as any others I could think of.

    Please do this for Bruce. I just copied and pasted into one email after another and it truly didn’t take that much time at all. Considering how much time this precious boy has spent living in hell, an hour of our time is nothing compared to that.

    Let’s make our voices heard!

    Bless you all.

  11. Please, Please allow Bruce to live the peaceful life he deserves. He never harmed anyone or anything, so why does he need to die for the way he looks? Please let him go to a place where he is wanted and will be loved and taken care of. Hasn’t he suffered enough because of the way he looks? Why Why Why would you want this sweet dog dead? Please let him go to Southern Ireland. Have a heart.

  12. This is like killing a person just because of their race! The dog was seized from owners property without any justifiable reasoning. It’s just like the Nazi’s when they pulled Jews out of their homes and took them to the death camps.

    Do you want to be known as the “Hitler of Animals?’ I think not, so please make this wrong a right, and send Bruce home. He’s an old dog with a broken spirit now, so what purpose would it serve to kill him now.

  13. Please DO NOT let this happen to another innocent Dog. This Dog is loved, and to put him to death, and taking him away from his family forever, is just WRONG! Please give ‘BRUCE’ back to his family who loves him so! I don’t know what I would be capable of doing, if one of my beloved pets were taken away from me for no reason! Let’s just hope that REASO PREVAILS in this 11th hour, and that BRUCE is taken off Death Row for godd, and returned to the ones that Love Him So!!! The World is Watching, and as a great man said:

    The Greatness of a Nation and its Moral Progress can be Judged by the way its Animals are Treated. [Gandhi]

    Rich Russom

  14. Until Bruce is free and in a safe home – voices from around the world will continue to shout out to those in power who must understand one thing and remember it well – that they work for the people and when a majority stand up for and demand an injustice to be overturned, then they must be heard and and their wishes respected. It is time the killing of dogs, just because they are born a certain breed – must stop. People who kill people get more compassion than these dogs who are completely innocent ! Time to turn the laws against those who are the real criminals ! On behalf of CVFA’s over 6 thousand supporters world wide – we ask for the death sentence against Bruce be overturned and that he be placed either with his guardian or safe home elsewhere. He deserves LIFE !

  15. A Death Sentence bestowed upon a dog because he is a “Pit Bull”…!!! Just what kind of a world am I living in. The United States fought Adolf Hitler because of his ruthless, mindless murders ways towards the Jewish people during WWII. This very same mindset is being applied towards Bruce…Let the poor dog go home to his family. Stop killing innocent creatures that God created ….

  16. Northern Ireland should have adopted the amendment. It is unthinkable that family friendly pets can be confiscated, sent to the most lonely place on earth – a dog pound, and then become part of a lengthy legal waste of time and taxpayers money – a court case. Shouldn’t there be a crime before a court case takes place? NO apparently NOT where BSL is concerned. What a complete load of rubbish this legislation is, what a complete waste of time, what a farce! It could even be comical if it didn’t take innocent lives! Northern Ireland must address this situation immediately, already I have received emails from people who have decided not to visit Ireland whilst this draconian law exists. If Italy can scrap BSL then so can UK and Northern Ireland. This really is an unworkable, unlikeable, unfair and downright cruel law and it must go.

    Save family pets and focus on ending crime against people and animals. Wasting taxpayers money on these ridiculous pretend cases is outrageous in a recession.

    How can those that seized this poor dog from loving arms sleep at night?

    Shameful. Get rid of BSL, the world is watching.

    Save Bruce, he has been through hell and for what? Because he wagged his tail?!!

  17. totally unbeleiveable and unfair!! get international orgainizations involved and maybe they will listen! Let him go back to his family-killing is unfair HE IS INNOCENT. This country will get a bad rap for this murder if it is allowed!

  18. This is outrageous!! We are horrifed at the sentence of Bruce – stop BSL – this is ridiculous, shocking – we urge the authorities to allow Bruce to live with his family. How can people be so narrow minded and speciest as to suggest that all pit bulls are vicious?? This nonsense needs to stop and Bruce needs to live his life with his family.

  19. Please let Bruce return to his family. He has committed no crime to deserve to die. Just because he happened to be a pitt bull at birth should not be a justifiable motive to kill him! being discriminated and killed because of your race and differences is a criminal act that reflects the typical nazy behavior adopted toward the jews during world war 2. What an example for the world and especially for your children if you have any…SHAME ON YOU….

  20. On behalf of the Keep The Green Alive Community

    “I have read this story 🙁

    Please add our name, and also add the over 1,250,000 people that are part of our listening and watching community! Yes, that’s, one million two hundred and fifty thousand people…and growing…the eyes of the world are upon you and watching closely. If you chose to do the right thing, then, perhaps you are working your way toward the compassion of forgiveness in all of this unruly mess the practitioners have caused for this living animal that has rights, just as any other living creature does to live in peace and comfort.”

    Thanks Maria for the heads up !!!!!

    Stay well, and, peace,


  21. The whole scenario is tragically unbelievable with only an innocent suffering and suffer he has, far too much already. The outcome will be awaited by many – many who are begging for justice to be made, please make that happen. Free Bruce.

  22. Have just spoken to bruce’s owner and have confirmation that Bruce’s execution on monday has been POSTPONED. He WILL still be destroyed unless we can force change to get him to southern ireland tho. Please keep emailing! So far hundreds have been sent, keep up the brilliant work!!!

    Shannon has asked me to thank everyone for everything they are doing. shes in a headspin at the moment as I am sure everyone can understand but please keep fighting guys!!

  23. Well that is it for me. I had a trip booked for Ireland in the Fall. I will take the loss of my non refundable ticket. As long as there are BSL laws , I will not visit. Will also advise all my friends and family to also stay away from Ireland.
    I can’t imagine any country that would make a poor dog suffer like Ireland has made Bruce suffer. He’s a living creature, for Gods sake man, if you keep on this barbaric road, your children might be next, because he’s lousy in math or some sort of crap like that.
    these institutions are horrendas, can you just imagine how Bruce feels, taken from his family and having his tail cut off and made to endure sores and lonliness. Why would anyone treat an animal like this? He is more human then you think, he has intelligence and feelings just like you and I.
    Please have pity on Bruce, let him go home to those who love him, send him out of the country if you must, just spare this poor boy. After all he’s endured, I’ll bet he will still lick your face.
    Thank you

  24. I can’t believe people still cling to the bigoted “it looks like a pit so it must be dangerous” ignorance. How would you like to be jailed because “you’re Irish so therefore you must be IRA”? Stop generalizing and let that dog go home to his family. HE DID NOTHING WRONG!

    And voters, I’d take a second long, hard look at such arbitrary and uninformed officials; you need to elect someone who knows a hawk from a handsaw.

  25. What the hell kind of country are you running over there ?
    Im from the United States and have always loved Ireland.
    Have been there many times, since I married and Irishmen. I will tell you this. I will never return until the BSL law is overturned. It is unjust and downright awful.
    To allow this to happen to an innocent , is outrageous.

    Jean ODonnell

  26. What a disgrace – this is something that just should not have happened. And why – not because he is savage,or unwanted,or attacked a child,but “because he is a pit -bull type!” That is the most ludicrous and outrageous thing I have ever heard!
    For goodness’ sake – his dog has committed no crime, has an owner who obviously cares deeply for him, and has suffered terribly, for no reason at all – to do anything but let him go would be nothing short of criminal.
    All the best, Bruce – let’s hope sanity prevails!

  27. Please free Bruce! Do show compassion! Bruce has not harmed anybody! It is inhumane to take him from his family and condemn him to a life of suffering in a kennel in which he is blatantly not being cared for. There is a rescue placement available for him in Southern Ireland, do grant him a pardon; even though his only crime is being born as a bull terrier.
    Rajshree Boyragee

  28. And i forgot to add… not only taking him from his family but also killing him! Pls grant him a pardon! Let him return to his family in another jurisdiction

  29. This is wrong wrong wrong !!!

    Please give this luvvly dog back to his loving family.

    Please ?

    (Staffordshire bull terrier owner)

  30. Oh MY God I can’t believe that you would kill a dog just for being born a bull terrior!
    Is this just not like racial discrimination? Seems to me this is just what Hitler did.
    Let this dog go home to those who love him. He has spent enough time in the place of hatred and neglect.
    I have a bull terrior and thank God for him, he saved my life. While out boating I fell from the boat and was being dragged down under the water. My dog was still in the boat and litterally pulled me back into it. Had it not been for him, I would have surely drowned. Let Bruce live, we will all be grateful and indebted to you.
    God bless the bullys !

  31. This story is just heart breaking, how could the take away part of someones family and put them on death row when they haven’t even commited a crime, where is the justice in that. They should punish the crime not the breed!
    I just can not even bare thinking about what that family must be going through, or what Bruce must be going through, that poor dog ripped from his family for no reason, it just doesn’t make sence? I would seriously want to commit a crime myself if someone tried to take away one of my dogs. My heart goes out to this family and I prey that Bruce is given back to his family where he truely belongs.
    The Irish of all people should know what it is like to be discriminated for nothing other than beliving in a different religion, yet they choose to discriminate against Bruce just for his breed, not who he is or how he is. That is sooooo very wrong! Justice needs to be heard for this beautiful boy, who has done no wrong other than being born into a breed. If this is justice them may be we should destroy all the irish because one of them did wrong by boming inocent people for their own beliefs. Would we do that puinish them all? No we wouldn’t so why do they insist on punishin Bruce, for a crime he didn’t comit, but one of his breed did. That is not right. Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
    Please please free Bruce, he has done no wrong! Give back into the heart of his family where he truely belongs. A big {{{{{HUG}}}}}} to him and his family. I am preying for him to be returned into his rightful place his family. Good luck to you all Karen xx

  32. Why are people so cruel, if Bruce has the chance again to live with his family and he was happy, why are we ‘the people’ who should be civilized are doing these awful things to the beautiful animals that God created..

    PLEASE do the right thing and save this poor creature who has already suffered so much when he has done nothing wrong, under man’s ruthless clutches. We only ask that he be allowed to go where it is legal for him to be and not be killed senselessly. There is absolutely no reason that this can’t happen as it would cause no one harm for him to leave, please do this for Bruce, he deserves to be loved and cared by his family again. Remember dogs are mans best friend, and will give there everything to their family if treated well, why are we letting them down???

  33. How could anybody want to kill an innocent dog who had done no wrong! That is
    barbaric. Do the right thing and return him to his loving owners that he can get over this horrible ordeal.
    Lisa Middleton

  34. Oh please, please send this dog home to his loving family. This campaign has my support. I wish you all the luck in the world Shannon xx

  35. How can they possible even think of killing a perfectly innocent dog and ruining the lives of his owners just because he looks like a certain type of dog. He has done nothing wrong, it’s the law that is wrong and the big wigs are letting him and countless other breeds like him, down. Let him go home to his loving family. Concentrate on the owners who are so cruel to their animals and get away with it, time after time. The law is an ass and that is one animal that should be put to sleep!!

  36. I think this is absolutely disgusting…. I understand that pitbulls have been steretyped that way…due to the way they have been bred for fighting, however I believe that it doesn’t matter what breed of dog they are, if they aren’t brought up corectly, and are brought up to fight, ANY BREED OF DOG CAN BE VICIOUS.

    I think it is wrong that they have banned pitbulls because they are ‘vicious’ dogs, if they are raised in the correct way, treated well, and taught well, there is nothing wrong with pitbulls….

    I also think its out of order that staffy’s are being viewed in the same way as pitbulls, its unfair and unneccessary- these poor dogs being banned and put down etc…for something one of their breeds did….

    So what there basically saying, is if one dog out of a specific breed does something wrong, the whole breed gets punished….
    So if one woman does something wrong, does the whole world ‘s women get punished.??? … NO, because every person, every animal, is different.

    It really does disgust me that they can do this….all because bruce looks like a pitbull?! If I looked like a criminal but hadn’t actually done anything, they wouldn’t put me on death row would they…. it is so wrong

    I have a 7 month old staffordshire bull terrier called Chaos (because he certainly is!!), and he is the most loving, adorable friendly dog I’ve ever had, known or seen. Everyone whose ever met him have said how lovely and friendly he is…. the breed of the dog does not make what the dog is or how it acts.

    As I said before, ANY DOG, ANY BREED, can be raised to fight and attack, even a jack russell/chihuahua literally ANY TYPE OF DOG…can be brought up in the wrong way and taught to attack, if they are raised in the correct way…there’ll be no problems.

    How could the RSPCA do this? Its completely out of order!

    When I first took my puppy to the vet….the first thing she said was, “what breed is he because he looks like a pitbull”…i advised he wasn’t a pitbull, but she wanted to check it out, she told me that if it was found he is a pitbull, or if they suspect he is, then they will take him off me and more than likely put him down.
    I was furious with this, I’d already told her he was a staffy so how can they just decide to do what they please!?
    I changed vets after this and haven’t had a problem since.

    The laws about this NEED TO CHANGE.
    How can they break people’s hearts by taking their dog off of them, when they haven’t even done ANYTHING wrong.

    It’s sick….

    I give you all my wishes and lots of luck, and I hope everything works out and Bruce gets to come home.
    Stay strong and fight your cause, its wrong what their doing, and by rights they should know this deep down in their hearts.

    LET BRUCE HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    All my luck

  37. If he really is harmless, then it seems wrong to kill him..sounds like he himself has been terribly miss treated.

    Full support for Bruce to go to a rescue place. I will be checking back with this story to see what happens

  38. What a ridiculous law – please leave the poor dog alone – it is such a shame that these breeds have such a bad name. Give him back to his loving family where he belongs.

  39. So many innocent dogs are suffering due the Dangerous Dogs Act all because of the way they look , its a disgrace and should be changed. Don’t blame the breed of dog, the Government should be targeting the people that give these dogs a bad name instead of taking a much loved family pet away from his family.

    Please return Bruce to his owners, hasn’t he suffered enough?

  40. If the owners had let Bruce get into the state he is in now they would have been prosecuted, let the people now caring for him be proscecuted !!!!

    The dog has done nothing wrong, if he cant go back to the owners let him live out his life in sanctuary care.

    If he had attacked someone it would be a different matter.

  41. This is such a sad case………and what a waste of public money to have to of had this poor babe in kennels all this tiem when he should of been with his owners……..shame on whoever is behind this ridiculous sentance……..give him back…..

  42. This campaign also has my full support, being a dog owner myself I cant imagine the pain this family is suffering and what poor Bruce has gone through.

  43. This is a complete outrage and brought me to tears, I am ashamed to be human if this the sort of act we commit to a poor defenceless creature. If Bruce is murdered (because that’s what it is) you are also ending the once happy life of the family that love him so much. WOULD WE DO THIS TO A HUMAN IF HE JUST DIDN’T LOOK LIKE THE REST OF US…I THINK NOT…..please save Bruce.

  44. What is the world coming to. Just let the poor dog go back to his family and put an end to this misery. I can’t believe he’s been so badly treated whilst in care of the council – it’s a total disgrace.

