Irish Staffordshire Bull Terrier type attacks child, lets include articles and pictures of Rottweilers!

A dog described as an Irish Staffordshire Bull Terrier cross attacked a four year old child in Somerford Christchurch less than a week after the tragic events in Leicester  Thankfully the child is okay but has extensive injuries, what line does the local press take, it prints a three page spread with three seperate pictures of Rottweilers and an article entitled ‘just how safe or suitable are Rottweilers as pets?  The article then has three Rottweiler owners giving their opinions of the breed.

There is also a double page photograph of a Rottweiler owner and his dog with two puppies, why is this picture in the three page spread?  What connection is there between Rottweilers and this unfortunate incident? 

Is it right for the press to use Rottweilers as a ‘sacred cow’ to be trundled out whenever there is a dog attack even when the dog in question is not a Rottweiler? 

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Jasmine Kleine

Jasmine Kleine

Jasmine Kleine is the the online editor at She is an experienced dog owner and professional writer who lives with her two beloved dogs, Mabel and Charlie.


  1. I heard that there was 600 incidents of dog related attacks on humans last year.
    So, lets count how many attacks were by big dogs, and how many by small dogs. Stop using the Rottweiler dog as a scape goat…
    Lets see a Newspaper report on a poodle, or a jack russel, many of who attack children daily…How silly of me, that wouldent sell papers would it ?

  2. Matt, you said it, it seems to be about publicity , the papers don’t want to hear how a ball of fluff bit someone, the papers want blood, violence, big scary dogs, things that will have a big headline splashing across the page. Ridiculous isnt it.

  3. I have to agreee with Matt & Jaylene !!! Ok lets talk to the postman who delivers mail to houses everyday or the paperboy/girl how many times have they been chased or attacked by a dog. How many of them were actually Rottweilers? I bet most of them were medium sized dogs (spaniels & terriers) or smaller (poodles). Poodles do make the top ten vicious dog list too! Only they aim for the face!!!! There are more little dog attacks by far everyday than anything else. Why do we not hear about them? Oh yeah that’s right there’s not enough blood & gore, HELLO there’s enough crap going on don’t you think!? Save the blood & gore for the movies!!!

  4. i have two irish staffs that love people and other dogs well trained and obediant.its time the owners of these dogs were named and shame and not the breed.

  5. I have a rotti who is 10 weeks old. he is the most loving affectionate dog and everyone who has met him said the same. you never hear about little dogs in papers as they dont injure as much as big dogs but the truth is that there are alot more attacks by little dogs each year.

  6. Just like people a dog has an off day or moment. being a different species we think we know everything and expect the dog to do exactly what we say when we say it whether they want to or not and then we look surprised when the dog relatiates in the only way he knows how even though a warning was given beforehand, which we though was either funny or did not take heed, why should we he’s “just” a dog, once the damage is done then the question of why!!! arises and who ends up with the wrong end of the stick ? the dog,Children get bitten because parents do not take the time to teach them that they should not abuse a dog, eg bouncing on them, pulling ears,tails teasing, smacking and most importantly going near a dog when they are eating or with a bone, do they not deserve to eat in peace, why does the child need to dig in the food bowl when he is eating, when a child digs around in our plate do we not repremand them and if they continue they get a smack on the hand, so what is the difference, child goes to bowl, dog growls, child continues, dog snaps/bites. When you are lying down either relaxing or you may have a headache or whatever and your child starts playing up, climbing on top of you etc.. what do you do, do you let them continue even though you are not in the mood, no you don,t, you warn them off, ( the dog growls) they continue you warn again this goes on until you finally get up and as a last resort punish them with a wack on he rear (the dog bites) because telling them to stop has not helped. I am not saying that this is always the case, in the majority of dog bite cases there is always a reason, for every action there is a reaction and we as the so called superior species need to take the time to understand the animals that we take into our homes and teach chidren especially, to do the same, if a child gets bitten by the family pet or gets bitten whilst visiting a house that has dogs , at the end of the day its the parents fault not the pets, it’s all about respect. All animals bite, be it the little hamster because you woke him up or squeezed him to hard, the cat because you scratched it;s tummy and he does’nt like it that poor beast of burden, the dog because you pulled his ear, but never took notice that it was infected due to a child pushing a stick into it.
    They always know when you are feeling down and lend a furry head or a wet kiss if needed, but do you know him well enough to know when he is feeling down ?????.
    I have a staffie, my second one, he will be 11 in february, and i could never wish for a better friend, spoiled rotten sure, he has never received a smack, ever, even in his younger days, a raised voice was enough he is loved by all that meet him to an extent that when friends call to say hello they ask how is beanie, when i feel down he comes and gives kisses and then rolls onto his back and wiggles around because he knows it always makes me laugh, hides my shoes when he sees i plan to go out then sits on the couch all innocent while i search for them, saved no only my life but my childrens when two armed men entered our home, do i know when he feels under the weather, yes, I know is every mood, his body language, the look in his eyes, will he growl at me if i tried to take a meaty bone from him, probably, but why would I want to. can i leave a sausage on the coffe table leave the room and come back 10 hours later, yes, will it still be there, yes without a doubt. If I ask him does he want to come with me to the shop he grabs my wallet and goes to the car and waits. will I miss him when his time comes, always…..with all my heart.

    Quote: You remain responsible, forever, for what you have tamed.-

  7. I have a 2yr old staff who is loving & playful she welcomes visitors plays with other dogs . I also have 2 children who can play with her. she can even be approached when she has a bone. We also have a cat she also plays with him. if treated right from a pup they become loyal loving friends.

  8. I have an Irish staffie who goes 62 pounds and 20 inches tall and I have to whole heartidly agree with ARI, she is my best friend, I would trust her with my life and that of my children. In light of recent events I would have to re-quote to term I found when researching Pittbulls and it said “Punish the deed not the breed” If ANY dog is brought up wrong or in an agresive environment it will behave the way it feels it is expected to! between my huby and I we have had a rottie, Jack russel and Alsations and boxers and without a doubt my staffie is the best behaved, easiest to handle and the one out of all of them we would trust the most!!!!!!

    1. You are crazy having an Irish staff or let’s be honest you’ve a Pittbull type, as that’s what an Irish staff is. These dogs are a dangerous dog.Something in these dogs bloodline can change them from harmless to deadly. I just hope for your kids sakes yours stays harmless.

