Justice For Jack – Warning VERY Upsetting Story

‘Justice for Jack’ A facebook group entitled 'Justice for Jack' was started by a group of animal lovers in memory of a young dog who was named 'Jack' by staff at Whitehall Dog Rescue in Wakefield, Yorkshire, United Kingdom. Jack was left outside the gates of Whitehall Rescue sometime between the hours of 12am and 5am on Friday 17th September and it is thought he died during that time, having been left alone wrapped in a blanket, writes Maria Daines.

Jack's extremely emaciated condition has shocked animal lovers, dog owners and indeed the general public world wide and it is quite obvious from the distressing photographs of the dog, taken after this death, that Jack had not eaten for weeks, maybe months. Now campaigners are demanding justice and in raising awareness of Jack’s story the facebook group has grown to over 20,000 members at time of writing.

Brian Wheelhouse, founder of Whitehall Dog Rescue, shared the heartbreaking story of Jack on his website and he has since been interviewed on BBC Radio Leeds. Media coverage is increasing slowly but of course in cases such as this, the faster bad news travels the sooner questions will be answered and animal advocates are hoping their campaign will help to prevent other animals from being neglected in a similar way.

A petition dedicated to Jack, calling for harsher sentences for animal abusers has risen to almost 5000 signatures. The campaign has been highlighted by a song entitled 'God Bless Jack' written and performed by UK singer/songwriter Maria Daines.

Maria and thousands of others are now wondering if a breakthrough can be made in Jack's memory which could help to protect other animals at risk of cruelty or neglect. To sign the petition or find out more about the 'Justice for Jack' campaign please visit the links below.

'Justice for Jack' facebook campaign group

Jack's story, Whitehall Dog Rescue
– http://www.whitehalldogrescue.co.uk/jackbless.htm

– http://www.petitiononline.com/csjf4/petition.html

Please, please add your voice and make yourself heard. Let us not let deaths like poor Jack's be in vein.

starved dog1 Justice For Jack - Warning VERY Upsetting Story starved dog2 Justice For Jack - Warning VERY Upsetting Story

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