  45. This is unproductive, spending tax payers money on persecuting an innocent dog! What will be gained by his death? The government is there to serve and protect the people not to terrorize and destroy their values of life.
    As Proverbs 12:10 states

    A righteous man cares for the needs of his animal, but the kindest acts of the wicked are cruel.

    The authorities have taking a completely healthy dog and reduced him to a shadow of himself, completely forgetting that he is a member of a family. If you will not respect his rights, then what about the rights of his family? Do they not deserve for their pet to be treated decently? His treatment is nothing short of a criminal offence.
    His treatment in custody is a crime in itself. Let him return to his family now!

    Killing Bruce is pure and simple cruelty, Is it not true that

    Melanie x

  47. When i watched the video it made me cry.

    Why was this dog taken away, looking at the pictures from before he didn’t look like he had been fighting.

    Please give Bruce back to his owners.

  48. Dangerous Dogs Act – Biggest joke of all time. Change the law now ! Start punishing irresponsible owners not innocent dogs.

    Please free Bruce while he still has a chance of a good life, he will probably need rehabilitating now due to the appauling treatment and lack of care and attention he has received.



  50. PRIDE is now getting in the way. He has a place in Southern Ireland so CUT THE RED TAPE, LOSE THE EGO, and SEND HIM SOUTH! Would you treat your own loved ones in this way?

  51. This story is heartbreaking. I find it disgusting that the dog is only judged on its looks and not by its actions. The poor dog has been subjected to unnecessary cruelty whilst in secluded kennels- isnt that a crime itself? The way its being looked after is appauling and must be so upsetting for the owners. If a dog is treated badly, thats when it could turn nasty usually because of its fear and nervousness. The family have obviously cared for bruce and looked after him well, he looks such a lovable dog- my heart goes out to the family.

  52. This is no different than the discrimination we have to deal with in the human race. Please do not condemn this dog for his breed, and further, take the time to EDUCATE yourselves on animal behavior. We make too many decisions in this world base upon emotion and not facts. Do the right thing and return this dog to the responsible pet owners that love him. Why don’t you go ahead and take one of their children too, it would be NO DIFFERENT. Please stop acting like barbarians, and GOD, and live and let live. This breed has gone through enough hell in the past years, stop adding insult to injury.
    I’ll leave you with this quote, please take it to heart:

    It is a truism to say that the dog is largely what his master makes of him: he can be savage and dangerous, untrustworthy, cringing and fearful; or he can be faithful and loyal, courageous and the best of companions and allies.
    – Sir Ranulph Fiennes

    Do the RIGHT thing,
    Pat Thomas
    Decatur, GA USA

  53. Innocent till proven guilty. I have no faith in law today. Our system stinks. What do you law people know, nothing. A teenager stabs another for no reason and he gets 3 years. He is out in half the time. I was those parents I would be doing 3 years too.

    I say wake up. All the people involved in putting this innocent dog down should be ashamed of them selves. If you don’t have pets then your in the wrong job. If you do then you are murdering an innocent pet.

    So this is a dangerous dog. It’s going to be put to death just incase it bites someone. How many teenager need to be put down then.
    It is never the dogs fault it’s always the owners.

    I say to you people. Think. Use your brains and qualifications. Don’t!!! Do it!! People will hate you for the rest of your life.
    Let Bruce free

  54. Innocent until proven guilty. Unless this dog has attacked other dogs or people and caused serious harm then he should be allowed to live….

  55. I work at a Veterinary Surgery in Southampton, and it is always a sad time for owners when the time comes for there ill or elderly animal to be put to sleep.

    It sickens me that a healthy dog that had shown no aggressive tendancies can be taken out of his environment, separated from his family and treated in an atrocious way.

    We wouldnt even do this to human criminals in our country – so why should Bruce and his family have to suffer? Has the world not moved on in so many ways – we can put men in space, we have all these cures and researchers for illness, but there are still upsetting incidents like this happening around us.

    I can’t even face watching the video all the way through – it is so sad.

    Please save Bruce. x

  56. have just watched video, it made me cry! the people who are supposed to be looking after this dog while it is kept away from its owners should be prosecuted! he is being badly neglected, he looks like he will die of a broken heart if something is not done soon to release this innocent dog! go after the dangerous dogs that have attacked not the ones who have done nothing wrong. dogs cant talk or tell us they are sad, just look at his face, the people who are responsible should hang their heads in shame. how do you sleep at night!

  57. I can’t believe after everything this dog has been through including while in custody thru no fault of his own has been neglected beyond belief. At the very least he should be allowed to live the rest of his life with his loving family

  58. Perhaps they should start destroying people for the way they look……..no…….of course they won’t because the idea is just so ridiculous.
    Bruce hasn’t hurt anyone but we let humans walk the street who have inflicted terrible pain and terror on people.
    Let Bruce live, he has done nothing wrong
    It makes no sense!

  59. Please save this dog. It’s absolutley ridiculous that well behaved dogs are made to suffer. For heavens sake let him go back to his loving family.

  60. I am shocked at the horrible treatment of this dog I am from the Republic of Ireland where there are no laws prohibiting certain dog breeds and I cannot understand why Northern Ireland judges or politicians can’t just send bruce across the border down to the Republic of Ireland where he’ll be safe

  61. I was in tears watching the video of Bruce’s steady decline into depression and rampant disease and infection. I’ve watched animal rescue shows here in the US and I’ve seen dogs in better shape than Bruce being seized from owners because of abuse and neglect!

    Please let Bruce go south and/or go back to his family. It’s a disgrace that this breed-specific legislation has condemned this poor animal to live the last couple of years of his life in such a state of despair and neglect.

    Honestly, I’d think you folks in Northern Ireland would know better than to discriminate against anyone/anything because of the way they look. After a long history of employment ads that say “no Catholics need apply” and such, after years of brutal violence between two groups of people whose only real difference was religion, after all that suffering on both sides of the “peace wall” … don’t you know any better yet?

    This is an absolute disgrace! Like someone else said … send him to the US, I’ll take him!

    J. Kelley
    Maine, USA

  62. This is sick.
    LET BRUCE GO to the sanctaury in southern Ireland where he can live out his life.
    What kind of Government are you, you lock up someone’s pet for nearly two years, let him suffer and just leave him to rot, then the state wants to hold him down and kill him cause he don’t look right, it’s barbaric.

    And for anyone involved in the persecution of Bruce and dogs like him i hope you are pleased with what you have achieved, what goes around you cowards, let him go

  63. I live in Wales and reading this article in the K9 magazine which was brought to my attention via Email it is the first time I have been made aware of this poor dogs plight. I find it disgusting the way this animal has been treated and who’s history has shown it has done no harm to anyone just a lovable family pet.
    I am a dog owner myself and if my dogs were found to be in the condition of Bruce as shown on the video I would be prosecuted for cruelty. One has to ask oneself who is looking after this dog welfare while it is incarcerated. Where is the RSPCA?? or a Animal Rights organisation who are suppose to protect animals. If Bruce has been treated like in the care of this organization is it being investigate and how many other animals have been and still are suffering in their care. My be the council’s time would be better spent investigating the treatment Bruce rather than persecuting him.

  64. I did no watch the video till after my previous comment and I could not believe that ‘so called’ responsible people could allow a creature to deteriorate to such an appalling condition, dont they have vets in N Ireland? dont they know how to care for animals? Please, please allow Bruce to go back to the people who know how to take care of animals and put a ban on local authorities who obviously dont. I cried looking at the video pictures where is the justice?

  65. Having worked with animals for the majority of my adult life, I have actually been involved in cases where the most placid of dogs, have been in police custody for ludicrous reasons. Here they can languish for many months, being denied access to their families, so this current case certainly does not surprise me!

    I see this as nothing short of murder, taking the life of an innocent dog and I am utterly appalled that euthanasia is even being considered.

    I hope to God that common sense prevails and I will be reporting this case on my website blog, in order to gain further support for Bruce.

  66. We treat terrorists better!!! What is wrong with the world – this dog is NOT a pittbull and even if it was we cant blame the breed it’s the thugs that treat them the way they do. But this dog looks like it was well treated and was not aggressive, but now the authorities are mis treating it and then want to kill it!!!
    Again i ask what kind of world do we live in???? Give the dog back to it’s owners or at the very least send it to the Southern Ireland and let it live the life it deserves!!!!

  67. How are we to stop this senselessness? I think this council should be prosecuted by the R.S.P.S.A for their unspeakable cruelty to an innocent animal. And Bruce released back to his family where he belongs. Why is nothing being done?

  68. Please let some body educate these people
    The dog did not choose to be labelled as ‘Pit Bull Type’ I have met various vets and trainers that can not tell if a dog is of the ‘Type’ why oh why do they not look at ‘DEED’ not ‘BREED’

  69. Why has Bruce been kept like he has and allowed to get into such a bad state of neglect? Its like he doesnt matter anymore. He was a beautiful dog when he was taken from his owner. Now he looks totally neglected and brokenhearted. If he is put to sleep , im sure he will find a better world than what hes been living in.

  70. Speaking as a Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist, there is virtually no reason to prevent Bruce from being sent to safety. His condition as seen on the video now would qualify as legal evidence of animal abuse in this country. The legal entities that are demanding his killing must ask themselves what purpose his death would serve, and what kind of role model that sets for intelligent, reasonable and useful governance.

  71. Shame, shame. This beautiful soul should be with his family, not incarcerated in a facility of any kind, particularly one that has let this beautiful dog’s health degenerate, this is akin to torture to the very soul. Shame on the legislation, shame on those who took him. Shame on erroneous and cruel judgement.

    Unite to Fight Breed Ban Legislation.

    Let beautiful Bruce go home to his loved ones.

  72. Shame, shame. This beautiful soul should be with his family, not incarcerated in a facility of any kind, particularly one that has let this beautiful dog’s health degenerate, this is akin to torture to the very soul. Shame on the legislation, shame on those who took him. Shame on erroneous and cruel judgment.

    Unite to Fight Breed Ban Legislation.

    Let beautiful Bruce go home to his loved ones.

    1. I couldn’t agree more. Seems like such an arbitrary decision to kill a breed. I’ve heard of a “few bad apples” but this just takes it to the extreme. Bruce & his family NEED to be kept together. To those of you that are keeping him in your custody…SHAME ON YOU!!!! Perhaps you should all be incarcerated for your treatment (or lack thereof) of Bruce.

  73. This is terrible. The Dangerous Dogs Act was one of the worst pieces of legislation ever created.

    I really hope yo can save him!


  74. Just to let you know, I have submitted a petition to the No.10 website, urging Gordon Brown to pardon Bruce.

    I had to edit the template letter in order to reduce it the maximum 1000 words allowed. I think it still makes sense.

    I am awaiting confirmation that it has been accepted for inclusion on No.10 petitions page.

    I’ll post again if it is accepted.


  75. Again an animal suffers because of mans inhumanity to a defenceless dog , this is so clearly a case of wilful neglect on the part of the authorities who again are supposed to care for and be in charge of this poor Bruce .

    Out of what obviously appears to be bloody mindlessness by the people with the authority to save bruce in failing to admit they are wrong yet again they are willing to let a dog die and a loving family suffer , Shame on you

  76. I am utterly disgusted that an innocent dog and caring family have been subjected to this barbaric treatment. It is clear that red tape and unjustified laws have become entangled in what is a simple case of allowing the animal to be moved across to a country where it will be able to live in peace.

    Any judge or vet that deems themselves professional must refuse to be embroiled into this and should stand fast and agree that BRUCE is innocent.

    Please let this come to an end quickly and with dignity for all involved and allow BRUCE to live his days happily wth the family he clearly adores.


  77. How a supposed civilised country can treat a living creature with such cruelty is beyond me.

    Let Bruce go home to his family and change the law which allowed this to happen.

    How has this made the world a safer place, he has posed no threat to anyone.

  78. I can’t stand this one little bit !! I feel so so sorry for Bruce. I have a Staffordshire Bull Terrier just over a year old and she’s the loveliest thing ever. She has more love in her little paw than these people will ever have.. Bruce hasn’t got a voice so needs all the help he can get. I cannot bare seeing animals suffer. Also the fact he has a death sentence hanging over his head is even worse. The poor thing hasn’t got a chance.. There’s only one thing wrong in this world and it’s people…


  79. This is unbelieveable and has made me so angry…!!! Every picture tells a story and quite clearly dear Bruce is so very badly kept, when once he had such a loving happy home.


    You must let Bruce go home where he belongs, loved and happy

  80. There are no words to express my total disgust. To let this poor dog suffer while in the council care is appalling. He must be given back to his loving family and allowed to spend his days in peace. Shame on all who call this barbaric act any kind of justice

  81. i think this is one of the most heart breaking stories ive read.let this poor dog reunite back with his family were he belongs.i think the shelter should be held responcible for the condition they have let bruce get into.he was a healthy happy dog until the shelter STOLE him.shame on all that is involved in his condition.

  82. OMG!!! Shame on all you people who are involved in the taking of Bruce.. The
    animal abuse is also very clear here and the staff there should be held accountable
    for that also.. Send Bruce home to his loving family!!!!! He seems to be dying a
    slow death in that shelter. You people involved in this of the taking of Bruce should
    be very a shamed of yourself… What goes around, comes around!!!!!
    Send him Home………………….

  83. It’s just another example, of ill informed authorities over stepping their responsibilities. Release this poor dog immediately back to it’s owners and act with a touch of common sense for a change. Go on try it you might find it’s not too difficult and you might be doing something right for a change.

  84. this is disgusting what this poor dog is being put through,.
    i am a breeder of staffies, and no the breed well . and there are different shapes and sizes. as there are colours,
    what idiot decided this 1 is a pit, and had him locked away for no reason , and even the conditions this poor dog has been subjected to yet he has still done no wrong, most would have snapped and bitten. (ANY BREED) not just staffs.

    let the poor dog go home and recover.

    good luck.

  85. Let this poor dog live!! What a heartless decision to put down innocent Bruce, he deserves to be back with his family.
    Bruce suffered enough !! Stop this stupid game NOW. Shame on all who are involved in this animal abuse, its disgusting.

  86. what ever is this world coming to ,,, is it really ok to torture and kill any life at all just because it doesnt look how someone (God alone knows who) thinks it ought to look ,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,, the word nazi springs to mind ,,,,,,,,, May the dog be returned to its family and may these crazy murdering idiots be given the gift of common sense and human kindness

  87. A civilised society should not kill just to make a point when other options are open. People love their pets and I find it hard to imagine what his family must be going through.

  88. I am sure you have some compassion in your hearts, please save this innocent dog. If you no longer wish him to be in Northern Ireland, I am sure he would be found a home in the rest of Britain.

  89. What is Bruces crime?I thought that the law was “innocent untill proven guilty ” this dog has done nothing wrong,he is someones pet and is loved. Does being this breed mean a death sentence. Its not down to the breed how the dog is its down to how the dog is treated and handled by his owner.
    I am disgusted this dog and this family have to suffer like this its an out rage!
    Give Bruce back to his family and let this end NOW!

  90. This is a wonderful family pet that has done nothing wrong and yet is being treated like he has…Send him home to his family….