  9. I have to agree with Charlie. I too have a staffie and i would trust him with my life too, he is great around my neice and nephew (ages 18mnths,8,7 years) and is also good with other dogs, when we go to the park I am the one thats worried…about other dogs I dont know attacking him! I totally agree..’Punish the deed not the breed’. There are STUPID people out there who use theses dogs for fighting and ‘looking ‘ard’ but dont punish the people who just love the breed!

  10. In the last week I have heard many people express their opinion on PitBull terriers. This is mine….
    Some pitbull terriers come from lines that are used for fighting. This is a fact as dog fighting does happen. These lines are usually inbred, this is to retain gameness or willingness to fight.
    Now inbred dogs are temperamental and unstable,from whatever breed. With pitbulls this manifests itself in agression. When the dog has the option to fight or flee, it will readily choose to fight.
    My reading on this tragic event in the UK is that a child is being minded in a house but does not live in this house full time. The dog is not so bonded with the child. Because of its breeding its an unstable animal and next it freaks when it hears fireworks. The rest is an awful tragedy. In short it is not the breed that is to blame. It is the Poor breeding within the breed that is the problem. Give a moron a weapon and see what happens. Bad breeding, bad management.
    By the way I have been around these dogs for the past 35 years so I know what I am taking about.

  11. I have a 1and half irish staff who is full of beans. She is nuts and chews furnature to pieces,but she is the most softest and gentle dog I have ever owned. I also have a EBT and they get on fantasically together. I have a three year old daughter and they adore her, they love her cuddles.I was reading an article by the mail on the net,and I am worried that people are gonna mistake the ISBT for a APBT due to the reporters idotic findings. It has really given the Irish staff a bad rapour.If the police ask me what dog is she, what do I say? Are they gonna confuse ISBT for APBT, and destroy her!!!!!!!

  12. i have 2 staffie’s they are 5 y/o and 20 weeks and are the biggest babys!!! i work with loads of diffrent dogs every day and on of the most unpredictable dogs i see are collies, they are just so quick to turn and bite… i would never trust them at least with some of these “dangerous breed’s”!!! that we see will just turn an give u a warning look if your really upsetting them very few would snap or bite!!! it is wrong to presume that all staffies or pit bulls are aggressive just because of the bad owners out there who fight their dogs or make them aggressive just to make them look tough!!! “punish the deed, not the breed”

  13. Sharon here again…..All I have to say is I agree with you Mel and Vinny and Philip…..Why should we all suffer abuse from passers by and people pulling their dogs away from our dogs because of these stupid imature people. Just today 2 young lads walked passed me with what I presumed a Staffie, so all I said was ahhh look at that Staffie(to my sister) and they redily replied ” Actually he is a PITBULL” as if he was proud of the fact of telling the public that! I dont mind Im sure the dog was a lovely dog but with imature people like that…gives all of us a bad name. My staffie is lovely and wouldnt hurt a fly but we are responsible owners and have attended The Kennel Clubs Good Dog Citizenship Scheme currently Gold level!

  14. We have a Rottie bitch pup 6mths old and she is our 3rd Rottie, We have two young children in our household and we all are proud to be the keepers of such a lovely animal as we hope she is as happy at home with us.

    Sure any idiot can go and buy a puppy!!! but can any idiot buy a gun, Well we all know the answers to that!!!!!

    We have worked hard on socialisation of our puppy and she also goes to shuzhund training every week and will continue to be worked all her life as long as her health permits. She also goes to our little girls primary school every day to greet her after school and she is a big hit with all the kids who come and pet her on a daily basis.

    Devil Dog Yeh right!!!!!

    Some idiot stopped me the other day and asked was I not concerned about having a fighting dog so close to our children, where I directed him to the local libary to do a little reading about the origins of our wonderful pet!!!!!!!!

    A little more study on peoples sutability of keeping a dog we think is needed rather than mindless persecution of a wonderful breed.

  15. A dog is the product of its upbringing. So is a child. When I hear of incidents such as this (a child being bitten by a “vicious” dog) my first question is “what was the child doing to the dog???” Was the dog asleep and did the child step or jump on him? I’d bite, too!!

    And just exactly what IS an “Irish Staffordshire bull terrier”?? Are they referring to a staffy bull from Ireland? Or a cross between a staffy and an Irish terrier?? Or a staffy/Irish setter cross? Irish water spaniel/staffy?

  16. Ari, you’ve got it in one. There is nothing like a dog (esp Staffs.!!)
    Someone once said something about when a dog bites, it dies. end of story – no one ever seems to question the validity of the bite, where the fault lies or anything at all. dog bites, dog dies. We, as a race, cannot even get on with our own kind so were hardly going to care about the whys with another race. Superior race? I think not!

  17. they are. Remember they retain as much imformation about us as we do as them. If you don’t like you why would you expect them to like you.

    Karen Stene
    Animal Trainer

  18. i have a staffie she is 11 month.s old she is very frendly she loves every one.people that say thay are bad dogs to have are wrong and dont know these dogs

  19. HMMM!!! Central news tonight! Yet again another Staffie attacks a child! How can you say they are the sweetest dog? Have any of you stopped to count how many Staffies have attacked in 2007 alone?

  20. my darling little cavalier,my daughter and myself were walking today when we saw a lady who said “i’ve lost my staf but,don’t worry he is a big softie” with that this horrible monster came charging towards my sweet cavalier,jumped on top of him pinning him to the ground,snarling viciously wanting to savage him,my poor little cavalier just lay there helplessly and terrified.The owner did manage this time to pull him off. if you want a vicious dog PUT IT ON A LEAD AND MUZZLE IT PLEASE. LITTLE DOGS HAVE THE RIGHT TO GO FOR A WALK WITHOUT BEING ATTACKED!

    1. If a dog with the power of a stafford wanted to savage your dog it would have if you or the owner tried to stop it or not.The fact that it didnt tells me that the dog was displaying dominance and overly rough play behaviour not aggression. I have owned bull breeds and mollosser/guarding breeds for more than ten years and can say that they are no more dangerous than any other breeds. There is only bad ownership,not bad breeds. What your comment tells me is that you are in fact a pet owner not a dog owner and there is a big difference,so in future maybe do your homework on k9 body language rather than having a go at larger dogs and their owners,afterall its mostly small and toy breeds that are the snappy,tempromental ones anyway.

