Horrific Act of Animal Cruelty, Dog Lovers Appeal for Information

National animal protection group 'South West Animal Protection' have been alerted to a recent, disturbing, extreme act of cruelty to a much loved family pet. 'Red' a three year old male cross breed dog was stolen from his owner's garden in Grove Hill, Essex Mead, Hemel Hempstead on Sunday 7th November 2010. Two men were seen loitering in the area at the time. Red was found in a traumatised state near his owner’s home on Monday evening.

He had been brutally tortured. He had cigarette burns to his ears, puncture marks on his body and the base of his tail snapped leaving him with no control over his bowel and bladder. He was sadly put to sleep on Tuesday 9th November to end his suffering.

It is suspected that he was used and tortured by evil individuals involved with dog fighting and dragged or swung around by his tail causing the fracture. Frances McGrath, Red's owner who has been totally devastated by this heinous act of cruelty states "Red was the most gentle and trusting dog. He was a quiet, loving, loyal companion.

He loved watching the telly. He was dearly loved. He would have been totally defenceless against the cruel acts inflicted on him. His torturers and killers must be caught before they do this again to another cherished pet".

Helen Stevens co-ordinator of South West Animal Protection says "allegedly, another pet has been reported as being stolen in the area and so as to prevent another tragedy we are giving an important warning to all dog owners in and around the area to be on the alert and not to leave their precious dogs unattended at any time.

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 "We are hoping that the RSPCA put all their resources into catching these evil individuals, they are already working on this case. "Red deserves justice and we are now appealing for the public's help. Please could any residents in the immediate area with CCTV check for possible video evidence showing two males walking with 'Red'.

Any information and evidence should be given to the RSPCA immediately". Also South West Animal Protection are appealing for any witnesses with any information relating to this incident to please contact Inspector Fisher collar number 827 at the RSPCA immediately. Please phone their cruelty line on 0300 1234999. Red's owner Frances McGrath is offering a reward for any information leading to a prosecution.

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Jasmine Kleine

Jasmine Kleine

Jasmine Kleine is the the online editor at MyDogMagazine.com. She is an experienced dog owner and professional writer who lives with her two beloved dogs, Mabel and Charlie.


  1. This is just too awful, poor, poor Red can’t even begin to imagine the suffering he was put through. I do so hope the evil scumbags are found and perhaps subjected for starters to the same treatment the dished out to Red. RIP Red. xx

  2. this story is so sickening poor lovely red what he must have gone through. I feel for his family losing him so cruelly. Hope these evil men are found and punished.

  3. Oh that poor dog. I felt physically sick reading this article, and so very sorry for the owner, who has to live knowing what happened to his beloved Red. I hope the low life b@$!@(d$ who did this are caught and get what they deserve. The stocks should be brought back for people like this – I’d be first in the queue.
    RIP Red xx There’s no cruelty where you are now sweetheart xx

  4. so many monsters out there lurking
    with lurid thoughts forever working
    it is they who should be not living
    of sweet, trusting innocent,
    companion dog red

  5. sad to say that this is the work of human beings .evil scum bags is far to polite they are below scum they should be imprisoned when caught
    but i sure they will not just a few pounds fine .
    the rspca, what if any is herts constabulary doing ?I hope they are sending out information on the owl system .And sent to the general public
    this must be a wake up call for all dog and pet lovers
    lets all make sure that our garden is not another casuality because these guys wont just stop they have proberly done this before and will so again

  6. These people are not human, I am totally disgusted at these acts of cruelty. Poor Red and his poor owners. I hope these horrible excuses for humanity are caught and justice is done. Thinking of Red’s owners at what must be a terrible time.

  7. j’ espère de tout mon coeur que ces ordures seront assurés à la justice ,mais je souhaite aussi à tous ces criminels de finir en enfer parce que la prison ça fait trop”vacancier” dans ce cas là

  8. I am reeling with sadness and anger over the horrific abuse this dog was put through! I want the sadistic scumbag to be charged with Dog Murder and put in a prison for a long, long time! Any sub-human who would do this to such a beautiful, innocent dog is capable of much more violence targeted to dogs, or other animals or even children or anyone he perceives to be weaker than himself! WE NEED TO MAKE THIS KIND OF ANIMAL ABUSE A FELONY NATIONWIDE!!!!! I cannot comprehend the hatred and sadistic behavior of this idiot jerk!!!! Please make him pay for what he did to this sweet dog!!!

  9. I wish these people twice the suffering they imposed to this poor dog. They can’t live with normal people, they’re vicious and dangerous and beasts that do this do a dog would do the same for a child or defenseless person.
    Hope they will be caught soon.

  10. This dog was someones pet, a family member my heart gos out to them for their loss. I would want to kill anyone who would hurt one of my dogs. What kinda person/people do this what sick gradification do they get? I am so sorry for this poor dog, and what he must have endured.