  91. To destroy this dog because of how he looks would be unforgivable. it seems to me that the law that would allow this to happen should be amended NOW before the life of this innocent dog is taken.

  92. Hi there this story broke my heart! I cried thinking what if this was my dog ?? It bears thinking about it! I am so sorry for his owners!

    I dont know if it will help but I have forwarded bruce’s story to the sun newspaper im not sure if they will help but its worth trying anything!!!!!!!!

  93. This is a disgrace. He has done nothing wrong and deserves to live a happy life. Why don’t the authorities concentrate on real crime instead of disrupting innocent people and animals’ lives.

  94. This is pathetic. Bruce hasnt done anything. You can evidently see he was well looked after by his owners who were nice enough to take him in, unlike the ones who used them for weapons & fighting.
    I totally agree with the “Punish the deed, not the breed”. Pis are nice dogs if they are brought up well. People who used them with cruelty shouldnt ruin it for the rest. The ones who are looking after him now are in the wrong for letting him torture himself not giving any treatment to help.


  95. enough innocent creatures die needlessly as it is, dogs give more back in love than anyone can imagine, and give so many people a reason to live, dont let him die – handsom is as handsom does, how many people would be condemned because their face did not fit?

  96. This is awful. How could anybody allow this to happen to this poor dog. He is in need of someone to take care of him. Give him back to his owners, or let someone else take him and love him. He deserves Love not death…….

  97. Please allow this dog to live. He has done nothing wrong and is being condemned for his appearance. Remenber IT IS DEED NOT BREED.

    Would you condone destroying humans because of the way they look? This animal has already suffered enormously during his incarceration in kennels – now do the decent thing please and let him move to a life of safety and happiness in ROI,

    Thank you for taking the time to read this.



  99. The world has gone mad. Can we not look at an isolated case and make a sound judgement. I appreciate rules and guidelines are put in place for people’s safety and wellbeing, but life isn’t black and white! Okay, so physically this dog looks like a breed that is recognised for being violent, but you can’t judge every dog in the same light. We don’t judge humans like that. If we did the public would be up in arms shouting from the rooftops that this was racism. Think long and hard before you commit this poor dog to death. All I hope is someone in authority has the balls to make a stand, and buck against the decisions being made by all those other people who are obviously followers rather than leaders. My heart goes out to this poor little sole and his family.

  100. DISGUSTING !! I cried my eyes out watching the video, while my little dog laid next to me chewing her bone. It’s so wrong and the people who are kennelling him are the ones that need to be put down!! They are treating him inhumanely and obvoiusly have no feelings and are not animal lovers. So much for the saying we behave like animals! Animals wouldn’t behave like alot of the evil people in todays society x

  101. Please for heavens sake see sense and release this dog back to his family. He is not a dangerous dog – he has shown no sign of being a danger to the public.. he has simply been written off because of his breed type and this is a dangerous thing to do, as not all dogs are the same temperement, regardless of breeding.

    Please release him – and concentrate on other things, like stopping PEOPLE who use dogs like this for fighting (and most of these dogs do not want to fight).. we are responsible for how these dogs behave.. not the dogs.. it’s the same with children. For heavens sakes, focus on issues that are a threat to the public and animals, like illegal dog fighting, breeding, puppy farms etc… and let this little boy go home.

  102. How about the USPCA in northern ireland, can they appeal for bruce to be released ? Should we write to them and tell them about bruce or maybe they already know?
    I couldn’t see anything on their web site – http://www.uspca.co.uk


  103. I’m writing to the American Embassy in Ireland to see if they can show compassion and take Bruce into the Embassy to protect him as he is condemned to die as an ‘American pit bull terrier’ and some people in the states have said they will take him in if he is not allowed across the border to southern Ireland.
    Maybe the American Embassy can give sanctuary to Bruce, worth a try.

  104. Punish the DEED not the BREED then you will get rid of DANGEROUS DOGS and friendly loving pets will be left to live in peace and provide their human families with much needed love and companionship!
    Also punish IRRESPONSIBLE, CRUEL and VIOLENT owners then you might just put a stop to the hysteria!
    Bruce has not done anything wrong so why is he being held and threatened with death? DO THE RIGHT THING AND LET HIM GO!

  105. I must say that I am quite disturbed with the Bruce, the “so-called pit bull” situation. This poor animal has done nothing wrong other than, in your eyes and opinion, being the “wrong” breed and, from what i understand, is not even considered a “pit bull” anyway. I don’t think you realize how far-reaching this case has gone. Many, many people in the United States and other parts of the world are horrified as to how callously and cruelly this dog is being treated in your country. This truly has left people with a bad taste in their mouth, culturally and humanely. Please reconsider and do the right, and only, thing – RETURN BRUCE TO HIS OWNERS.

  106. Bruce has done no wrong, Yet he has been treated like a criminal .. The change in his appearance on the youtube video is very worrying.
    I hope and pray that sense will prevail and that his life be spared ..
    Please free Bruce and stop making him the scapegoat for humans that ” train ” dogs like Bruce to become aggresive .

  107. Please bring that dog back home please! he does not deserve all this my heart broke when i seen i will forward this to evry1! that dog iznt so cruel nevr done anything…people are soo irresponsible!! whtever dog company rescue company out thr are also bad THEY SHOULD DO SMTHING!

  108. Hi My daughter and i have just watched the video about Bruce. We are devestated about how he has been treated, you can tell by the photos of him at him with his family how loving he is and has a good nature. He has been put in kennels because of some idiots who dont know the difference between a vicious dog and a loving welll behaved dog, how do they sleep at night. Considering he is in kennels and is supposed to be getting looked after they seem to be doing a good job of neglecting him, yet noone seems to be bothered.He needs to be given back to his loving family.The authoritys need to come to thier senses and FREE BRUCE XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  109. Rediculous that an innocent animal is even considered for destruction just because of his looks. I had a staffordshire bull terrier that looked like a pit bull. She was the most gentle and friendly soul and everyone loved her. I was privileged to have her twelve years. If someone had made a spiteful complaint over nothing she would have been destroyed. Thankfully no one was nasty enough.
    Please see sense and let Bruce live. Are we to kill everything because of their looks rather than their personality and behaviour? Outrageous. Makes me sick.

  110. Amongst so many deserving dogs that are not cared for, Bruce is different. He has captured attention world-wide. He is cared for and has a family that loves him. Let him live the life he deserves. Let this be the beginning of reform that will benefit many, many more deserving dogs.

  111. I hope that these so called authorities come to thier senses and let Bruce be allowed to return home to his loving family. It is obvious to all that he has a loving home that he share’s with another dog that she shows no aggression towards.
    The current state of this poor boy is appauling and the one’s that should be prosecuted are the people that have allowed this animal to deteriorate to this and somehow also think that it is acceptable to do so. I hope and pray for a happy ending for Bruce and his family and that he be allowed to return home where he belongs. Good luck and loving wishes to you. xx

  112. This is unbelievable.. In Holland they finally had the sense after nearly 25 years to lift the ban on bull breeds as they now recognise that you cannot judge dogs on their breed or ‘type’ but solely on their behaviour… Bruce is a gorgeous dog who is obviously loved and well cared for and looked after. This is completely senseless and ridiculous!!! It is criminal that clueless authorities can just take your beloved pet and decide that it must die for no other reason than its looks… if people were treated like this the whole world would scream bloody murder as it would be an act of blatant racism… In this day and age surely we have more sense than this?????
    I sincerely hope that the authorities see the HUGE error of their ways and Bruce will be reunited with his family!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  113. I hope that these so called authorities come to thier senses and let Bruce be allowed to return home to his loving family. It is obvious to all that he has a loving home that he share’s with another dog that he shows no aggression towards.
    The current state of this poor boy is appauling and the one’s that should be prosecuted are the people that have allowed this animal to deteriorate to this and somehow also think that it is acceptable to do so. I hope and pray for a happy ending for Bruce and his family and that he be allowed to return home where he belongs. Good luck and loving wishes to you. xx

  114. There have been times when I strongly felt ashamed to belong to the human race..this surely is one such instance. People with authority need to show some sign of evolution and refinement and behave responsibly…it is very basic to be a good ,conscientious human being to be a good judge or anybody else .


  115. Wow what a show of support! Please can eveyone make sure they email the following people asking for Bruce to be allowed safe passage to southern ireland and the waiting rescue space.

    • The Secretary of State for Northern Ireland – Shaun Woodward MP
    Northern Ireland Office, 11 Millbank, London, SW1P 4PN
    Fax: 01744 24306

    • The Rt Hon Peter Robinson MP MLA – First Minister
    • Martin McGuinness MP MLA – deputy First Minister
    • Jeffrey Donaldson MP – http://www.jeffreydonaldson.org
    • Gerry Kelly MLA
    Email: ps.ministers@ofmdfmni.gov.uk
    Letters to: GD36 Stormont Castle, Stormont Estate, Belfast BT4 3TT

    • Rt Hon Alan Johnson MP – Home Secretary
    Letters to: 2 Marsham Street, London SW1P 4DF,
    Email: public.enquiries@homeoffice.gsi.gov.uk

    Urgent Plea to Refuse to Administer Fatal Injection:

    Please urge your members not to participate in the death of Bruce.

    • Veterinary Ireland – Representative body for veterinary surgeons in Ireland
    Email: hq@vetireland.ie

    • Veterinary Northern Ireland (VetNI)
    Email: info@vetni.co.uk
    Secretary General – jo.gibson@vetni.co.uk

    • Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS)
    Email: admin@rcvs.org.uk & registrar@rcvs.org.uk Fax: (020) 7222 2004

    Urgent Plea to Help & Support Innocent Dog Bruce:

    • Northdown Borough Council
    The Mayor
    C/o Town Hall, The Castle, Bangor, BT20 4BT
    Email: tony.hill@northdown.gov.uk
    Tel: +44 (0) 28 9127 8067

    thank you all so much!

  116. I have sent letters containing links to this page, the online petition(Bring Bruce Home) and the Pet owners parliament page to 6 national newspapers in the UK in the hope that more publicity may be given to the wider public. I have also sent private emails to all the Government and veteranary email addresses given. The only response so far was from PS.Ministers@ofmdfmni.gov.uk who say they have forwrded my message to DARD

    I feel so angry and saddened by the plight of Bruce that i will try as much as is possible to support his cause (at least by internet) as I live in Argentina with 3 banned Dogo Argentinos and i am working at the moment in Cyprus. I have told all of my friends and family about Bruce’s predicament and will continue to spread the word as much as I can.

    Good luck and keep up the good work to all other Bruce supporters- lets hope he is released soon!!

  117. I think this is a total disgrace murderers get treated with more respect than this poor little dog has. How can you decide what a dog is like just by its breed this judge is obviously a total idiot and knows nothing about dogs. I hope someone will come to their sences and let this dog live he is so sweet with no aggression he has be acessed by a professional who says he is fine so WHY has he been given the death sentence it makes no sence at all. So come on all you lot who are surposed to be in authorty let this beautifull dog Bruce go home he has never done any harm to anyone if you let him die you are no better than a MURDERER.

  118. Bruce should be set free and allowed to go back to his family. There are no bad dogs regardless of breed, only bad owners. If a dog is dangerous, the owners whould be fined heavily and banned from having any pets again. It isn’t the dog’s fault. Bruce apparently has not been considered dangerous but has, in the opinion of some officious bureaucrat considered to be a danger to the community. The real danger to the community are the bureaucrats who make these unfounded decisions. Give Bruce back to his family.

  119. please let bruce go home to his family where he belongs. It broke my heart to see how he looked so broken and neglected in the care of so called kennels, the kennels should be the ones in court. Dogs are only vicious because we make them so, Bruce obviously isnt because he comes from a loving home. SEND BRUCE HOME

  120. Please don’t put this dog to sleep, he has committed no offence. I can’t believe that a dog that has been assessed by a professional and passed is being put on death row because he looks similar to a Pit Bull. It sickens me to the very core that an innocent dog is going to die because of the way his body is built. I hope they see common sense and release this poor wee chap back to his family and allow him safe passage to where he is legally allowed to stay. GIVE BRUCE BACK!!!!!!!!

  121. Absolutely discraceful, the poor dog has not even done anything and to be treated that badly while in the “care” of his captors makes me sick and ashamed to be a human.

    Free Bruce, he has not done anything wrong other than happen to look a bit like a certain type of dog – even if he isnt a pit, there is no reason to treat any animal like that

  122. I think its disgusting that Bruce, an innocent dog and part of a loving family has been torn from his home and is under sentence to be murdered. BLAME THE DEED NOT THE BREED!! Dogs are loving, loyal family members whos only aim in life is to please their masters, it is the evil, sick minded individuals that mistreat these beautiful animals that should be on death row!!!! not a poor defenceless dog. Please take mercy on poor Bruce and return him home. The laws on dangerous dogs need to be reviewed!

  123. i go to dog training classes twice a week with my 3 border collies, our class has staffies, boxers, rotties, dobies, american bull dogs collies , labs you name it we’ve got it ! I can honestly say i have never witnessed an incident with any bull breed in the 3-plus years i have been taking my dogs to classes. I seriously beleive that the powers that be should pass a law that makes ALL DOG OWNERS OF ANY BREED take their dogs through the canine good citizen scheme then there would be no need for stupid decisions to take a beautiful boy like Bruce away from his lovely family. I watched the video and it broke my heart, if i left my dog in the condition he is in now i would expect to be prosecuted! what are they thinking! LET HIM GO HOME- PLEASE!!!!

  124. i agree with all the above, Bruce should be given back to his family, any dog can snap or bite if treated badly its not the dogs fault its the owners. So someone see sense and return Bruce to his loving family.

  125. We as Humans are supposed to be civilised – death is not the solution.

    Surely common sense will prevail. No dog should be destroyed just on looks alone.
    This dog has never hurt anyone, never bitten anyone.

    Don’t let this innocent dog die.

  126. Its a real disgrace to this country’s so called animal “welfare” detainment agencies that this dog has been displaced into their hands. Bruce’s condition speaks volumes of their lack of concern of their charges but also invites an intimidation of their captives so that the end justifies the agency’s means. Why isn’t this agency sustaining their mandated laws to educate those who are irresponsible instead of witch-hunting well behaved dogs along with responsible owners?

  127. It’s a real disgrace to this country’s so called animal “welfare” detainment agencies that this dog has been displaced into their hands. Bruce’s condition not only speaks volumes of their lack of concern of their charges but also invites a possible intimidation by any breed or species in their captivity. By the impoundment’s exhibition of maltreatment and neglect they provoke a possible attack so that the end justifies the agency’s means. Why isn’t this agency enacting laws to educate those who are irresponsible and removing the obviously vicious animals cited in harming the community instead of witch-hunting well behaved dogs along with responsible owners? This loved and well behaved animal needs to be returned to his nurturing family members immediately.