    2. Totally agree with you about little dogs have the right to go for walks.

      I personally despise staffordshire terriers. They really vicious. My sister’s darling little sweet natured cavalier was attacked by a staffie dog and needed surgery after the horrific ordeal. She reported owner to police and the dog is now registered under dangerous dogs act. Staffordshire’s are bloody awful dogs and the owners are too ignorant and irresponsible to care. Ban these nasty vicious dogs and educate the tossers who own them!

      1. i have a staff and it has bin attacked 3 times off 3 jack russels and my staff just started playing with them i didn’t report them, 1 of the same jack russels has also bit a kids face and it was NOT reported, 1 of the others has also attacked a lab, the owner of the jack russel just payed the vet bills but again it was NOT reported the same jack russel killed a cat , it WAS reported this has all happend on the same street. my staff has never hurt anyone or anything, she is great with my 5 year old son and plays with him and all his friends. so out of 6 attacks only 1 was reported, how many more jack russel or other little dog attacks have not bin reported. so fuck off sayin all staffs are bad because i now more jack russel attacks.

    1. You hate Rottys? I have been rescuing Rottys for over 12 years-yes exclusively Rottys-they have all come from terrible situations–I am personally horrified that you can hate a breed that you apparently know NOTHING about. I have met MANY staffys that have had to legally had their teeth removed due to the fact that they would bite and eat anything that moved. To me that is scary–but you like Staffys–have you ever owned a Rotty? Everyone is entitled to their opinion but I am glad that there is a pit bull ban where I live–I dont want them to die–and I dont think the Government should dictate what animals we have–but I am glad that they need to be muzzled. I personally dont trust them-but I think that responsible dog ownership goes a long way with how some dogs end up. My grandson has grown up with my Rottys-and yes I know their body language and I am very attuned to their feelings. I have never even had to worry about what any of my Rotts would do with people or children becasue I know them inside out-and to me that is the most important thing that any dog owner can do. My dogs-if they decided to-could do unimaginable damage-and I remember that every day–that is my responsibility to be aware that I have dogs that can maim another animal or human-remembering that and being aware of that is probably why I have never had a problem with any of my Rotts-but you will never find me with a Staffy in my house and certainly not around my Grandson. Each to their own I guess. I am basing my opinion on personal observations-not hype or gossip. I would trust every Rotty that I have ever had with my life and the lives of everyone they have ever met–but keep those pitts away from me.

  21. 5 yrs ago i brought the cutiest little staffie pup as she grew i noticed she was taller than a normal staff and better looking (sorry staffie owners) i looked on the net and identified her as dare i say a pitbull “irish staff”.things had being going ok just the usual eating things she sudnt eating herself out of the front door ,i already had a child when i got the dog but then had 1 after, everything again was fine untill i read about that poor child Ellie being killed,it made me very scared of my own dog so i went to get sum advice from the vet BIG MISTAKE.(if u own a pit NEVER ADMIT IT)they told me i sud not put my family pet to sleep but to DESTROY her, well as u can imagine i was not happy but then surpose the vets have got to cover there backs.i trust my dog with my kids but wudnt leave them alone with any dog,i now muzzle my dog when im out because yes she is ok with other dogs but i will not take that risk i cud never sleep at night if she hurt or killed sum1s family pet.ive had a lot of stress by owning this dog and i wudnt breed her i will not put more of these dogs out there 4 sum young plastic gangsta to ruin the pitbull name.pitbulls even in the right home are hard work its like having a 2yr old full of e numbers running around the walls also dont expect ur friends kids or family members to stay over as they wont be allowed i dont think id let my kids stay where theres a pit either (mad i know)so my advice wud be as much as i love my dog and believe i do and i wud fight my dogs corner to the end but i wud not reckonmend owning a pit.x

  22. Does anyone else get the impression that it’s only responsible dog owners that are replying to this post? My dog was recently attacked by a couple of staffie-type dogs and I am now scared to walk her. I truly believe that it’s all down to the training and homelife of the dog. Guess what, the dogs that attacked mine belong to an alpha male neanderthal…

    1. Yes and it’s the irresponsible dog owners that try in vain to justify this wretched breed of a dog.

      All staffies should be sent to vets and put to sleep!!!

  23. In my youth, I delivered newspapers and I was bitten regularly by nasty little yappy terrier/spaniel type things. My grandad had a mini poodle and that thing would attack me everytime it saw me, often drawing blood and not just a little bit.
    I worked with dogs, all sorts everyday for 6 years, I was bitten once….. but a westie. Most of the dogs I saw on a daily basis were large breed dogs, who were all beautiful and well trained.

    You cant blame a dog for doing what its told. If you teach a dog to sit, stay, heal etc then thats what it’ll do, if on the other hand, you’re the sort of thug who teaches their dog to attack other animals and people, then no one should be surprised when thats what it does. At the end of the day, as most others have said, the dog is the product of its environment and will do exactly what its trained to.

    Wendy: I noticed that you were quick to blame the staffy breed as a whole. Please take the time to meet a wonderful staffy, like my own who has been bred by responsible people, trained and loved and treated correctly.
    The breed is popular with thugs for the same reason that it is popular with responsible owners…. because it is wholly focused and dedicated to its owner and will do ANYTHING you ask of it for nothing more than a belly rub. Staffs are a hugely people oriented breed, they adore humans which is why they are so easy to train, either for the good or bad. Dont blame the breed, blame the sick people that are either teaching these poor dogs that attacking people or animals is the right thing to do, or not training them at all.
    Let me ask you this, if all staffys are so vicious, how is it that so many are being stolen from cars and gardens?? Surely such a vicious, blood thirsty dog would rip you apart if you went near it?? Its just not true, the dogs that are raised properly, are more likely to lick you to death than owt else!! I agree that staffies have and do attack, but I defy you to find a healthy one that has been socialised and trained correctly that will do that. Dogs will only really attack if they’re taught, or if they’re ill/in pain or treated badly.

    I would love you to meet my staffy, she falls over herself to meet new people and immediately rolls over and submits to any human.
    She’s new to my home, 2 1/2 and I have 2 cats, they often take a swipe at her if she tries to sneak their food for example, and what does this supposed vicious dog do?? Rip them apart??? No, she whines, wets herself and runs off in fear!!