  11. Animal cruelty needs to become a felony, with no less than 5 years in prison with no chance for parole, along with intensive counseling. We can no longer allow these heinous crimes happen to some of the most vulnerable in society.

  12. How sick are people that do this sort of thing to a defenceless animal.

    Until the courts start imposing long term prison sentences for acts of cruelty people like this will continue to think of animals as disposable.

    I hope they are caught and Reds owners get to inflict or decide their punishment.

    RIP Red, my heart goes out to your family.

  13. The people who did this will rot in hell i only wish i could start the fire that they will burn in !! i’m so sorry for these poor owners and so sad for what the poor dog had to suffer !

  14. This story has really made me feel sick. Poor Red, and poor family.

    It worries me no end how many sick thugs are living amongst us. And what do they do to other humans? Because cruelty is cruelty: animal torture rarely stops there. Who knows how many vulnerable people have been victim to these evil scum.

    I hope someone comes foward and identifies these bast*rds, because society needs to work together to get rid of these wastes of oxygen.

    R.I.P Red. My thoughts are with the family.

  15. I say with absolute truth that I could torture these people in the most heinous ways that I could possibly dream up and not lose a wink of sleep over it. Poor trusting animal….probably just trying to figure out what he did to deserve such a horrible demise…..And people wonder why I would choose an animal over human beings any day…..people like those who can do these things do not deserve to walk among normal people. They deserve nothing less than the total and complete suffering and slow death that they dole out to helpless and loving creatures like Red. Until we value life – all life – including the lives and well being of all animals people like this will continue to do this sort of thing. To those who feel “it’s just an animal” – beware…these cowards prey on ANY helpless creature…and don’t for one minute think they wouldn’t hesitate to do it to a different species of helpless beings — your children.

  16. Another reason why we should NEVER leave our pets outside unattended…..That being said, I think that the individuals who did this should be subjected to the same torture they inflicted on such an innocent, trusting creature…..In my opinion, the animals who did this don’t even deserve to be called “human”.

  17. I am distressed to read this terrible case of cruelty, it is beyond belief that a family dog could be stolen and then subjected to heinous torture of the worst kind. I simply despair of people that could do such a cruel thing to an innocent and defenceless dog, a beloved companion who had only known kindness and love. Where is the mercy and compassion for animals in our society, why are animals so often let down and hurt by our species? I hope the public will help all they can in bringing forth information to enable the police and RSPCA to find the perpetrators of this vile deed, for the sake of this poor dog and his owners. It is high time crimes against animals were treated with greater importance because it is a well known fact the abuse of animals leads to the abuse of human beings. Tougher sentences are needed because at the moment there is little to deter abusers from inflicting the worst injuries on the voiceless, they know they are likely to get away with it or receive a slap on the wrist. Society must help to prevent animal cruelty by demonstrating that it is a crime worthy of a custodial sentence and nothing less.

    Thank you to South West Animal Protection and K9 Magazine for highlighting this case and raising awareness that all pet owners need to keep their animals close by at all times.

  18. I cried when I first read this about poor Red, but my heart really goes out for the owners. Pets become a part of the family and what happened is like someone kidnapping and torturing a child. I really hope God punishes these monsters. They don’t even deserve jail….they deserve a back alley with a few hundred angry animal lovers to teach them a lesson. God please comfort the owners of Red..rest in peace..Red…

  19. This made me feel utterly sick. This poor innocent dog! Surely, as Red was stolen, it should be a police matter to find those responsible?

    To his family, can I say; I am so very sorry for your loss, and please know that there are so many people behind you in wanting Red’s torturers caught, we will do whatever we can for you.

    It could have been any of us and I pray that no other dog faces the same fate.

  20. Unbelievable….words cannot express how I feel about cruelty to animals….My condolences go out to the family whos lives are shattered right now….I’m a big believer in Karma and whoever did this will get what’s coming to them.

    Lets unite together and raise awareness to all animal owners in order to prevent this happening again….please be vigilant and ensure your pets are safe in the garden at all times

  21. How inhuman are these monsters? I am overwhelmed by shock and horror that anyone could even contemplate hurting a defenseless animal. Animals should have the same right as humans when it comes to being abused and tortured. I hope these morons get caught and thrown in prison for life. What could they do to a child? This is how serial killers start.
    RIP gentle Red, you will be avenged one day

  22. My uttermost sincere condolences to the Family – I just cried my heart out .

    I wish I could give them the same treatment to them.

    SICK bas…………

    I hope they rot in HELL

    WHAT THE HELL IS HAPPENING TO THIS WORLD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. I wept when I heard about this….. what makes a person do such inhumane things. I’m very much in favour of bring back corproal punishment for crimes that involves any sort of cruelty to man or beast. Do and be done unto !

  24. i felt physically ill reading this and cruelty like this doesn’t stop with animals.
    Old people, children, and the disabled could all become victims as well.
    This is disgusting.

  25. they would not print what i would like to call these so called people..they want the same doing to them and more there just chicken to pick on something that can not fight back ..

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