  128. Send him to America we will take care of him. This is not good enough excuse to kill him. In Florida you are not allowed to have pit bulls but if the humane Society take them from people they do not kill them they find someone in a area where they are allowed and they will take them. besides Pit Bulls are not mean unless there owners make them that way. You know the pit bulls in the Michael Vick’s case it was proven that they are not mean that they can be rehabilitated. Please find a place that will take him it is better than having him killed for something he did not do.

  129. All I can say is I am more angry than words can express at the situation with Bruce. If there are any compassionate people within the powers that be I hope they react and let Bruce return to his family and heal his wounds both mental and physical.

  130. I’ve just watched this video. I’m HORRIFIED! Whatever authority in Northern Ireland who is holding this dog SHOULD BE PROSECUTED FOR NEGLECT!!!

  131. WOW !!!! This Makes Me Sick!!! What is wrong with that system over there??
    This animal is suffering Inhumanely… for Christ Sakes!! Not to mention the family who loves him.
    Does this justice system there have somthing lacking??? For this to go on like this for this long. What purpose is this serving?? Has this dog done any thing wrong or his or his family??? NO>>>!!! Then why is this happening??? He is being judged because he happens to look similiar to a pit bull…OH My God!!!
    Wonder if we all went around and arrested & condemmed people who looked like Bin Laden or Hitler. Or captured all the animals in the world because They look like a wild vicious animal. I am more terrified of a pack of chihuhuas. Some one needs to get their head out of their ass!! And open their eyes. Before they themselves are judged. Let the poor baby go Home to his family. SO they can mend his wounds, heart and spirit! God bless you for you know not what you do! Ignorance is not bliss it is stupidity!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  132. This poor family and dog. What can be the justification for this? Where is “humanity” and common sense anymore? Anyone who has ever had to put an animal to sleep because of injury and illness knows the pain – but at least you have done the right and responsible thing. This poor dog has had neither from the “authorities”. Give him back to his family. Do the right thing.

  133. I posted earlier today, and I can’t get out of my mind, Bruce and the many others who need our help, voices and passion for doing what is right. A very simple thing one would think, however, as one person posted, put it simply – ego!

    Taking the easy way out instead of addressing with compassion and decency to “man best friend”. I have a small business, I do behavioural modification, and I work in the film industry maintaining and enforcing humane and ethical treatment of animals. I’ve never had a problem with any of the “banned breeds” EVER! I have however, worked with Chihuahua’s, and the like who are more likely to bite and be difficult. I also have worked with gentle souls [Banned Breeds and others] who had crappy owners-who do not deserve the honour and priviledge of being their guardians. Guess what? In their fear and distrust, they reach out and try to understand and are so happy for the positive and constructive care, love and devotion, – a lesson that perhaps is beyond the lack of personal evolution of those behind this awful legislation. I have and continue to work with dogs and other species for 30+ years.

    I will be spreading the word very quickly. Let Bruce go home. If you do not, the selfishness and cruelty [a willing and deliberate cruelty] will forever be a legacy to the N.I. government and it’s stance.

    Heather Obonsawin, Canada
    International Animal Safety Rep.,TV & Film Division – American Humane Association.
    Owner – Woof Avenue Holistics

  134. This entire story is sickening. This dog has done nothing wrong. He didn’t ask to be born in Northern Ireland, he didn’t ask to be a stray, he didn’t ask to be a Staffordshire Bull Terrier .. and all he has ever done is love human beings. And this is how he gets rewarded for that love and loyalty. What shocks me is that officials in this case have shown no common sense. This dog can be relocated in Eire so WHY KILL HIM???

    Equally shocking is that the owners of this kennel haven’t been prosecuted for animal cruelty! What the hell is going on in Northern Ireland where they kill innocent pets but allow blatant cruelty and neglect to flourish under their system. If Bruce has been treated like this by that kennel, then you can guarantee that other dogs being caged there are suffering too.

    I am begging the people responsible for deciding whether this poor innocent beautiful dog gets to live or die, to spare his life and show compassion and mercy. I live in Los Angeles, California – Bruce’s story has traveled across the world and the world is now watching and waiting for Northern Ireland to do the right thing!!

  135. I am just sickened by this story – for a start, why are the RSPCA not doing anything about the terrible conditions he is obviously being kept in.
    His poor family, they must be heartbroken. I just hope the authorities see sense, but after 20 months of this going on, I am not very hopeful.

  136. BRUCE DOG MUST BE ALIVE. Legally, He did nothing. If people save bad people’s lives, why don’t they save innocent dogs? Or just let them stay alive.

  137. I am disgusted by the treatment of this dog and his family. I hope common sense prevails and he is given his freedom.. good luck..

  138. I have emailed all the contacts listed including the USPCA. Bruce must be allowed to go to the rescue in the south. Release him now!

  139. I am sitting here with tears rolling down my face. How dare the authorities take away the rights of a beautiful dog to live. My heart is broken. Never stop fighting for Bruce. He has done nothing wrong and to me looks nothing like a pitbull just a stunning staffie. I would come to Ireland and take him home with me today given the chance.


  140. Why is this dog being judged on his appearance? He clearly is a loving dog who just wants to be with people who love him – his owners clearly do and he is being abused in these kennels. Why aren’t the people who run these kennels in court explaining this dog’s injuries? And we’re supposed to be a nation of animal lovers?

  141. This is an absolute outrage!

    The authorities have gone mad!

    To Bruces Family: I hope you get the justice Bruce and yourselves so desperately deserve and need!

    All the good luck in the world!!

  142. This dog does not deserve to die. H e should be back at home being looked after properly by people who love him.It would be a tragedy if he is not saved.

  143. Unfortunately I could not watch the video. Got a message: ‘This video is not available in your country due to copyright restrictions’….

    But I read a lot about Bruce…

    What is going on in the UK?
    This dog did nothing wrong, why should he be killed, just because of the way he looks??

    Let Bruce live….and give him back to the owners….

  144. Let Bruce live….he did nothing wrong.
    I hope the owners of Bruce get all the support from around the world that is needed to stop that madness killing an innocent dog…

  145. Typical authortarian domination.

    Without bothering to gain sound scientific information/evidence they consign a healthy dog used to domectic living; to a very long austere kennel environment and then tragically to death.

    Why two years?

    Why put this family and their beloved pet through two years of hHUG emotional turmoil?

    Then with no evidence kill the dog.
    Is this modern England we are living in, or some third worl country.

    It is time these authorities based their evidence on sound scientific information not prejudice and innuendo.

    I am truly ashamed of the appalling incapabilities this authority/court have demonastrated in conducting this case.


    I could liken it to the stealing/fraud/lies that has been perpetuated at Westminster…………..an insult to the general public who pay tax.

    J Jacobs.

  146. Its a pity they wasn’t as quick at picking up paedophiles & the like instead of someones pet & best friend!
    Let this dog go home & sack the idiots responsible!

  147. This shouldn’t be aloud, You all know the phrase ban the deed not the breed, just because they are pitbull doesnt make them an outsider, you have indian people in our country, they are just like the pitbulls in some minds. you have people fighting to bring them in and fighting to put them out, but you wouldnt lift a indian of the street and tell him to leave or sentence him to death, so why do it to a poor loving dog that has done nothing wrong. My vote is to give the amazing breed of dog back to their owners so it can live the rest of its life without all this pain and anguish for it.

  148. Watching that video made me cry. I can’t beleive that such a beautiful dog should have to suffer like that. HE HAS DONE NOTHING WRONG. The people who have taken him away from his loving family and treated him so cruely are the one’s that should be punished!! Why has he had no treatment, where are the vets that should be looking after him? This is animal cruelty. How would they feel being locked up and punished for they way they look!! Poor Bruce must be so scared and frightened and it sickens me to think of him in there. Bruce looks so placid and gentle, please send him home to his loving family he has suffered enough or at least let him live his life in Southern Ireland. He deserves ahappy life. This breaks my heart and the people responsible for this should be ashamed of themselves. There have been 2 expert identification witnesses who said he is not ‘of type’. No animal should have to go through this. PLEASE, PLEASE LET BRUCE LIVE AND SEND BRUCE HOME NOW

  149. The actions taken by the Northern Ireland authorities to seize, remove and their subsequently neglectful treatment of this family’s innocent pet dog (Bruce), is shocking, disgusting, shameful and disgraceful.

    This is animal racism/breedism at its worst!!!

    Why are the authorities involved percecuting this poor family and treating their pet dog appaulingly, when they have real criminals living the life of luxury.

    The dog should be allowed to stay with it’s loving owners, and the inappropriate, idiotic rules that are being enforced at the moment changed, to allow each case of a dangerous dog to warranted on it’s own circumstances, not by assumptions of breed characterics.


    Bruce IS NOT A BAD DOG

    Let him live and make a dog and his family very happy

    Bruce is NOT a dangerous dog, just an innocent victim

  150. Please give Bruce back to his owners, this is nonsence, this poor dog has done nothing wrong to nobody. The dog deserve a chance like you and me. So STOP, enough is enough, let Bruce go home where he belongs, where he is loved and cared for by the people who are his family. SO I AM BEGGING WHO EVER HAS MADE THIS NONSENCE UP, GIVE IT UP NOW, BRUCE IS INNOCENT. This makes me very angry the way bruce is being treated. No dog deserves to be treated like this. BRUCE IS TO GO HOME AND HE IS TO GO HOME NOW…

  151. As a canine trainer and people instructor I have seen it all. I train any dog and any breed and this is what trainers are supposed to do. I train, I do not treat. I educate humans in the canine world and this allows the dogs a chance in our world.( Respect and training and team work.) I have many pit bulls in my classes and they are never a problem. I have many Doxy’s in my classes and 8 out of ten think they should be kicking some dogs butt as the pit bull will just look on and wonder what all the commotion is about.? It is not the breed that needs to be put down but the handlers that need to be educated. Owning a canine is a responsibility that requires some education prior to purchasing. You wouldn’t give your kid the keys to the car without first teaching him how to drive, would you? If you answered yes, then you shouldn’t have a dog or a kid. Let’s deal with the issue here. Most canines are people pleasing and willing to learn if educated? So, educate! Educate yourself and the canine.
    I have found that people treat a canine like it was a human and this is where the trouble starts.
    Bruce should be brought home as he has done no wrong. In fact, there is a Search and Rescue canine that looks exactly like Bruce that goes out into disaster areas and saves human lives. This beautiful canine is known as Chico man. He was found in the street and with help and guidance, educated to help the human race in times of disaster….Yes he is of the Bull terrier breed or better known as a pit bull…a truly magnificent animal and true to his breed. Devoted and willing to give his life for another…need I say more?
    Education is the key here for both human and canine. Poor Bruce looks like hell with his nose all chewed up and his tail infected. Who is in charge of this dogs well being anyways?
    Bring Bruce home and educate people in the canine mind and world, so we can all live in harmony. If people are cruel then punish them to the fullest for animal abuse. Education is the key to solving problems prior to the problems beginning.
    Bruce has committed no crime so he should not have to live like a criminal.
    Until Bruce has done something wrong, let him live.
    Hang in there Bruce. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  152. Have the following response from the Blue Cross ( Info@Bluecross.org.uk if anyone else wishes to email them)

    “Thank you for your email.

    We will reply as soon as possible – our working hours are 9.00am – 5.00pm Monday to Friday.

    Kind Regards

    The Blue Cross Customer Care Team “

  153. This dog should be returned to his owner. he has done nothing wrong and with the training and the kind family he never well. people in this world are to quick to judge animal, and never give them a change he is a living creature. the judge and the council are destroying a family and to them this is there child, brother. i have never meet this dog but by the pictures i think he would melt my heart.

    also the family should take the kennel to court for the treatment of this animal, as it sound like it was not up to certain regulation. and as a dog psychologist the treat of this dog will have more harm on him as he knows what is going on. this upset me that we have people in this country who would do this. time like his i am sad to say i am part of this country.

    i pray that these people come to there sences and i hope that no vet will put this dog down,

    i begg these people for bruce and his family, let him go home, let him be loved and cared for.

  154. How could anyone, let alone a government show such stupidity? How can anyone be so cruel to a dog and get away with it? Who in there right mind could think this “type” of treatment is okay? The North Ireland government would be arrested for animal cruelty in the US. How could anyone just watch a puppy (and he was a PUPPY when this started) literally die? He is in such bad shape now and he was so happy and healthy before. It even looks as though his spirit is broken. I can’t stop crying. I seriously can not shut off the tears rolling down my face. Please, I am begging you, please give him back before he dies from neglect and lack of love. Just do the only right and humane thing. The damage that has been done is bad enough. Please don’t let one of GOD’S creatures down by imposing one of your stupid rules on him.

  155. Stop wasting time and effort and resources on an innocent creature who has done nothing to hurt this world. GO PUNISH THE PEOPLE WHO DESERVE (in my opinion) TO BE PUT TO SLEEP INSTEAD – there are so many animal abusers out there who deserve that fate but BRUCE IS NOT ONE OF THEM.

    1. There are several BULLY BREED rescue groups IN Southern Ireland (where PIT BULLS ARE ALLOWED) and surrounding countries willing and wanting to take Bruce VS putting down this wonderful Bruce. Even with this knowledge, the judge apparently still slammed the gravel down and ordered “EUTHANIZE ON MONDAY 6/7/09 as their order!!! But now, with all OUR mass petitions and writing to all the proper aithorities out there, Bruce has “A STAY OF EXECUTION!!!!” Let Northern Ireland know that we all will boycott their land to vacation and visit, watch them change their tune real fast!! There are many, many other options re: Bruce’s outcome VS the needle; too many, right over there in Southern Ireland where Bully breeds are allowed. When all is said and done, this family needs to file “ANIMAL CRUELY, ABUSE AND NEGLECT” charges against all who have so called been caring for him and are being paid to do so. This is not even minimal care – you and I would have been charged with all the above if our pet was found in Bruce’s condition. How are they allowed to neglect him like this?? He looks horrible, I am appalled at them. And, I am part Irish descent, will NEVER visit there. Alma


  157. Let Bruce go – it’s not fair that he gets punished for a generalisation. Hang in there Bruce – hopefully you’ll be reunited with your family soon

  158. This video is sickening… the kennels should be closed down and prosecuted and as for this poor dog Bruce there are still loads of pit bulls on the streets… they now call them staffy x’s i know as i work with dogs. Let this dog go to be what he is a loyal family pet…. the people that removed this dog should be ashamed of themselves… ANY dog has the capability of harming a child/adult etc…. well said in the final words of this video


  159. PLEASE CONTACT CNN – address below


    Please contact CNN – it’s time to break this story mainstream!!!


    Please, thousands of people around the world are deeply touched and moved by the following story that must now hit mainstream, to expose the shelter, the Mayor, and the laws that may kill this innocent dog – once healthy and loved – now skinny with mange and infections after being taken from his family home.

    Bruce the pit bull dog did not bite anyone – it is the laws of Northern Ireland that may lead to his death.
    He has been held captive for over 2 years in a shelter now they want to euthanize him, his family is desperate just to get him out of the country to live – PLEASE HELP them and Bruce.

  160. If you were in need of a compassionate hand, Bruce would be there for you, no matter what your race. I will boycott Northern Ireland for as long as I live if Bruce is not set free.