    Im sure all responsible dog owners, regardless of their choice of breed are sick of people tarring the entire breed with the same brush just because thugs, criminals and idiots own the same breed.

    Its like saying all children are ‘hoodies’ and will mug any little old lady just because they’re children.

  24. lt makes me so mad when people judge an entire breed because a small minority of idiots also favour the breed for all the wrong reasons.
    l have owned/trained and worked with dogs for 27 years and have only ever met 3 dogs which l can honestly say were ‘dangerous’ (2 of them were rescue’s so heaven knows what happened in thier past to make them this way) and were they Staffies? Rotties? Pitts?……..NO! A Dalmation, a Border Collie and a Jack russel!!!! None of these were breed typical or stereo-types but quite capable of inflicting serious injury.
    Getting your dog from a good breeder is the best start as the parents do pass on thier character to the puppies, but you also have to have the right owner for the breed of dog or the partnership will not work. Training and early socialisation are also paramount to every dog.
    l own an 11 years old Staffie who is wonderful, he’s well-trained and very friendly to all people and animals, l also have 2 Akita’s which are appearing more and more in negative publicity due to idiot owners and poor breeders cashing in on a rise in demand without thought as to what they are breeding, all these 3 dogs l know very well and as a responsible owner l would never put my pet in a situation where they needed to defend themselves, some owners don’t pay enough attention to what thier pet is telling them and when the pet reacts it takes the full blame for any incident as no-one speaks up in his defence as to provocation etc.
    l also have several small poodles and they are also well socialised and friendly, all my dogs would rather kiss you than anything else.
    ln the past l have owned German Shepherds and Rotties and can honestly say l have yet to meet a naturally nasty one (that hasn’t been taught to be nasty) so l agree with all the other posts about ‘Judge the deed (and owner), not the breed’ it’s about time someone spoke out for the dogs who cannot speak for themselves!!!

  25. All this talk is rubbish. people are irresponsible, just look at all the debt the british public are in and all the abuse to children that happens and alcoholism and drugs and crime that take place on a daily basis, we have no moaralls really. Yet we want to make what are great athletic dogs look sour. what i mean is it is human nature to destroy things and pit bull type, staff, irish staff what ever you want to call them are being treated like its all their own doing. When realistically its us that put these actully beautifully natured dogs in the situation. i think we need to introduce dog licencing and micro chip evey dog to nail down the owners who are desroying the breed. Would you die for your parents because that is what these dogs do they put their lfe on the line for their parents(owners). Now i see that as a lesson we need to take frm these dogs. stick to keeping this breed away from thugs and drugs and the best wil come out in these dogs… Thats just my opinion!

  26. I have 3 dogs one of which is a very big very soppy Rottweiler called JT. He is fantastic with everyone and has never caused any problems, he knows exactly who is in charge and i would not have it any other way. I cant. ITS THE RESPONSIBLE THING TO DO.
    I dont know if anyone has seen this link, it will come as no surprise to most of us on here, but most people are not open to listen at the moment.

    How responsible am i out of 10 on a daily basis as a Rottweiler owner – Every day 9-10 i have to.

  27. i think it is terrible that staffys get the blame i have a wee pup and it wouldnt hurt a fly they get bad publicity because they look like pitbulls and some people cant tell them apart

  28. my husband tied my 5yr old staff outside the shop and he jumped up at a little girl and knocked her over and we are now being cautioned and waiting to go to court to see if he will be destroyed or not,the little girl was not injured but on the bases that someone had given a statment that the dog had grapped the girl and throw her to the floor and was shaking her around “like a rag doll”,my dog has been brought up with young children,dogs,cats and he is so doppey and laid back,his only down fall he is to frindly and loves little and big people,i believe on the bases of his breed he has been punished.But after this incident he will be wearing a muzzel to protect him from a repeat of this allegation

  29. Ann

    Have you obtained the services of a solicitor who specialises in dog cases, if you are just going to attend and defend yourself, you may find yourself overwhelmed by the justice system. Also a behaviourist may be able to provide you with a report or even appear in the court to discuss their findings re your dog.

  30. i agree with a lot of these owners who have commented. i too have an abused staff and she is a lovely little girl. i blame the owners and the parents for letting the kids tease the dogs. i used to work as a veterinary nurse and i can honestly say that the nastiest of dogs were the small breeds like jack russels and yorkies not rottweilers and staffs. blame the owners not the dogs!!!

  31. I would just like to say i have just lost my Irish staff she was my best friend loved every one and every one loved her i feel so empty with out her she was another one of my children in my eyes she was my baby girl. It makes me so cross people put them down it is the owner not the dog.i have 3 children and she loved them all i could go on all night.

  32. Any dog attacks is the owners fault not the dogs!!!!!!!It totally depends on the dog’s upbringing and not the dog itself. If the dog has had a bad past then the dgo is liable to attack but i have a four year old rottweiler (5 this year) and he is so soft and would never attack amnyone in his life. He has got a four year old boxer friend and 2 gerbils that sit on his head. Does that sound agressive to you. wake up and smell the coffee. Dogs don’t attack for no reason and it is us humans that mistreat them that make them the way they are.

  33. (QUOTE, There is also a double page photograph of a Rottweiler owner and his dog with two puppies, why is this picture in the three page spread? What connection is there between Rottweilers and this unfortunate incident? QUOTE)

    Absolutely none! The more I read things like this, the more I despise the media. A real shame the Rottweiler Is really getting a bad rap of late. Totally uncalled for and shame on those who published It.

