Petition To Ban Puppy Farms (Please Sign)

The sale of puppies and dogs in pet shops is fuelling the battery puppy farming trade. On these 'farms', both breeding dogs and puppies are often kept in appalling conditions which fail to meet their welfare needs. Even where such premises are formally licensed, conditions are most often inadequate for proper care of the dogs.

The transfer of puppies to pet shops at critical periods in their development, to often poor accommodation in pet shops themselves, adds to the welfare harm. Purchasers are encouraged to impulse buy with minimal or no checks being made on whether they are able to provide suitable care.

Furthermore, the United Kingdom has a critical over-population of dogs resulting in more abandoned and neglected dogs being taken into council pounds where they could be euthanised, and rescue shelters being unable to cope with the numbers of unwanted dogs needing to be rehomed.

Banning the sale of puppies and dogs in pet shops is long overdue in the United Kingdom. Puppies and dogs should not be sold in pet shops, please sign this petition to demand an immediate ban.

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