  161. What kind of things (well,they don’t qualify as human do they?) can treat a dumb animal so very very appallingly.Were this a child, all those responsible would be in jail as indeed they should be now. Where is the Irish equivalent of the RSPCA in all this one asks. Thery should be busy taking those responsible for Bruce’s well-being to court NOW. How much longer does the poor animal have to suffer at the hands of pig-ignorant jobsworths,(I beg the pigs pardon, they wouldn’t treat another pig like that).LET THE POOR ANIMAL GO HOME, NOT TO A REFUGE OVER THE BORDER, HOME WHERE HE RIGHTFULLY BELONGS AND PUNISH THE WRONG-DOERS NOW.
    Yours in hope of justice for Bruce,
    Jay Norman-Hedges.

  162. What on earth is wrong with you people? Where is your common sense let alone your compassion? Just because a breed “looks” like a pit bull, or even if it is a pit bull does not automatically make it a mean dog! Dogs are like people. If you give them love and don’t abuse them they will grow into loving creatures. Please please let these people have their dog back so that it can get medical attention!

  163. Why would anyone want to hurt that baby?! He is someone’s perfect gift in this world! Anyone with a heart should look into his beautiful eyes and see the pain and anguish that he has suffered and allow him to be happy from now on. He is a beautiful dog, and will make someone VERY happy. I know, I have a great dog that went through suffering and he is now the most amazing dog! He is so grateful to have a loving family and out of the hell that he endured. We are even more grateful to have such a wonderful addition to our family. PLEASE give Bruce a chance to be happy and have a good life. It would be anyone’s honor to see his success story! Killing him is NOT the answer… LOVING him is! If it is not GOD’s choice to take him from this world, who do you think you are making that choice?! LET HIM LIVE!!!!! No one has the right to take life from an innocent creature…. NO ONE! PLEASE, I am begging you, PLEASE give him a chance! I know atleast 4 homes that would give him a great life RIGHT now!

  164. I’m boycotting it too unless bruce is allowed to live, i’m telling all my friends about this crazy law where they measure up dogs to fit some description and then kill them, what on earth, grow too tall and pump handle tail=death, get a grip you morons

  165. No breed or species of animal deserves to be treated like this! He is rotting to DEATH in his cell, in pain and alone. Take pity and allow his loved ones to send him to sancuary in Southern Ireland. I’m disgusted that this abuse is considered ‘lawful’.

  166. Everyone on the planet is finding out about this terrible unspeakable injustice!! Bruce has friends in high places, friends with a lot of heart! News media is taking up the story of his sad plight and it seems the whole world is drawing a curtain of protection around this one small dog who never did a living soul any harm, he was simply born looking like a breed of dog that is persecuted and moreso now that Breed Specific Legislation and those that deliver it, believe they can wipe out an entire type of dog by killing them one by one. This wonderful quote appeared on a blogspot speaking up for Bruce –

    Lamartine, the famous 19th Century French poet and animal defender : You don’t have one heart for people and another for animals. Either you have a heart or you don’t.

    It sums up the immense campaign of protection and care people from all walks of life and from all countries in the world, are displaying for this poor dog who faces the death sentence after ALL HE HAS SUFFERED.

    How can anyone in authority go ahead and say this dog must die? How can someone sign a piece of paper that registers a life invalid?

    How can let Bruce die because it is written as a law? When the law is clearly wrong, cruel and flawed by injustice, it must change.

    The world is with Bruce and those who judge him and take away his right to life are living in the dark ages.

    Please have mercy on this pitiful dog. Do we really need another needless death at the end of a life filled with loneliness, sadness and suffering?

    Compassion is the vital link that makes life bearable when all else fails.


  168. My god what are the people of Ireland thinking?? This makes me insanely angry. This poor sweet dog has done nothing and is suffering at the hands of humans. Let this dog go home for god sakes!!!!!!!!

  169. This is absolutely disgraceful, if he were found in this condition, the owners would be prosecuted. I think Bruce should be returned to his home NOW.

  170. To kill a dog for having done nothing wrong but because of how he looks and in a state of innocence is no different to killing women and children in a war and to my way of thinking is no different to a war crime! It is completely unjust and should not be allowed to happen! It is bad enough that the dog has been imprisoned for nothing!

  171. Bruces story has touched the hearts of people worldwide mainly through internet sites as Facebook, Bebo , Twitter etc…
    How can peoples pleas for his life be ignored , He must be given back to his family , they love him and he loves them , to keep them separated in this way is cruel beyond belief .
    Bruce has commited no crime , and yet he is kept a prisioner , which is obvious from the video is affecting his health and well being .
    Please lets all keep the campaign for Bruces life going .. surely compassion will win the day .
    Thank you

  172. Why do Northern Ireland insist on taking an innocent life when other options are avaliable in Southern Ireland?

    I am 13 years old and even I can see this is wrong.

    Let Bruce live!

  173. Animals are always innocent. Bruce did nothing wrong, he can’t pay and he MUST not pay! Bruce must come back to his family. Now. Don’t kill him, don’t break his human family’s heart. Dogs are our best friends, let them live

  174. TAKE HIM HOME!!!! R THESE PEOPLE SO SELFISH TO LEAVE HIM IN THIS STATE, AND KEEP HIM AWAY FROM HIS FAMILY?!?! this video actually made me cry, i cant believe how horrible this is…

  175. We all make mistakes and this BLS is trueky a biggie! Lets be the intelligent people that God made us, lets use our brain and mostly our hearts to stop this injustice. Its not to late to take a stand. Save Bruce, be a hero to him, his family and the world. Show the world that Ireland does have heart, does have a sence of justice and wrong doing. Let Bruce go home.

    We the people of the world, the children of God, beg you to repent of this awful sin and Save Bruce!
    By killing him, you may also kill his owner. I personally have had a dog taken from me and killed, only to suffer a near fatal heart attack immediatly after.
    I ended up sueing the town I live in and the police department for thier part in taking my dog, and guess what I WON!

    Now I am retired, since I am terribly wealthy, and I spend my time seaking out injustice like this, to bring to the worlds attention, and to make the guilty pay.

    I pray you dont let this go any further. The wrath of the world will be upon you.
    Be a hero insted!

  176. This is absolutely criminal … what has Bruce or his family done to deserve this !! The Northern Ireland authorities that have sanctioned this cruel act should be ashamed of themselves. Please return Bruce back to his family where he belongs !!!!

  177. My five year old granddaughter saw the video of Bruce while I was watching it. She started to cry unconsolably. She said Nana, please do something to save Bruce.
    I told her I would do my best. First we stopped and prayed for Bruce. She looked up at me after and said Good Nana, God will say Bruce. I promised her , if it was His will He would.
    Since the first time she saw the video, she’s been asking me everyday, Nana is Bruce home yet?
    Even a five year old knows this is wrong, knows the pain. Loves a dog she’s never met.
    Use that five year old heart God gave you.
    Praise God and Let Bruce Free.

  178. What sort of person can justify treating any dog like this, whether a “pit bull type” or not, it’s a discrace to animal welfare and the least they should do is look after him until he HAS TO BE REALEASED!! Dogs live as our companions, we let them in to our lives, humans are responsible for their dogs nature and socialization. Punish the owners that encourage fighting dogs not poor Bruce!!

  179. I am a woman who loves animals, all animals. It has been my experience that any animal can be a loving one if treated correctly and with love. Also any animal can be vicious if treated and trained to be. WHo will you pick to kill next, the poodle next door?? Or maybe the pomeranian, either of these dogs can also be vicious if made that way, not born that way. Its people who train thier animals like this who should pay the price , not just get the typical slap on the wrist.

    Animals do thier very best to please humans, and that is to do everything thier human wants them to do, wether right or wrong. I think these wrong doing people and all those who torcher and hurt animals , should be left in deepest darkest Africa alone with no means of defence. Then and only then will they know how these poor animals feel.

    Its wrong, makes me want to vomit. Be a man, grow a pair, stand up for whats right and let bruce go home.

  180. Sometimes this world we live in blows me away!

    Dogs are not mean unless mean people make them mean!

    Bruce has done nothing wrong but still yet, human meanness is wanting to murder him.

    Don’t be so damn mean people, Protect Bruce’s Life’s Longevity.


  181. The whole world is horrified at the idea that this innocent, defenseless dog can be murdered with NO reason! Please, prove to be a civilised country, this is not acceptable in any way!

  182. There is no reason for this. In America there is a name for such behavior. Let this dog be with people who want to care for him. There is no reason to bring harm to him when you have some to care for him. Be smart and do the RIGHT thing~!

  183. It does not matter the bread of the dog .Its the owner leading the dog that creates the problem. Some of the most viscouis dogs can be the smallest most pampered dogs . If the dog has a good leader they will not be a danger to public whether they are a pitbull or not .

  184. More contacts, this time the Northern Ireland Assembly-debate issues and laws etc

    Please email the following regarding Bruce – these are the political reps for Bruce’s area –

    North Down Constituency has six MLAs (six elected)

    MLA = Members of the Legislative Assembly

    1) Alex Easton
    2) Stephen Farry
    3) Peter Weir
    4) Leslie Cree
    5) Brian Wilson
    6) Alan McFarland

    Alexander Easton DUP – Alex.Easton@niassembly.gov.uk

    Stephen Farry – stephen.farry@allianceparty.org

    Peter Weir DUP – pjweir@hotmail.com

    Leslie Cree UUP – leslie.cree@niassembly.gov.uk

    Alan McFarland UUP – alanmla@hotmail.com and alan.mcfarland.@niassembly.gov.uk

    Brian Wilson – brian.wilson@niassembly.gov.uk

  185. I think it is totally unfair to persecute ,just becouse of apperance!This is so foolish!Whats the matter with the folks who are diong this?Are they unballanced or mentally ill?Wake up!

  186. This is a very sad and unjust situation that a dog’s breed would determine
    life or death- if this was a child would you make the same choice.
    Bruce is a creature of God and his creation. my sister has a mix breed dalmation and pit bull and he is the most gantle soul. GIVE BRUCE A CHANCE.. . please give Bruce A chance.

  187. we humans talk a lot about culture, are we really cultured in the matter of BRUCE. A re we going backwards in this advanced world, when everything around us are given special status

  188. It is unfair to sentence Bruce to death. He is such a friendly dog and means no harm to anyone. All the fingers in our hand are not unlike and that also indicates that all PIT BULLS are not alike. Animals that mean no harm should be protected. In fact all animals should be protected. I have rescued one dog as well and provided her a beautiful house and Bruce deserves to be with his family. He is so cute and deserves to live. There were tears in my eyes looking at his condition.

    Please people understand the importance of this petition and sign it for Bruce’s survival.

  189. How dare you treat this poor dog like this. This is abuse!!!!! How would you feel if we took you away from your family and locked you in a cage and put you down you brutal bastards. I really hope that karma comes round on you and your family its all you deserve and believe me your time will come!!!!! Why the hell has he got that sore on his nose, why hasn’t he had the correct treatment for this???? What because of his breed he has to be treated like shit, did he ask to be born NOPE!!!!!!!!!!! This is just as bad as leaving a baby in a shitty nappy for days on end it’s not acceptable and is abuse whatever way you look at it. I hope Bruces family get the justice they deserve and he gets to come home. I hope the animals who are doing this rot in hell!!!!!!!!!!!

  190. This is a heartfelt appeal for fairness and justice for a dog named Bruce. He is guilty of no crime, no wrong doing but yet, has been condemned to death because he “appears to have some features” of a banned breed (see:
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=odi0XlI-4_g ).

    Hitler did the same when he condemned millions to die for no other reason than that they belonged to a group (Jews, Homosexuals, Gypsies) that had traits deemed “loathsome”, “dangerous” and “unacceptable” and therefore, the Nazis determined that they did not have the right to live. Surely we have come beyond such hideous prejudices and backward thinking in the 21st century!

    All breed specific legislation (BSL) should be repealed at once in Canada, the UK, Northern Ireland, Australia, New Zealand and in numerous cities all around the US. It does nothing to protect the public and is, in most cases, a knee jerk reaction by politicians who want to appear as though they are doing something for the community. And since dogs can’t vote, it’s a pretty good chance they can get away with “MURDER”.

    We ask that Bruce be released from the hell in which he has been forced to live these past 2 years and that criminal charges be brought against those responsible for the neglect which has led to his suffering. He should be sent immediately to safe haven, if he cannot be returned to his home.

    Hopefully there will be no gross miscarriage of justice in the case of this innocent victim of breed discrimination.

  191. this dog has done no harm so why should he be condemmed to die no reason what so ever so please send him home to the loving family thats cares for him

  192. This is ridiculous and awful. This dog is suffering for no apparent reason just because of his breed. This world has become a iiving hell. This world has become hitlers world. Full of hatred and selfishness. Discrimination all around the world. What a shame and disgust to all who live in this kind of world. Why don’t the government condem people also for their race and nationality. That is what will most probably happen. Animals are a part of God world. Why let dog and animals suffers be cause of pure ignorance. THere is no reason for this to happen. THis has gone too far and really is out of control. Stop this discrimination and hate.. Stop penalizing animals and people at that from discrimination and nationality and breeed. Let bruce go home to his family and let him be happy and loved. This is why i hate people that live the life of a racist , hate and sefish life style. No man, woman , child or animal should have to live like this. Bruce, stu and every other animal in this site should not have to live like this either. THis is really upsetting that we have to live in this kind of world. Let bruce go home with his family. He did not do anything wrong to anyone. This must be hitlers world. Lets just stop this and lets become a united world in which we can have a equal life without hate, discrimination or type of nationaliy that we are. This also include the animals that GOD has created. LET BRUCE, STU AND ALL THESE ANIMALS WHO HAS SUFFER ENOUGH TO GO HOME AND LET THERE IIVES. RACISM REALLY SUCK.

  193. Sue the jerks who caused this dog to be abused and neglected while being imprisoned under a death sentence after committing no crime – unless being born a member of a certain breed or a certain race or a certain religion is a crime.

    Repeal all BSL and impose very severe penalties on anyone involved in dogfighting, either as a participant or as a spectator. Impose very severe penalties on anyone who is training any breed of dog or any mixed breed to be illegally aggressive to humans or other dogs.

    Irresponsible breeders and irresponsible owners are largely to blame. Innocent dogs who happen to be one of the bully breeds should not be persecuted.

  194. It is completely unbelievable and inacceptable that an innocent being must be put down.
    Killing an innocent only because of his race ,breed, or any other difference is discriminating, and criminal.
    How is it possible that “Justice” of a civilized country like Ireland makes themselves guilty of such a crime!
    Please review the case of “Bruce” and send this poor dog back home with his family where he belongs.
    Please have mercy and show people that they can still trust in the honesty of “Justice” .

  195. If Northern Ireland’s officials don’t think the world is watching, they may want to think again! Since June 2, 2009 people in the following countries have signed Bruce’s petition. The World Is Watching!