  34. Over the years I have come to the conclusion that there are three basic types of dog owner. 1. DOG LOVERS & PEOPLE FRIENDLY PEOPLE. They may have a breed preference, but ultimately love all dogs regardless of their breed, be it a pedigree, X or mongrel. They do not judge or harass other owners according to the breed that he/she has chosen. They are relaxed and calm around their dogs and when in the park are responsible at all times, whilst not being unduly uptight and aggressive about other people and their dogs. I fall into this category. The lowest category is 3. DOG OWNERS OF THE COLD HEARTED VARIETY. At the bottom of the list are people who ‘own’ dogs and treat them as objects rather than animal companions. These poor dogs suffer the worst kind of abuse in extreme cases or live lives where very little warmth and compassion passes from owner to dog. Its a grim existence at worst and and a lonely one at best. These people are morons and do not have a clue what caring for an animal invovles and are not interested in finding out. So having covered the two opposite ends of the spectrum there is the middle catergory. In between the two are a type of owner I have come across A LOT over the past 12 years being the owner of two Staffordshires. 2. THE DOG SNOB. For the many Dog Snobs out there, if you own a labrador and wear green wellingtons, then you are considered to be a wholesome person, who lives in ‘the nicer part’ of town, reads a broadsheet, drives a particular kind of car, is partial to pearl necklaces and listens to the archers on radio 4 while baking. If on the other hand you are a Staffordshire owner you will be deemed as automatically undesirable, unintelligent, will sign your name with an X because you are illiterate and have tattoos which were drawn on you whilst you were in prison for drug dealing or GBH. It will be assumed that if spoken to in a condescending manner, you will not be able to stand up for yourself and articulate, but will F and blind all over the place, or possibly commit another act of GBH, which will send you straight back to prison and create the opportunity for some more tattos at low cost to be added to the collection. If a dog belonging to a category 2. owner attacks Charlie (my dog), while he is on the lead and muzzled and he tries to defend himself and or my other dog Tallulah, nips the situation in the bud by sending the dog on its way WITHOUT harm, Dog Snob will become enraged and check his/her K9 for bites and wounds while ranting and raving and telling me that I am not allowed in the park. ????????

    GET A GRIP !

    1. Take your own advice. How long did it take you type all that? It’s you who needs to get a grip!!!

      Obviously you haven’t witnessed a staffie tearing open the stomache of a very docile, gentle cavalier as I have. The cry from her was heart wrenching. Never have I felt so sick.

      I hate staffies and arrogant owners like you!!!

  35. i cant agree more rottweillers and pit bulls are always the scape goat for evrything! my motto is punish the deed not he breed!!!!
    i happen to own a 3 yr old male rottweiller as well as a 2yr old pitbull mix they are absolutly without a doubt the best family dogs ever the rottie is the most intelligent breed i have come across growing up had every kind of dog WOULDNT TRADE MY BOYS FOR ANYTHING!

  36. i h8 stupid pepl training there dogs to attack or fight other dogs its so cruel and stupid its making my parents think twice about letting me get my irish staff!!! and i already told the breader id take him and hes holding him for me so i cant go back on my word and i need sum way to convince them der gud dogs!!!ny1 got ne ideas??

  37. Poodle bites pensioner,jack russell attacks child,woman bitten in horrific labrador attack,these attacks don’t make the papers or news,but they would if it was a pitbull,rottweiller or some other according to papers(Dangerous dogs act)breed.Get a life you media type,it all depends on which way a breed is brought up as puppy,you won’t stop until these certain breeds are extinct…SHAME ON YOU…
    my neighbour has the nastiest little biter in are area,a shitzu,yeah its name suits it to a T,it’s a nasty little shit 🙂

  38. I have just discovered that an irish staff isnt an acknowledged breed. I have a 4 year old ‘irish’ staff who is the size of a goat with a heart of gold.
    She is more likely to lick someone to death then hurt them. Ankle snappers such as terriers turn her into a shaking wreck.
    Pit bull? Maybe. Loving, affectionate, friendly little girl she is.
    I wouldnt leave her alone with a child but then again I wouldnt leave ANY dog alone with a child. We all have off days and moods- we can express this. Dogs (or any animal) cant say they dont want to play/be stroked etc and a little kid is unlikely to know that the dog doesnt like being smacked with a toy or shouted in its face.
    Dogs are the product of its home life and are as important to their families as any human and when treated this way they pose no threat!!

  39. I agree lost my irish staff end of feb as i have said before she was my baby i could not come to terms with her death was offered counciling so my husband got us a springer spanial puppy and she is great already started
    to be as affectionate as my kelly we have a great relationship i love her to bits. It is definatly the owner not the breed. Treat them as part of the family and there love is unconditional.

  40. my staffidshire bull terrier i got her from the rspca. we were both sad in life. but then we met eachother for the first time. shes a female and completley hyper out doors.she tends to chew alot and damage toys, she has a protective nATURE And when im sad she jumps up on my lap and licks my face till i stop crying. staffys may have killed people before but they have definetly saved people and im one of them. i couldnt get through my depression without her she helps me with every aspect of my disability And never lets me down.god knew he could change our lives. thats why he brought us together. i would call her my angel. cause shes been there for me when others havent been

  41. Dogs attacks are not always down to the dogs you know. The more people that abuse the dogs are bound to turn. I dont have any of these dogs but i am a dog lover and i can see that dogs are our best friends and if we treat them badly the will treat us te same way.Its up to you how you treat your dog as the dog will treat people the same way.

  42. rhona here again


    think of it this way murders go to prison
    dogs get put down
    what if murderers got put down
    and dogs went to prison

    big difference

    people that have a rottie or a staffie know what they are like and others dont so why do they think they are so bad if they dont know them properly.Every dog is different and because a rottie walked past you in the street you think its bad.Dont think so

    by rhona again and i am just a 13 year old and i know what im talking about and others that know what i mean will to.

  43. I had Gemma my first Rottweiler in 1979. The following were my thoughts when she died at 11.5 years.

    Listen you people who’d have the world believe,
    That each Rotweiller born, is the devil’s own cur,
    I have just lost a friend of that very same breed,
    We were interdependent, were me and my Gemma,
    We had one another, we had others too,
    But at the end of the day it was just us two.
    And all you people who’d have the world believe
    That a dog is a dirty and dangerous pest
    And that the Rotweillers are the most deadly breed,
    I tell all you scaremongers, that I was blessed,
    For she enriched the lives of those she knew,
    If only you could have known her too,
    My beautiful Black & Tan Rottweiler, Gemma.

  44. Its the owners rotties when well looked after are one of the best dogs you will find but lots of so called hard men keep them as they are lacking elsewhere any dog can be viscous if neglected and not excerised

  45. I live with 3 rescued dogs 2 Rottweilers and a Doberman
    they are the most gentle loving dogs you could hope to meet and 1 of them had a very bad start she is now a laugh a min. treat dogs with kindness and you get respect
    be cruel to them and train them to be mean and they will be. They are all very gentle around children of all ages
    but being a responsible owner I never leave them unattended nor would I regardless of the breed.

  46. You people are biased because you love dogs. I am neutral to dogs and therefore not biased. The reason people complain about big dog aggression and not small dog aggression is simply that small dogs are nowhere near as dangerous when they are aggressive due to their small size. Thinking with your head not your heart you know big dogs are more dangerous just because they are that much stronger and have bigger jaws, nothing at all to do with their temperament.

