Horrific Act of Animal Cruelty, Dog Lovers Appeal for Information

Red Horrific Act of Animal Cruelty, Dog Lovers Appeal for Information

National animal protection group 'South West Animal Protection' have been alerted to a recent, disturbing, extreme act of cruelty to a much loved family pet. 'Red' a three year old male cross breed dog was stolen from his owner's garden in Grove Hill, Essex Mead, Hemel Hempstead on Sunday 7th November 2010. Two men were seen loitering in the area at the time. Red was found in a traumatised state near his owner’s home on Monday evening.

He had been brutally tortured. He had cigarette burns to his ears, puncture marks on his body and the base of his tail snapped leaving him with no control over his bowel and bladder. He was sadly put to sleep on Tuesday 9th November to end his suffering.

It is suspected that he was used and tortured by evil individuals involved with dog fighting and dragged or swung around by his tail causing the fracture. Frances McGrath, Red's owner who has been totally devastated by this heinous act of cruelty states "Red was the most gentle and trusting dog. He was a quiet, loving, loyal companion.

He loved watching the telly. He was dearly loved. He would have been totally defenceless against the cruel acts inflicted on him. His torturers and killers must be caught before they do this again to another cherished pet".

Helen Stevens co-ordinator of South West Animal Protection says "allegedly, another pet has been reported as being stolen in the area and so as to prevent another tragedy we are giving an important warning to all dog owners in and around the area to be on the alert and not to leave their precious dogs unattended at any time.

 "We are hoping that the RSPCA put all their resources into catching these evil individuals, they are already working on this case. "Red deserves justice and we are now appealing for the public's help. Please could any residents in the immediate area with CCTV check for possible video evidence showing two males walking with 'Red'.

Any information and evidence should be given to the RSPCA immediately". Also South West Animal Protection are appealing for any witnesses with any information relating to this incident to please contact Inspector Fisher collar number 827 at the RSPCA immediately. Please phone their cruelty line on 0300 1234999. Red's owner Frances McGrath is offering a reward for any information leading to a prosecution.

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