    Australia, Austria, Argentina, Afghanistan, Belgium, Brazil, Bolivia, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Columbia, Canada, Croatia, Chile, Denmark, England, Ecuador, Finland, Greece, Germany, Guam, Hawaii, Hong Kong, Ireland, Italy, Israel, Jamaica, Japan, Latvia, Malta, Montenegro, Macedonia, Morocco, Mexico, Norway, New Zealand, Netherland Antilles, Netherlands, Portugal, Poland, Peru, Romania, Russian Federation, Serbia, Switzerland, Sweden, South Africa, Spain, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Slovenia, Trinidad, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, United States, Uruguay, United Kingdom, U.S. Minor Outlying Islands, Venezuela.

  196. A nation of dog lovers???? What a load of old XXXXX!!! Proud to be British??????? NO not when I read the death sentence poor Bruce has or any other dog who is suffering because of his breed IT IS NO DIFFERENT TO BEING RACIST. This dog has a home to go to he has done no wrong so what is this for? Are you all on a power trip. How dare you take a dog from its loving home purely because of how it looks and for no other reason. For christ sake look at the pictures read his story listen to what we are saying and free this poor boy and GIVE BACK HIS LIFE TO BE LOVED AND WANTED. Do something useful and go destroy all those freeks who out there preying on kids and abusing animals. Thats what you should be doing not wasting money and making this boy suffer!!! THIS MAKES ME SO BLOODY ANGRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  197. The dog dunn no wrong. Let him go home to his folks to be loved.
    The video is evidence of torture dunn to a dog who has dunnno wrong.
    Why are the officials allowing that to be done to a defensely animal. This ain’t civilized it is senseless cruelty and control.

  198. What’ s in a name? BRUCE, PSALM 49.

  199. Further to my mass emailing campaign over the weekend, I have received a human (as opposed to a compueter based) acknowkedgenmet from the following department

    DARD Helpline

    Department of Agriculture and Rural Development

    Room 615 Dundonald House

    Upper Newtownards Road


    Northern Ireland BT4 3SB

    Tel: +44 (0) 28 9052 4401

    Fax: +44 (0) 28 9052 5546

    www: http://www.dardni.gov.uk


    My email reagrding Bruce has aparently been passed to DARD’s animal welfare department for consideration.

    Please send more letters, faxes and emails to contact details above.

    Best wishes Guy

  200. please let bruce go home to his family who miss and love him bruce has been brought up in a loving environment he has not been brought up to attack anyone i think the irish government should be ashamed of themselves

  201. I am absolutely horrified over this.Please allow Bruce to return to his family where he can receive proper medical care and the love and attention he is so deserving of.To see the condition of this innocent dog is an absolute shame.This is so wrong.Please give this family back their beloved pet.What is being done to them is so wrong and in my opinion poor Bruce is being neglected which is a form of abuse.My prayers are with Bruce and his family.Poor sweet boy,send him home where he belongs.

  202. i watched this and i cant belive it how could they do this to a dog they wouldn’t do it to a human being dont they think dogs have filling its sick he most be in pain i fill so bad for him his such a lovely looking dog and to have that done to him is out of this world i hope u get him back good luck

  203. I think this is discusting this has been allowed to go on for two years,this poor dog has been cruelly taken from his family and treated this way i am so shocked at his treatment while in kennels.However he should be allowed to live everybody is shocked and appalled at this.Please give him back to a family.

  204. If anyone receives a reply – make sure you reply back, don’t stop at the one response, keep going.

    well done to everyone fighting for Bruce!

  205. This is so sad for both the owners and Bruce. I sincerely hope that when Bruce is given his freedom back that it hasn’t affected him psychologically. I could rant about all the injustices that animals suffer but fear that there wouldn’t be enough space in this email.

  206. There are NO evil dogs, only humans with a wrong attitude in handling a dog.
    True righteous humans, the so called “thinking persons” will NEVER judge another living soul by gender, race, religion NOR by breed.
    Killing this innocent dog is the same as murdering an innocent living soul and when you are truly a righteous human thinking being, you can’t let this happen, NEVER.

    Question: When a mass murderer has a son, would you also put him to death, because of the breed?

    I hope your common sense and your conscience will guide you to the only and right decision: to let Bruce return to his beloved family!

  207. I’m absolutely disgusted with the decision to put Bruce to sleep. Would a human being be put down for ‘not looking right’ even though they had done nothing wrong? NO is the answer so why do some people think it’s acceptable for an animal to be treated this way? This poor dog is suffering at the hands of a RIDICULOUS act which should have been ammended in 1997. My question is where is this dog being ‘cared’ for (and I use the term ‘cared’ losely) and will the authorities who govern this setting prosecute for the abuse this poor defencless dog has suffered. How has he come to get the wound on his nose and why has he been neglected so badly? It’s just so wrong. Has the RSPCA/Dogs trust been informed of Bruce’s condition? We own a similar type of dog who is a great big softy and she often has dogs attacking HER so maybe the ‘dangerous dogs act’ needs to include all type of breeds in there and not just ones who dont look right. Better still they should put irresponsible owners on ‘death row’ because after all the dog is a reflection of it’s owner. I’m praying that Bruce will be sent back to his loving family and he can once again be a normal dog and get back to full health.

  208. I have a boxer puppy, and she has been confused to be dangerous before, but it doesn’t meat she is. In fact she is most loving animal in the whole world. My point is, it doesn’t matter what breed the dog is, if they are raised in a loving home they will share that love back. I feel devistated that this is even possible comming from government, the kind of cruelty…. what kind of example are they setting? Please save Bruce!!!! We pray for him and his family.

  209. Please save Bruce…allow him to live. He did not choose where he was born…why punish him??? Hang in there Bruce…you are a good dog!!

  210. Isn’t this called racial profling?
    This dog “looks” like a type…Bruce has proven himself to be a loving dog that deserves to be free…finally!

  211. All dogs can be loving or aggressive, it’s all part of their training. Some more than others but it all come down to their owner, not the dog or the breed. Some people should not be allowed to own dogs, just as some people should not be allowed to raise kids.


  212. I have been following the story of Bruce for a long time. It is a perfect example of why breed ban laws should not be enacted. This dog and his owner have gone through hell for two years simply because of how the dog looks and not anything he did. We had a huge rottie 125 lbs for 5 years until he passed away from cancer. He was an alpha male and very leery of strangers but because he was well trained and kept under control at all times, he was perfectly behaved. There are no bad dogs, just bad owners.

  213. please don’t punish an innocent victim just because of his “race” like people, there are both good and bad no matter black or white, chinese or jewish, german shepherd or border collie, poodle or pit bull. this is a cruel and unjust measure based on no prior incidents. i pray that st. francis intervene on behalf of bruce. god does not make bad dogs or bad people- use the brain he gave you and stop using fear to make decisions for you. god bless bruce.

  214. My sister has a Hurricane Katrina rescue dog (Hurricane Katrina – devastating Hurricane that hit Louisiana US in 2005). We think he may have been a former fighting dog because he has scars on his face. However, he is the sweetest dog I have ever known. I tell my sister he is the dalia lama of dogs. Some of Michael Vick’s former fighting dogs are now therapy dogs giving comfort to people who are undergoing medical care and are in hospitals. Come on…how much more proof do you need that DDA laws are targeting the wrong dogs and people.

  215. i can not believe that a wonderful dog and family member should be treated in such away.i have a sbt he looks alot like a pitt but has the normal short legs (thank god)bruce should be aloud to go home to his family or to a rescue where he can be happy and live a normal dog life.
    if dogs are to be put to sleep because of thier looks ,why dont we put murders and rapist to sleep to.

  216. What gives people the right to decide on a life? This dog has done nothing wrong and has a loving home with dedicated owners – spend your time and funds taking care of REAL animal cruelty problems (including the issue of Bruce’s questionable council care!). If you can’t back down on your ridiculous rules then let him go to the sanctuary offered, at least his poor owners would be able to visit and know he is being looked after properly! Everyone should boycott a region which is so unjust !!!!

  217. Some feedback-

    Dept of Agriculture and Rural Development who’s animal welfare dept is, I believe, responsible for Bruce .

    Minister in charge is Michelle Gildernew who today published a generic letter to “Bruce Supporters” that basically says that Bruce’s fate is in the hands of the courts but she will review dog legislation in the NI assembly after the summer recess I don’t know how to post it onto facebook but I am happy to email it to anyone who wants a copy.

    DARD.Private-Office@dardni.gov.uk Michelle Gildernew’s office email at DARD
    paula.magill@dardni.gov.uk The email of her PA Paula Magill

    I also received feedback from the office of MLA Alan McFarland alanmla@hotmail.com

    Especially helpful is his PA, Pamela Stewart who is very sympathetic to Bruce’s plight pamela.stewart@niassembly.gov.uk She says McFarland who is not due back in his office until Tuesday or Wednesday this week- will take up the matter with other assembly members to see if he can do anything to help Bruce.

    Finally out of about 50 mail shots, the only media reply so far has come from Denise Wright denise.wright@itn.co.uk she is the PA to Jim Gray who is head of Channel 4 news at ITN she forwarded my letter about Bruce for consideration.

    That’s all so far. I will post more feedback as and when I receive it

    Keep up the good work everyone…..Guy

    1. What I am afraid of is that summer recess is a tactic to quiet everyone down and than make quick decision before anyone can react. We need to keep fighting for Bruce! Do not stop fighting! He needs all of us!

  218. Breed Specific Legislation does not work, Bruce is living proof of that… But for how long, to take his life will be a miscarriage of justice.

    It is time for change..

    If Bruce is killed than who will be held accountable for his appalling condition whilst held in confinement?
    Held in confinement for no other reason than the TYPE of skin he was born in.

    This is a crying shame & must NOT be allowed to continue..

  219. Please SAVE BRUCE, he doesn’t deserve this treatment or death, he’s done nothing wrong but love his family! PLEASE, let him live!

    I can’t say enough about this loving breed, they are wonderful. Punish the DEED, NOT THE BREED. There needs to be steeper punishment for the crimes these people commit against these dogs. I mean even someone who teaches them to be mean as to fighting them and abusive to them.

    Bruce, let him live and be happy once again. God has a place in His heart for these and all animals and we were NOT put here to abusive them but take care of them! Just remember, ‘What goes around, comes around and the Judge and executioner and all involved with BSL will be judged.

  220. Northern Ireland politicians SHOULD BE HANGING THEIR HEADS IN COLLECTIVE SHAME. What in God’s name did this baby EVER do to you? God and the entire world is watching this debaucle and believe me when I say God is going to punish those responsible for doing this to this baby. You CANNOT ESCAPE Gods’ wrath. If you continue in your plans to murder this sentient being, you will CAUSE a HUE AND CRY that Northern Ireland has not seen for a long time. Voting constituents will knock your disgenuine dumb asses to the ground. Don’t think for one minute it won’t happen. May God have a hand in a merciless demise for you, your children and their children. I pray constantly that God delivers you from YOUR EVIL, and indeed the Nothern Ireland politicians are an evil entity. You CANNOT HIDE FROM THE WRATH OF GOD. If you kill an innocent being, BLOOD WILL BE ON YOUR HANDS AND IT WILL NOT WASH CLEAN! Hitler did the same thing. Saddam did also. YOU SEE WHAT HAPPENED TO THEM? Your deeds will NOT GO UNPUNISHED!

  221. PLEASE let Bruce go home where he belongs. This is so very HEARTBREAKING. My heart and thoughts go out to him and his family. REUNITE THEM, it’s the right thing to do. They have so much love for each other. PLEASE reunite them. Bruce is harmless, can’t you see that?? This is racism in a way. You can’t condem him because of his looks. It’s his nature that counts, and he sounds like a most beautiful dog.

  222. Bruce is innocent. He has all rights to live his life happly with his family. Please let him live.He has done nothing wrong by which he should get this order to terminate his life at his very young age.

    I can not believe that a wonderful dog and family member should be treated in such away. If dogs are to be put to sleep because of thier looks ,why dont we put murders and rapist to sleep to????

    Save Bruce

  223. For the love, let this poor dog go home to his heartbroken family and stop punishing the innocent! Look at the cruelty your incarceration has caused…he would be whole, unbroken and healthy had you let him stay at home where he belongs…


  224. i am so sorry to hear that a supposedly educated and humane country can be so inhuman and not see what is right in front of them they are to narrow minded to care as long as they can go home and sleep. the dog is innocent in all this and is now just a stubborn bureaucratic act that needs someone to step up and say no we made a mistake and let bruce live his life in peace

  225. There is a growing feeling of fear and antipathy towards dogs by the general public who need educating more on the benefits that we recieve from the dogs. For example the use of dogs in diagnosing some cancers or simply aiding the convalescence of an elderly person who looks forward to being reunited with thier pet and giving and receiving love. Dogs, STATISTICALLY are less dangerous than bedroom slippers or indeed parents who kill their own offspring
    The Government who jump in the press band wagon with some knee jerk legislation need constant feed back from any of us who care about the creatures without a voice.

  226. Northern Ireland should be ashamed of this situation and the poor treatment of young, Bruce. How could you allow him to be imprisoned in a kennel for TWO YEARS!! He must wonder what happened to his happy life. The kennel where he is incarcerated should be fined and charged with animal cruelty for their neglectful care. Please let him go to Southern Ireland where he will be cared for! Do not murder this dog. The world is watching.

  227. I am worried sick about this sweet boy.Please let him return to his family.He did NOTHING wrong.He is loved and he needs to be with his family.Free Bruce.

  228. Thanks for the contact details you’ve provided Guy. I’ve re-posted them on our website under updates on this case.

    I would appreciate a copy of Gildernew’s email thanks: purebrednz@gmail.com

    Like you, I have contacted media here in New Zealand and asked why this atrocity (and the many, many others like it) are not making the news. I’ll let you know if I get a response from the New Zealand Herald and the Dominion Post here.

    Perhaps Michelle Gildernew would like to share Bruce’s cramped quarters (no doubt the reason for his injuries) until after the Summer recess. Unbelievable.

  229. I think that if you really want to get to the root of the problem, it would not be by euthanising this dog, but by weeding out the dog breeders and putting an end to breeding dogs all together. Puppy mills are the beginnings of many of these lives and this is an example of their ends. Why should be allow these animals to come into the world at all? Real justice would be closing down all the Puppy mills.

  230. CRAZY CRAZY CRAZY World with CRAZY people in it……I beg of thee let BRUCIE FREE…..Free 2 go home & be LOVED…..Good Luck..Stay Safe……

  231. What gives anyone the right to destroy an innocent animal? It’s done nothing wrong and nor is it likely to. I’m not particularly a dog lover but this is outrageous. Let him go and stop over reacting for goodness sake.

  232. The brainless idiots who have decided this lovely dog should be destroyed because of his breed, realy need to get another job in life. They are simply not fit for the job they are doing. It is not the breed but the indevidual dog that must be judged. Rember, any fault in any dog is the fault of humans. I have spent many years rescuing dogs and rehoming them, but have never had any reason to destroy a dog.

  233. act like developped people and use your brains for once in your shortminded world! this dog deserves to go home , back to his family. those who decided that he has to die only for his kind of breed, must be placed in the death row as soon as possible. crazy people belong in hospîtals and not behind desks where they can decide about life or dead…. shame on you shame shame shame shame!!!!
    betty boop ROTTWEILER dogowner so : NO COMMENT !