  47. Simon,

    I love dogs but I also very much love my children. I have four of those too. I agree that big dogs can do more *damage* more easily (for want of better words!) if they choose too.

    I have big dogs but im not that big myself. I do have my dogs under control at all times tho and my dogs because of this, have never hurt anyone. This is the problem in most terms, the owners do not correctly train, socialise or control their dogs and that causes a problem. That is what needs to be tackled and should be done regardless of breed. I dont want to be bitten by any dog nor do i want my children to be. I dont beleive that any breed or type of dog is inherently dangerous but there certainly are dangerous owners out there.

  48. I’ve delivered parcels for several years and been bitten 3 times, all by small dogs. A Jack Russell jumped up and latched onto my stomach, it was agony. Another had recently lost it’s owner to cancer and bit the back of my thigh. I found the small ones on my round to be little terrors, but, not all of them, some of them were lovely.

    I recently set a Rotties head alight with a cigarette (accidentally) I was slapping his head and he just sat there looking up at me doe eyed. The owner was walking them early and late because of all the abuse she was getting. All 3 were soft as butter. My niece has 2 Staffies and 2 children (another on the way) and they are the softest pair you could meet, boisterous “Yes”, dangerous “No”. Saying that the children have been taught to treat them with respect and consideration.

    I had my mum’s chihuahua after she sadly passed and she was a little madam and would nip a child if they went near her, hated being picked up and grumbled for England yet people seemed to think it was fine letting their toddlers run up to her because she was tiny and cute looking.

    I have 4 dogs at the moment, 3 setters and a Sheltie who are soft but still wouldn’t let a child approach them without first asking permission.

    By the way, all 3 of my Setters have been attacked by the same Golden Lab, doesn’t mean I think all Golden Labs will attack them.

  49. There are a few things I would like to say here (1) many dog owners today need to be encouraged to get their dogs trained and socialized, but the problem here is that most of the trainers don`t have the experience of working with bullbreeds, we need to let people set up training units all over the place teaching and giving instruction to owners on how to install the breaks into a dog, all power and drive and no breaks is the problem, we need to make well trained, well socialized, and well behaved dogs attractive, open up competitive sports for dogs french ring sport, shutzhund, provide a platform for these dogs to realy show their tallents, (2) Get in touch with trainers who have been working with these dogs for years let them HELP stop dismissing them we love these dogs including APBTs we know that you have to do a lot of bad things to these dogs to make them aggressive to humans these were the NANNY DOGS but anyone who owns one is tared with same brush and dismissed, (3)there are no positive examples of bullbreeds available to the public we only see negative and irresponsible owners with dogs of which have been mistreated, misunderstood, and raised without being trained or properly socialized, theres no where for owners to take these dogs and recieve instruction, help and a positive platform for these dogs to show there talents.(4) time and time again I have met bullbreed owners and me included that have been in the situation where we take our young puppy to the park we have him on the lead when someone turns up with a big german sheppard, he`s does not care that you are in the park he lets his big dog off the lead it turns and run at you and has a go at your dog nothing serious just a look of growling and a nip, he apologizes to you no real harm you would think this happened to 3 time while my bulldog was under 6 months old except the last time the big dog bit my dog I have to fight him off and I mean fight him off and went to hospital, this changed my dog completely you other dog owners dont get it a bullbreed will become very defensive when he gets bigger and he will never and I mean never let that happen again, this the the main cause of the problem, we all want to use the open spaces when you go to the park remember if your dog has a perpensity to run at other dogs introduce him on his lead dont just let him off and be shouting he`s ok, he OK, because it is not OK and is not the way you introduce dogs to each other.

  50. Dear Simon,
    Of course big dogs are potentially more dangerous – bit like stating a burly 6ft 3in mugger is more dangerous than a skinny, weakling 4ft mugger! The difference is, most owners of big dogs go the extra mile to ensure that their dogs are good, well mannered members of the community. The difference with the larger dogs is that most owners WORK HARDER with their dogs and will NOT allow aggressive or dominant behaviour in their dogs (be that to man or beast) – wish the same could be said of some of the owners of smaller dogs that are the bane of mine and my dogs life!

  51. i have recently got meself an almost two year old white staff goes by the name of rafa (benitez) hes the softest dog ive ever known fair enough he might look scary but ive been taking him out for walks every day and so far 3 little dogs have tried to attack him and he just cries hes now my best friend and follows me everywhere. people are just to quick to judge im 6.5″ covered in tattoo’s with a shaved head but that doesnt mean i rob old ladies. if only these fools could see how soft these great dogs are around the house then maybe they would realise why we love them so much

    1. high mate well said i have an irish blue called fernando , after torres , what are we like hey , your spot on with your post though all dogs have teeth

  52. my son has two staffies.his wife is due her first baby in june 2009 dogs 8 yrs 10 yrs
    she said she would not leave the baby alone with he dogs.sorry i don't like the breed
    of dog-not pleasing to the eye at all–on top of that—- don't want any dog–not my cup of tea
    why is it that doggy type people think we all should like dogs. back to baby in house with
    two staffies–would any of the doggy types above trust them alone with a baby–their baby
    How do I tell our much loved son & daughter-in-law we are scared to death of anything
    happening to our eagerly awaited new grandchild, we cannot just '' wait and see'' but how
    do we broach the subject?

  53. Noreen, no dog should EVER be left alone with a child or baby regardless of its breed. It really is that straight forward. In terms of the breed, bull breeds are one of the very, very best dog breeds with children – they adore them and dote on them. The introduction of child to dog is a process that should be handled with care and should be done properly. The following article contains some sensible advice on introducing a dog and baby –

  54. Blaming An Entire Breed Becuase Of A Few Bad Dogs Is Wrong

    Its Like Being Racist To All Asians Because A Few Idiots Cause Terror

    I Have A Staff Andd Its The Softest Dog Ever

    You Cannot Say One Type Of Dog Is The Worst

    As Its How There Brought Up

  55. Staffies are a powerful breed. FACT. I am 17 year old girl, weigh around 8 stone and stand at 5ft 1, own a staffordshire bull terrier who is male, unneautered. Yet he walks right next to me every time I take him for a walk and has never put a foot out of line towards any human or animal. I could never imagine him actually hurting anything in this entire world!!! He has been around my cousins etc who are younger and just want to play all the time, and I mean they play by putting him in headlocks, yet he rolls over on his back and sticks his tongue out. IS THAT VICIOUS?!?!?!?!?!?
    How many Staffies that are owned by responsible owners actually attack people on a daily basis? On another note, HOW MANY RESPONSIBLE PARENTS LEAVE THEIR CHILD ALONE WITH ANY DOG?!
    It is not the dogs' fault that it attacks, it is the mindless individual that trained that dog or let their child tease it to a point where it ended up attacking. All breeds of dogs are the same as us, they have a certain level of tolerance-and this can NOT be taught to ANY animal.

  56. why do you staff owners think your dog would never attack people. i had a staff and it was a quiet dog and never showed any aggression to anyone. but all dogs have a bad day and my dog attacked my nephew for no reason. now he has a scar for life. never leave them with a child!

  57. all dogs bite but its only theses type of dogs that get put in the pappers i have a staff cross pit and he is the most soppest dog u could ever no and i have 2 little kids and not once has my dog tryed to bit them he protects them its the owners that make a dog bite as they teach them to bite. it just pisses me off i get the looks people have a go at me in the street cos of my dog when they no nothing about the type of dog iv got all they do is judge when the nobs no nothing

    1. You are the “nob”!

      It “pisses me off” when I can’t walk the family dog for fear of it getting attacked by a spiteful staffordshire and it’s irresponsiblre owners.

      I hope one day that the staffordshire will be a banned breed!

      1. I find it ridiculous that you are referring to staffordshire bull terriers as “spiteful”. Staffies, and indeed any dog, cannot feel spite. They are dogs… doh.

        It is ignorant of you to generalise that all owners of staffies are “irresponsible”.

        I hope one day thick people will be banned from breeding but hey ho.

        Lots of love,

        Responsible Owner of Two Fantastic Family Staffies

  58. The whole point is that a true pit bull(not the ordinary staffie) is capable of doing so much more damage than other dogs. Maybe its true, some pit bulls have a good temper, but they are still bred to be able to kill and fight. If you are attacked by a pudle you will probably not suffer any major damage. Pit bulls ,on the other hand ,have incredible biting force and are even famous for being able to “lock their jaws”.

    Most dog owners will claim that their own dog would never attack anyone. Still dogs do (all kinds of breeds), but pit bulls are one breed I sincerely am afraid of. Escpecially since it often attracts owners who should never own a dog.

    1. OM, you seem to be forgetting that pit bulls were bred to be people friendly. The “man biter” didnt live till morning let alone get bred from. People aggression was not tolerated at all.

      I would expect most people attacked by a puddle to live 😉 Having said that Poodles can and have caused considerably damage in the past.

      The “locking jaw” fame…yes…you do know that not physically possible and there is no difference between a pit bull jaw and a poodles jaw dont you?

      Pit bulls are not the only dogs to attract the wrong owners. That happens with all breeds and crosses.

  59. A Staffordshire bull terror jumped into my garden this morning and bit my cat in the face. Fortunately the cat was too fast for the evil mutt but he still had a small hole in his face from the dog. The poor cat is scared stiff now and the vets bills are going to be at least £50 for antibiotics and pain killers. More if he needs stitches. He’s a sweet cat that has never even caught a mouse he’s that gentle. He loves his belly rubbed, plays like a kitten and has never even scratched anyone in all of his 13 years. Soft as grease and a much better pet than that terrible thing that bit him.

    The dog wasn’t on a lead and it’s owner, when I catch hold of him, will be paying the vets bill and is going to get a visit from the police. This vicious dog has had the taste of blood now and next time it may be a small chid. It should be destroyed.

    Yes I agree, all dogs can turn. It’s in their genetic make up, and most don’t, but the bite of an ordinary family dog like a lab or spaniel is around 12% as powerful as the bite of a Staffordshire bull terrier and that powerful bite of a staffordshire is 30% stronger than that of a lion. So I ask you, would you allow people to walk a lion around housing estates in England? Especially off the lead?

    If it were up to me they would all be neutered and spayed so the breed can die out.

    Apparently now chavs are buying them and other vicious breeds to use as wepons instead of guns and knives.

    You should have to take a test and be trained to keep these things as pets.

    1. I’m very sorry to hear about your cat. But please don’t start spreading lies about things you obviously know nothing about. This dog (obviously owned by someone that shouldn’t own a dog) is not to blame for having an irresponsible owner and no breed of dog is “genetically” aggressive.

      Where did you find these “powerful bite” statistics? As it has been proven that the bite force of a dog is relative to the size of its skull. Therefore a large Labrador would bite harder than a Staffordshire Bull Terrier. But unfortunately these proven facts do not sell news papers or help thugs/criminals from using them to intimidate the public. There are a lot of myths around Bull breeds that started in the 70-80’s by newspapers and irresponsible owners to make the dogs sound more impressive, like bite pressure, bullet proof and locking jaws. All of these myths have been proven as false but still we have people spreading false truths, it’s about time these people grew up and used this energy into something helpful like promoting responsible dog/animal ownership and animal welfare.

      I do have one question though, looking at your bite pressure stats do I take that if a Lab and Spaniel bites 12% of a Staffy but a Lion only bites 30% of a Staffie, does the Lab and Spaniel then both bite 18% harder than the Lion?

      This would be very funny if it didn’t effect so many dogs and peoples lives.

      Punish the deed not the breed!!!!

  60. I have a staffie I inherited after someone died who is very good with people. He is the friendliest dog I have ever had, would never bite a human.

    I agree with what Steven Sharpe says above about certain dogs running up to others and being aggressive. My Staffie happily played with other dogs for ages, but in the last year he’s had german shepherds, huskies, and a whippet growling at him (I think the huskies were only making a few noises, but the german shepherds were snarling and barking, and the whippet was going for his neck).

    Initially, he would submit, he rolled on his back after the whippet climbed on him. After each time he starts to retaliate more, going from a growl to really snarling. So I no longer let him off the lead unless he knows the dog, it does seem to be certain breeds he’s scared of (huskies and german shepherds).

    What really hacks me off though is when someone’s dog is going mental off the lead and the owner says “oh, it’s because your dog is on the lead”. One guy was quite aggressive to me as if it was my fault his two german shepherds were snarling. Why don’t people get their dogs to not do that or have them under control?