  234. Her’s the letter from Michelle Gildernew


    “ A chairde

    I refer to your recent correspondence about Bruce, who is being kept in kennels having ben seized under the Dogs (NI) Order 1983. Under the order it is an offence for a person to be in possession of certain types of dog, such as the pit bull terrier.

    The dog was due to be destroyed on 6 July 2009, under a Destruction Order imposed by a Court here. However, I understand thet Bruce’s owner’s legal team has launched an appeal against the decision of the Court. The Local Council is awaiting the outcome of the appeal.

    I am currently reviewing the Dogs and Dangerous Dogs legislation and I hope to bring forward legislative proposals to the Executive after the Summer Recess.

    Is mise le meas

    Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development”


  235. This was the reply from Peter Weir MLA

    6th July 2009.

    Re Bruce the Dog

    Dear Sir/ Madam

    Thank you for your e mail. I was concerned to read about the situation that Bruce has found himself in, and have written to North Down Borough Council to see if anything can be done. Given however that a judicial process has been put in place it may be difficult to see what action can be taken to rectify the situation. I regret that this is the case but it would be wrong to give you false hope. The Assembly has risen for the summer, but I will press the Minister to introduce the appropriate legislation to ensure that no other Bruces are put in the same position.

    Yours faithfully,

    Cllr Peter Weir MLA


  237. The eyes of the world are on the authorities here to do the humane thing and allow Bruce to go to rescue. How will you measure up?

  238. SHAME ON YOU Northern Ireland!!! What has BRUCE EVER done to AMYONE? This is a loving, non aggressive, sweet dog who happens to be a pittie. We have a name for this breed here in the United States….they are called KISSBULLS!

    THE ENTIRE WORLD is WATCHING!!! We are NOT in the dark ages. This poor baby has suffered long enough! Perhaps we should should boycot your country…no tourisim from the US! Perhaps if we hit your pocket book then maybe you will care enough to STOP this insanity!!!

    Patricia Raquel, United States

  239. Can you imagine how much the kennel fees alone have cost the taxpayer to keep this innocent dog locked up since September 2007. A daily kennel fee must be at least £15 to £20, not to mention the cost of court time etc., Councillors in North Down must surely be accountable for this waste of public money, I’d like to know how much the whole trial has cost so far and now the world is fighting BSL and saying no more death to innocent family dogs, surely there is a need for this unworkable, costly and cruel law to be scrapped forever?

    Who can possibly justify the incarceration of this friendly Staffie? The case makes a mockery of the so called ‘Dangerous Dog Act’ and clearly shows the flaws inherent from the beginning. I understand in any one year in London alone hundreds of dogs are put to sleep because of BSL.

    And light must be thrown on the injuries Bruce has received since he has been locked up and banished from his loving family. Does his death sentence mean he is not permitted to have basic medical treatment or visits from those who he belongs to and those who love him?

    I am utterly appalled at the meanness of council officials and the disgraceful turn this case has taken after all this dog has suffered. His family deserve answers and now the world needs answers too.

    Common sense must prevail but above all there must be mercy. This is not a furry toy, this is a living, breathing animal with needs that must be met, emotional needs and physical needs.

    SAVE BRUCE and STOP BSL, the world is waiting for a happy ending!!

    1. Maria, would it be possible to get the cost of the whole saga divulged by using the Freedom of Information act? Of course this is not the main problem, his health and the injustice of it all are far more important but whenever money (or the wasting of it) is brought to the media’s attention publicity usually follows! Anything that helps is worth a shot?

  240. The human race never ceases to amaze me ….. The way we treat dogs and indeed animals is disgusting .My heart is breaking for this poor family . The law has to be changed to save these beautiful dogs . But over the years I have read so much cruelty and suffering with animals it has destroyed my belief in man …….I read a book about soldiers rescueing dogs in Afganistan which gave me a small amount of hope .But now that has gone .
    We should be so ashamed of how we treat animals .If that were my dog I would camp outside untill I got him back I would create so much fuss even get arrested to bring my story to the front of the news .My thoughts go out to the family of Bruce ….. Do not give in !!!! Fight these people I will get to Ireland if you need people there to stand with you .Good luck .. Julie xx

  241. The people who are looking after Bruce should be arrested for cruelty themselves as look at the condition of that poor dog ..,. he is so sad and broken .They should be ashamed , how can they sleep at night …..Cuts and bruises etc .

  242. Northern Ireland should hang they heads in shame. This is State cruelty. The sad story of Bruce, a family pet that did’nt do anything to deserve such treatment. This is going back to the very bad old days of the UK Dangerous Dogs Act before the amemndment was adopted in mailand UK (but not N.Ireland), when I remember “Otis” and “Dempsey” who were taken away and left to rot. As the video shows, poor Bruce has nearly given up. Let us all pull together and get him released before it is too late. People Power!

    1. It is really disgusting in this day and age that people supposedly educated people could possibly inflick this much pain and suffering on an animal. I find it so stupid that as a country we cannot see past breed but look more into what actually is a dangerous dog. I do not doubt that there are pit bull breeds that are dangerous but why can not have some way of actually assessing what does and does not pose a risk.

      Please visit http://www.deednotbreed.co.uk and see that there are so many dogs in this situation…

    2. hi just seen bruces story!I work 6 days a week at rescue kennels in leicestershire englandwe save staffys an staff x every wk they all deserve to live especialy when hv no probs!poor bruce staffs dont kennel well and miss human contact its very cruel to keep him in kennels this long they should be done for cruelty.he has no idea why hes there to think he has a place at a nice rescue and is forbidden to go is unbelieveable.im so sorry for bruces owner keepfighting and bruce dont give up little chap somtimes it a cruel world!

    3. still thnking of you bruce if i could get you out i would!just done a sponsered walk an took one of my fav dogs called buddy whosa staffy x male who like you deserves the best chance in life like the rest!keep strong thers a lot of love out there trying to reach you.

    4. jst watched bruces video oh my god tht is outragess if we keept a dog in our kennels in that disscussding creul state we would be done for creulty!dont know what to say shocked !tears poor bruce .you look a lovely family who hv saved him once gave him a great home bought him up with a lab friend how great !no reason to tk him from you shocked!

  243. We are NOT GIVING UP on Bruce whilst he still is breathing there is always hope.

    The council state they have been inundated with emails from around the world – well expect more of the same, we’re just warming up!

  244. Please continue to speak up for Bruce and share his plight with everyone you know. The first thing my mum asked me this morning is ‘Is there any good news for Bruce?’ I want to be able to tell her in the not too distant future that Bruce is no longer on death row and that the world united to save him. When a whole community comes together to do what is right, and in this case it is a global community, there is no margin for failure.

    Bruce has a chance because of YOUR VOICES!

    Keep up the great work everyone, Bruce is depending on you.

    If we allow our animal friends to be executed because of what they look like then what next? Could your choice of breed, your family pet be considered a dangerous dog if he has features that are not entirely identifiable?

    BSL and the DDA are failing. Let your MP know you are against breed specific profiling and legislation. It is nothing less than legal bullying and it causes distress and fear amongst responsible dog owners. What happened to Bruce’s family could happen to any of us. It is time the law was changed to protect innocent, endangered dogs.

  245. SHAME ON YOU COUNCIL! Staffies are one of the sweetest most loving breeds around and you lot are slowly torturing him to death.

    May those responsible for Bruce’s situation feel karma bite them on the ar#$

    To Bruce’s owner, good luck and I am crossing my fingers to see a happy pic of you and Bruce together soon 🙂

    1. I ,as a ghostdancer,respect,honor and admire in all the animal kingdom,great wisdom,beauty,love and loyalty beyond humankind,and i pray that mankind will open his /her hearts to see the beauty and love that i see,
      Shilombish holitopa Ma
      Oh Great spirit,
      Come and Awaken our slumbering Hearts
      Oh great Spirit
      Come and Awaken our Slumbering Hearts
      Shilombish holitopa Ma
      For our Hearts are in Sorrow

  246. BOYCOTT Ireland.
    This archaic, senseless suffering inflicted on an INNOCENT soul because of his physical appearance only – calls for action.

    The dark ages are upon us. We must fight for Bruce – and convince the powers that education is needed in this country. Bruce is a victim of narrowminded egotistic maniacs. Expose them worldwide. Call for a boycott. We are doing the same here in Denver, CO. Denver is losing some serious business.

    Speak up for Bruce, everyone. His suffering is not acceptable – NEVER !!!
    Any dog is born a dog FIRST, then a BREED – and it is truly who is on the other end of the leash, it is NEVER the dog !!!!
    Are the Irish stupid ?


  247. Your dangerous dogs law is from the middle ages! The real problem is irresponsible owners, not the breed of the dog. Pit Bulls are very friendly dogs unless the owner trains them not to be friendly. Any dog, no matter what breed, can bite; not just Pit Bulls.

    Putting a dog down because of breed is as illogical as executing a person because of race or religion.

    Please release Bruce to his owners. If not, please release him to a shelter that will care for him properly.

    Andy Whiteman

  248. I was having a love affair with Ireland after visiting the Dublin for 2 weeks during the shooting of Oliver Twist but the sad story about Bruce has tainted everything. When I was in Ireland I was taken over with feeling of injustice done to these people but now it seems a voiceless, innocent dog is suffering the same fate because of his looks. This is so unfair. We beg of you to release Bruce to his home or a sanctuary that can care for him. All pit bulls do not fight. All labs are not great dogs. Just heard my neighbors labradoodle killed the dog next door. Please let Bruce, who is known to be a gentle soul, live out his life with people who love him. To execute him makes me reconsider the heart of the Irish people.Did your suffering teach you no compassion for other species?

  249. There are no bad dogs, only bad masters ! Bruce is clearly not a bad dog. Let him live his life with his family. Shame on you ! show us you are humans, and not monsters !

    Please let me know where I can e-mail my outrage. I have signed the petitions but I would like to express my concern to the powers that be.

    Thanks in advance !

  250. There are no bad dogs, only bad masters ! Bruce is clearly not a bad dog. Let him live his life with his family. Shame on you ! show us you are humans, and not monsters !

    Please let me know where I can e-mail. I have signed the petitions but I would like to express my concern to the powers that be.

    Thanks in advance !

    PS : As I leave in France, I’ve just sent the bruce’s story to 30 millions d’amis, the SPA (french association for the animal welfare), to the web actions animaux, and at least to the IFAW !!

    I hope that those associations will help them, and that there is still enough time !

  251. Please release this poor baby to his family.. It is so sad to see him locked up for something he didn’t do. He is only guilty of being born a pit bull. He is clearly a good dog!! I cannot believe the people who are holding him work with animals. They need to be locked up for the abuse they caused this poor animal and his family. My heart goes out to the family!

  252. Sounds like a witch hunt to me! I’m assuming that Bruce wasn’t taken from his family at the moment of his birth….so where was he? Who did Bruce’s Family piss off or upset? the complaint against Bruce had to have come from somewhere! (unless his own family turned him in?Preposterious!!!) Who stands to gain by Bruce’s destruction? Dosen’t the family have the right to know and face the “Accusor”…maybe that is human law but aren’t humans the ones that started this? and aren’t humans pushing for the destruction of a once bright and happy family member: who could now be considered an abused and broken detainee of the archaic and draconian system? and does anybody know if the vets and judges are remaining impartial or do they have their own personal adgendas?
    Bruce; I’m sure; did not ask for this! Nor does he deserve this! And as stewards to the land and life we all have responcibility to do what is right and not what we feel like at the moment of a whim! SEND BRUCE HOME! Because it’s the right thing to do!!

  253. Thank you to everyone continuing to speak up for Bruce!! To all those wishing to help please write to –


    And I’m sure they will tell you how you can make your voice heard for Bruce who was once a happy Staffie living peacefully with his family.

    The law must change because Bruce can’t. He is what he is and he’s never done anything wrong.

    The love of a dog is unconditional. Human beings have much to learn.

    Also check out the videos on http://www.youtube.com/SavingBruce and see the sad cases of BSL victims and their owners, it’s tragic, this law must go.

    Death of Dogs Act

  254. Unfortunately, animals cannot speak and defend themselves and are at the mercy of humans. Humans unfortunately are their worst enemy. They ask for nothing but give so much. It’s rather sad that because of the look of a dog, he has to be put to sleep, maybe some humans should be judged the same way. It seems that the authorities who incarcerated Bruce have treated him with cruelty by not giving him the proper veterinary treatment that he requires. It really makes you wonder who is the biggest threat here?????? the dog or the authorities?


  256. keep inundating these contacts:

    stephen.farry@allianceparty.org, Alex.Easton@niassembly.gov.uk, leslie.cree@niassembly.gov.uk, alan.mcfarland.@niassembly.gov.uk, brian.wilson@niassembly.gov.uk, dardhelpline@dardni.gov.uk, DARD.Private-Office@dardni.gov.uk, paula.magill@dardni.gov.uk, Info@Bluecross.org.uk, PS.Ministers@ofmdfmni.gov.uk, tony.hill@northdown.gov.uk, public.enquiries@homeoffice.gsi.gov.uk, hq@vetireland.ie, info@vetni.co.uk, jo.gibson@vetni.co.uk, admin@rcvs.org.uk, registrar@rcvs.org.uk, pamela.stewart@niassembly.gov.uk, denise.wright@itn.co.uk, d.rusk@irishnews.com

    ALSO : organize a rally – go to the streets – hold signs ! It works ! Public outrage must be seen and heard, not just travelling thru cyperspace.
    Government takes away one of your rights, you don’t fight it, they come back the next day and take more.
    Public pressure is a powerful tool – organize a rally in the area where Bruce is held – we got several dogs released here doing this – Please someone who lives there, go to work and do this for Bruce. I am in the US, but I do what I can from here.

  257. Dear Mr. Weir,

    Bruce is a victim of the dark ages. This is the best example of INEFFECTIVE government.
    His death would serve no one. His imprisonment does not protect anyone. I urge you to speak up for him and his kind, as we do here in Colorado, where our city Denver is doomed by an ineffective ban against bully dogs.
    No dog should EVER be labeled dangerous, for his appearance. Bully dogs are the most social, friendliest dogs on the planet, that is why they were so exploited by some. They are born a dog first, then a breed, and it is truly who is on the other side of the leash. Responsible dog owners who own bully breeds are unfairly punished, their innocent dogs too.

    The Dogs (NI) Order 1983 strongly calls for amendment ! Why is Bruce refused to go to a rescue in Southern Ireland… does that really have to do with this law or is it a powerbattle of egos in office… No innocent animal should suffer like this at the hands of any politician. We are fighting for Stu, a dog that has been in a cell for 4 years in L.A. http://www.thepetitionsite.com/1/free-stu-wrongly-impounded-for-4-years
    In Switzerland, they have mandatory workshops now for large dog breed owners. That would be a smarter alternative than banishing, prohibiting and killing ONE breed because of it’s looks. Italy lifted the ban. Follow suit and prevent such outragous situations by implementing tougher dangerous dog laws and ending the discrimination against bully breeds, the traumatic havoc it inflicts on families and their beloved pets –

    The shameful, ineffective ban serves no one. Please fight for this innocent dog. Let Bruce go to a rescue or back to his loving owner. Please check the links below for very valuable information on this issue.