  61. I have two staffies, who are such a part of my family we paid for them to be flown to Trinidad, West Indies where we now live.

    Several of our friends in England have Staffs, they are all responsible owners and responsible dogs, well trained and beautiful.

    I have read the comments above regarding Staffs and Bull breeds, some of you obviously understand this amazing, friendly, loyal breed and love them as much as I do, we have had people allowing their dog to “have a go” at our dogs in the past, which has now made our male dog untrusting of other dogs.

    Pit Bulls are legal dogs here in Trinidad, they have the same temperament as Staffs, with the right owner, just a bigger size, just as loyal etc.

    I never owned a dog before until we had our two staffs, I would never own another breed, ever, these dogs will always be my first choice.

    But never leave any dog alone with a child, children are unpredictable and do strange things, the dogs generally react to that.

    To the person who said all staffs should be an eventual banned breed, find a responsible owner, get introduced properly, I am sure you will change your mind.

    One of our dogs was attacked by a spiteful Westie, all the owner said was “Well your dog’s a staff what’s your problem”

    I guess if my staff had attacked his Westie he would have wanted our lovely girl put down.

  62. Some great comments here, I agree owners of larger breed dogs often have to work harder to make sure they are always well behaved and under control and of course seen to be, because the lack of education on the streets is staggering and media hype has changed people’s opinions of certain breeds.

    I have three dogs, a cairn cross terrier, a labrador and a staffie and each is gentle and well balanced. Our staffie is a youngster and he attends training classes so that he can socialise with all kinds of people and dogs, he loves it, it’s fun for him and fun for us and when he sees other dogs on our walks he wags his tail and doesn’t feel threatened. I attribute many of the bias and stigma associated with certain breeds, to the press and their inability to write a decent story regarding dogs in the UK. It’s either a slushy sensationalised ‘essay’ piece regarding some enormous birth of pups that’s made the Guinness book of records, or a cruelty story that has nowhere to go save the headlines (the press make news, they don’t care about making better news by telling people how they can help) or it’s the usual ‘devil dog bites child’ story with a horror picture trundled out every time to shock the country into thinking we all live next door to a mad dog that will kill us and our children if we step outside.

    It’s time for the press to begin writing more careful and informed editorials that they have actually taken some time to research and it’s up to all of us to be responsible owners of pets that enjoy life and get the most out of it that we can possibly provide.

    As for sensational stories about dogs biting children, yes a dog bite is a terrible thing, it’s tragic when a child is bitten and I also have children and I feel concerned that we must do as much as we can to prevent such attacks. But, there is always another side to the story and it is usually one of human negligence when a dog bites a child. Where are the parents? Where were they when the child was bitten and could this bite have been prevented?

    My children were raised with dogs and I grew up with dogs myself, my mother taught me how to respect them and how to stay safe around all kinds of dogs, it’s common sense and good parenting and animal care, we can all do it and it’s not rocket science. I was never bitten as a child and neither were my children. Apparently a lot of dog attacks happen to children when they are visiting their grandparents, well when I have grandchildren I will be as careful with my dogs and my grandchildren as I am with my own kids and I remember what I was taught as a child and that will hopefully be enough common sense to always keep my dogs and children safe.

    Today’s law makers are quick to slap a plaster on a problem instead of getting to the root cause of it, legislation against so called ‘dangerous breeds’ is not going to teach common sense or educate people and children, it’s simply a knee-jerk reaction to a bad incident that in most cases could have been avoided with a little responsible and ‘aware’ behaviour from those who should know better.

    If we always think it’s someone else’s problem we will never manage to think for ourselves or change this country for the better and we will simply be stifled by more and more suffocating laws that do not encourage grown adults to be responsible for their own actions.

    How can we teach the next generation if we are not prepared to learn ourselves?

    If you don’t agree with the way this country tackles dog issues, get involved and have your say, don’t be a victim of apathy or someone who moans and forgets about it.

    Next time you see a ridiculous and sensationalised dog story that demonises a certain breed, write to the newspaper and tell them, the editors will soon realise that we do care and we have a voice and we can use it!

    Our dogs don’t have the luxury of a speaking voice of course but if they did they’d probably tell us all exactly where we are going wrong!

  63. i own the dreaded irish staff sum may call him a pit bull and yes i live in fear of one day him bein seized by the police that cant arrest the local gang of scum in my area instead pick on my beloved dog . i have two kids both under 3 and yes i do trust him to a degree under supervision all dogs r capable of turnin its a defence just coz they are a banned breed they shud not be tarred with the same brush are all Asians sucide bombers the answer is no , nor are all pit bulls dangerous killers


  65. I have a Staffie and a Staffie Cross Boxer and I get very upset by peoples automatically negative opinions of my dogs. My 3 year old male Staffie was viciously attacked by a German Shepherd in the summer and it then attacked my puppy. He growled but didn’t retaliate! Unfortunately the owner of the Shepherd did not discipline the dog in any way and described him as a “silly boy” I did try to tell her that it is unfair as if my dog retaliated he would be the one to be destroyed, just because of his breed.
    I was attacked by a Cocker Spaniel at the age of 7 and left with a considerable scar on my face!
    Don’t ban the breed, ban the deed.
    No dog should be left with a child, irrespective of breed, age or temper! Dogs are animals, they do not feel “spite” or seek out people to attack. I truly love my dogs but I know following his attack my older Staffie cannot be trusted off his lead as he is defensive of the puppy, as would I be if someone attacked my “baby” As a responsible Staffie owner he now stays on his lead on enjoys himself with the puppy in our garden.
    He is most at home when he is running next to my husband on the bike, he will not stop and eat you dog or steal your children, he is just enjoying playing with his dad!!
    They never bite anyone, they never growl at people, they are well behaved, sociable dogs! So next time you see a Staffie and kick it or cross the road, think that maybe they aren’t savage child killers like you think.

  66. hi i would like 2 start by saying it aint the breed of dog it is the stupid owners that dont treat them right and make them do wrong i have to staffies one is 2 yrs old and a male irish staff who is 4 yrs old both are brillant around other dogs and people my 5 yr old son loves them to bits and they love him u can’t just blame 1 breed of dog 4 doing this attacks they all have sharp teeth and can do damage even the small dog can end of the day you have to punish the deed not the breed

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