    Monika Courtney,
    Evergreen, CO.



  258. What is wrong with the authority?hundreds of them working for the government does not know how a pitt bull looks like, that is a disgrace. if they are not sure then why cant they find out the dogs pedigree. if it doesn’t have pedigree then they can have at least find out the breeder of the dog. i cannot do much from my country Bangladesh, except for requesting the authority to study on the breeds (pittbull and bull terrier).if dog lovers in the region dont raise their voice then some day their puppy can be seized like Bruce.at least a albino rottweiler puppy look like pittbull, and who knows, the authority’s lack of knowledge can be dangerous and they might seize a mastiff or bulldog pup too.1 last thing, does this place has vets or dog experts?at least they should know about the physical and psychological difference of the breeds.

  259. Please crosspost:


    Please join us in New York City on July 23rd to support the “Bring Bruce Home” campaign, a peaceful demonstration of protest and enlightenment.

    We will also be fighting the BSL (Breed Specific Legislation) ordinance that the New York Housing Authority enacted last month, which banned many different breeds from it’s public housing.

    We want New York City to realize that we will not allow BSL to take the lives of our animals, and we will be armed with educational tools to spread awareness about these ignorant and vicious laws.

    Thousands around the world have heard of “Bruce”, a young Staffordshire Bull Terrier rescued from a cardboard box off the streets of Northern Ireland. He once lived in peace with the only family he ever knew – but now lives caged in isolation – abused and neglected for the past 2 years at the hands of Northern Ireland’s government. Bruce’s tragedy is one of many sad tales of an innocent victim falling prey to the horrors of the Dangerous Dog Act and Breed Specific Legislation.

    According to the Dangerous Dogs Act in Northern Ireland, if a dog is found by the courts to be of a banned breed then it shall be destroyed.

    These dogs are sentenced to die based solely on their physical characteristics, not their deeds. Bruce was not judged on his gentle-loving manner, or for being a family pet and possessing a kind nature and beautiful soul.

    Bruce was scheduled to die on July 6th 2009, but was granted a last minute stay of execution. His life still hangs in the balance. After this news went public, there was a massive outpouring of compassionate citizens from all over the world dedicated and united in saving Bruce’s life. His fight has touched thousands and now we are reaching out to touch even more.

    Bruce’s family is alone, in terror, in pain, and in devastating silence. Please invite your family, friends and loved ones so that we can be a voice for the voiceless, and speak up for all of the lives lost due to Breed

    Specific Legislation and the Dangerous Dog Laws. We will demonstrate against what this law actually is – BREED GENOCIDE LAW.

    Be one among hundreds, if not thousands, who are ready and willing to stand up, to be seen, to be heard, and to make a change. We must be united in solidarity to repeal this law of inhumanity.

    After the demonstration, we will end the evening by lighting a candle and joining the rest of the world as we pause (paws) shoulder to shoulder, and heart to heart in recognition for all of us fighting to “Bring Bruce Home”. We are uniting to make a change for Bruce and for all dogs – so that no other dog falls victim to senseless animal cruelty, and so that all dogs already victimized by this law did not die in vain.

    Meet us on Thursday July 23, 2009 at 6:00pm at the North entrance to Washington Square Park. We will be assembling in front of the arch, at 5th avenue and Waverly Pl. Directions: Take the A, B, C, D, E, F, or Q to the W. 4th St / Washington Square stop. Or take the R, W to the 8th St. stop. Or take the 6 train to the Astor Pl. stop.

    Please email Caroline at celtic266@aol.com or Amy at sonicalc727@aol.com or Julie at julie.zigadlo@uconn.edu if you have any questions.

    See also Facebook-Events for updates and news.

  260. Please cross post:

    Candle Lit Vigil – Bruce:

    A world-wide candle lit vigil is being held for Bruce on Thursday 23rd July
    2009. Everyone can take part-in your home, your town showing your support,
    standing united for death row dog Bruce who will on that day have been
    imprisoned for agonizing six hundred and seventy three days.

    Here’s how it works:

    What is needed:

    1) A candle

    2) A sign saying ‘Save Bruce’ ‘Let Bruce Live’ or similiar and location
    (county/state/ country)

    3) A camera

    What to do:

    1) Persuade, cajole, bully, bribe and threaten as many people as possible to
    join in the photograph.

    2) Take photograph

    3) Upload photo and email it to mail@dangerousdogsact.co.uk.

    What happens then?

    1) On Friday 24th July the pictures will be published across the Internet

    2) A press release will be issued by DDAWatch.

    3) A new video will be released with the pictures included.

    Points to remember:

    1) Make the sign big, clear and central

    2) It’s a sombre purpose so big, cheesy smiles are probably not needed.

    3) If you are under 16 then please make sure that a parent gives permission
    and is in the photograph too.

    Join Our Call to “paws”

    “Paws” for a moment of silence and join us in lighting a candle in honor,
    support and recognition of our beautiful canine friend, “Bruce”, an innocent
    victim and pawn of Northern Ireland’s Breed Specific Legislation law.

    We can not do many things for Bruce as he still sits – just under 2 years –
    caged, isolated, and physically neglected at the hands of a government
    agency. These laws were enacted to decrease harm to its’ citizens but is now
    causing harm to many dogs, including Bruce, and their families.

    We can not break him free.

    We can not ease his confusion and sadness of being taken from the only home
    he has ever known.

    We can not relieve his suffering, and the pain that he continues to endure,
    nor can we replace his once-beautiful and healthy tail, now amputated from
    this government’s abuse and neglect.

    What we can do is pause “paws” for a moment of silence and light our flame
    in honor of “Bruce”, in support of his steadfast-unwavering courage,
    continuing trust and devotion, and in recognition of his undeniable
    “spirit”, that continues to touch the world.

    We can “paws” to honor all of our canine friends and their families around
    the world who have lost their lives to Breed Specific Legislation and
    Dangerous Dog Act Laws, this criminal – breed genocide law, and vow to make
    a change, worldwide, one goal, one purpose, uniting us all in solidarity to
    repeal this law of inhumanity.

    On Thursday, July 23rd 2009 at dusk in your part of the world, with your
    beloved pets safe at your side, light a candle and “paws” for this powerful
    moment of silence in honor, in support, and in recognition for all of us
    fighting to “Bring Bruce Home” uniting to make a change for “Bruce” and the
    many lives already lost–so that they did not die in vain.

    Capture the moment with a digital photograph or video and please send to:
    mail@dangerousdogsact.co.uk and/or Facebook-Events so that we may record
    this historical moment in our fight for justice and publish these touching
    moments for the world to see.

  261. Spoke to Claire Johnson today,they appear to be taking strain,except they are
    pleased that there is very little media coverage can anyone explain why there is so little???????? They are watching the petition so we have to keep this pumping.
    Any ideas how one can get more media coverage..

  262. People we need some media and tv coverage,but unfortunately there
    seem to be very,very,few northern irelanders involved here,Netherlanders,Germans even the Italians have been impressive with their response.
    I sent copies and phoned a few newspapers they appear to be intimidated or maybe their poor reporting on the pitbulls is embarrassing them somewhat and so it should.
    The bottom line Northern Ireland is 3rd world comparative with
    Zimbabwe and Robert Mugabe.


  263. Att Michelle Gildenew apparently Robert Mugabe is looking for someone
    to run his Dept.of Agriculture he refuses to swear the Prime-minister’s choice in as the man is an aryan(white),you should apply
    you also should get on well with Mugabe he is a Racist of note.

    Set Bruce Free Immediately and Unconditionally .

    The only BSL I approve of is Ban Stupid Legislators.


  264. I am absolutely disgusted that this has happened. Bruce would not be in the state he is if he was at home. Dogs who are kenneled for too long a period become stressed and start unatural behaviour aswell. He needs to be let home. The Judge obviously has not met him or spent time with him to get the true picture of what Bruce is like. It is so unfortunate that so many dogs suffer because of the behaviour of the owner. Its always the true dog lovers that end up getting punished.
    I wish you all the best of luck in getting Bruce home and support you all the way.
    Good luck and keep your heads up.

  265. Please do not take the life of an innocent dog such as Bruce. True Pit Bulls are gentle animals, it is only the cross breeds for fighting that gives it a bad name as they can look similar.

  266. Don’t kill Bruce! Shame on you. The dog is not guilty of anything, not even being a Pit Bull. Do you not know the difference between a Bulldog and a Pit Bull? Then you don’t deserve the right to kill this Bulldog. This dog has a right to live out a good life with his owners. Shame on you for wanting to kill him. Are the Irish that mean?

  267. Addendum to Bruce’s story. There is another side to the BSL. It also takes human lives. Allison Green wrote this story on September 9, 2008. It is about a young man by the man of Mark Amston and his American Pit Bull Terrier, Sandy. They lived in Caernarfon, Wales. Mark committed suicide the day after Sandy was euthanized. He failed to get the insurance for Sandy that was required by the Dangerous Dog Act. In his suicide note, Mark simply wrote,”Goodbye. Me and Sandy will be together for ever. Me and Sandy will never be parted again”. Northern Ireland, isn’t it time that you did away with this law that takes sentients from their homes and loved ones, and has caused the death of one of your citizens? You are aware, by giving sentients beings the designation of Dangerous Dog, you are disallowing any insurance company to insure any sentient being? No insurance, automatic death sentence. You are sentencing sentients to death because of a catch 22 situation that you know cannot be fixed. YOU think YOU do not look like the monsters you are because of a technicality. People far and wide have their eyes on you, Northern Ireland.

    1. JT have just read your posting,what can one say that has not already been
      said,these people from Northern Ireland are truly Monsters,Evilness personified,Satan at work.After the Despot I spoke to Claire Johnson one can see how Stupid and how much they are enjoying the Cruelty they are inflicting on this poor animal and his family.
      When I asked her if Bruce had been released with a smile on her face she
      advised me(per telephone)”Not for another 2 months at least”There is no doubt in my mind that it is their intention to MURDER this poor animal.
      I do beleive Sein Fein is a Terrorist group not unlike Robert Mugabe and the Zanu PF of Zimbanwe.Their politics is based on HATE.


  268. Shame on the Irish! If they think a sentient to death because of the way it looks, they need to be very careful about looking at themselves! Maybe they should sentence ‘dangerous looking’ people to death. What gives them the right!Leave Bruce alone & send him home to carry on being loved & cared for!

  269. Although I believe there should be some legislation in place for ‘Dangerous Dog Owners’ I am and have been since the beginning, disgusted with the way the DDA was composed and enforced. I breed english (old time) bulldogs, I have an american bulldog and I have worked with the Dogs Trust identifying and re-training bull breeds, I have also worked in France where I regularly came across Dogo ‘s and Canaria’s and other of the large banned breeds – all of which were perfectly behaved and well controlled family pets. The Irish should be ashamed of themselves, they are not even following the laws that they set down! Has a 1000 years of Irish history not taught them anything about prejudice, discrimination and segregation?

  270. Bruce,there are lots of us fighting for you and willing you back home safe with your loving family.All of us just want you back where you belong,we will keep fighting for you.lots of love and cuddles xxx Valerie

  271. The one good thing that’s coming from this is that people world wide are starting to see what BSL does to pets and their families. This isn’t just happening to Bruce it’s happening and has happened to thousands of other poor dogs. Amending the law will not work because it still makes out that certain breeds are dangerous, a total appeal is the only option. This can happen but only if the people stand together and make it happen. We need to make a change now!!!!

    Pit Bulls and Staffies are the most ill treated breeds on the planet. Sick idiots fight them for their own amusement, the people that should be saving them put them to sleep and then make laws to stop others from giving them the loving homes they deserve.


  272. I think it will help if we continue to share Bruce’s story with the wider public media. I have just written to Jeremy Vine of BBC Radio 2, his show is often very sympathetic to animal welfare issues and at least gives the subject an airing where many other mainstream radio stations lack interest.

    Please send a message to Jeremy Vine on his show contact page –

    Text: 88291 during the show (Network charges apply)
    Phone: 0500 288 291 during the show

    I am hoping Jeremy Vine will give an interview to Ryan O’Meara of K9 Magazine and help to spread Bruce’s plight further and further, we really do need Radio and TV networks to take up the story.

    Ryan’s brilliant interview with Sue Marchant of BBC Radio Cambridge can be heard on this link –


    I think this is one of the best discussions ever regarding the unworkable, unfair, ridiculous and cruel BSL/DDA legislation.

    Please help to end BSL and email the Jeremy Vine Show, I am sure it will be of great use to this campaign and help Bruce and many other dogs at risk in the UK.

    Thank you to everyone who is speaking up for Bruce world wide! We must stay united and on peaceful task to save Bruce.

  273. What can i say, let poor Bruce return to the ones that love him. The video says and shows it all. He is cuddly and very much misses his family.
    Do the right thing, you know it makes sense.

  274. It broke my heart to hear poor Bruce’s story!! I think what bothers me the most is the condition he is in now!! how can that be the right thing to do! to be punished for no good reason, no reason. The whole idea that we THINK we have the right to say who should live and who should die, makes me wounder whats next. To Bruce’s family my thoughts are with you.

  275. Why is a dog that has not attacked anyone being sentenced to death. I thought it was innocent until proven guilty. Why put a family through this when they are obviously sensible dog owners. How much has this case cost it is just rediculous because of a few “jobs worths”.

  276. It is an obscenity that Bruce has been FORCED to suffer simply because of how he looks. If he were human this would be Racism pure and simple. It is NOT EVER acceptable to punish an animal for Man’s actions, Man’s failings OR Mans interpretations. Set Bruce free NOW before you completely and utterly destroy him. Show that it is right to have the word “kind” in Mankind. The entire world is watching. Do NOT shame yourselves any further by committing the ultimate betrayal upon this beautiful and loving dog!!!!

  277. poor little bruce and his family… i have my fingers crossed someone realises that he has done nothing wrong and he is allowed to live out the rest of his life in the rescue..
    the shelter where he is staying at now should be prosecuted for neglect and cruelty… poor bruce – stay strong little fella xxxx

  278. This is such a sad and desperate story – and so unfair. The fight to free Bruce is now such a huge story across the world and the net and all eyes are on Northern Ireland. Vigils have been held, prayers and healing groups have joined…please lead the way and help Bruce and all dogs who have never hurt anyone stay alive. Also, the conditions that Bruce is living in have caused him to have his tail amputated after a bad infection…they really need investigating, as do the people supposedly caring for him.

    Bruce has hurt no-one. been kept for nearly 2 years in awful conditions because of how he looks is draconian, disgraceful and unjust.

    Enough is enough. Free him today.

  279. You who condemn Bruce should be gratful you are not judged for the way you look as I imagine many of you would not fair well.

    Bruce has never hurt anyone, has always behaved we