Scumbag Soldier Hurls Live Puppy in Sick YouTube Stunt

A US Marine has been captured on video sharing website Youtube throwing a live puppy through the air.

A spokesman for the Marines Major Chris Perrine suggested the sicko is based in Hawaii.

“We do not tolerate this type of behaviour and will take appropriate action,” he said.

The Marine is captured on camera holding the small black and white puppy by the scruff of the next before flinging the terrified animal into a gully.

The pup can be heard yelping as it thuds into the ground.

“That’s mean,” one Marine is heard saying on camera.

“The video is shocking and deplorable and is contrary to the high standards we expect of every Marine,” a spokesperson revealed.

We have declined to link to the horrifying video on grounds of taste. But please, feel free to make YouTube aware of your feelings for broadcasting the footage as well as the US Marine Corp who are currently paying this scumbag’s wages.

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Jasmine Kleine

Jasmine Kleine

Jasmine Kleine is the the online editor at She is an experienced dog owner and professional writer who lives with her two beloved dogs, Mabel and Charlie.


  1. I think that soldier is a pure idiot and deserves endless amounts of pain. I think he should be kicked out of the army and made to pay a hefty price! in jail time or something like that! makes me sick to think of a helpless animal getting injured like that. I only hope they helped the puppy after, or put it down if it was in too much pain. Disgraceful!

  2. What a fine outstanding advert for an honourable career in the United States Marine Corps, what does it say about the type of people who join up?

    Courts Martial is too good for this disgrace to humanity, kick him out, then ‘go tell it to the marines!’ and the rest of us!

  3. What l find shocking is that young children, by typing “puppy” on You tube, would easily find this clip, My kids are barred from watching that site from now on!
    As for those responsible,” The Marines will no doubt let you off”, society, as you will find out, will have the opposite view!

  4. The American military actively seeks out deranged idiots like the two men in this video, after all, anyone who can do that to a defenseless animal is likely to commit the same torture upon humans.

  5. I think it was perfectly within YouTube’s right to allow it aired. Had they not, then we would not have known about the act and the guy would be coming home to a hero’s welcome and no one would not the better of his actions.

    As for the motive of the person putting it on YouTube, you’ll find that he did so because it was posted on another, more-obscure video site, and he decided that more people, including “news agencies,” should be aware of this guy.

    See here, from two nights ago:

    Since then news agencies have now been contacted and the Marines are actually investigating. (His) Mission Accomplished.

  6. some of your people are complete idiots..but your right..that puppy deserves more tears than your mom or dad dumped on the side of a muslims road with their heads cut off and your sister ganged raped daily….get real with life…morons.

  7. del is pushing a spatula in a chow line make you a marine. Thats makes you nothing but a closet punk saving money for a female sex change operation.



  9. John Smith, YOU need to get real. So this soldier is out serving his country in a war which means people shouldn’t be utterly disgusted by what he’s done? I don’t think so.

    You want to know what the bigger threat is? That sick acts like this loser’s mean the public lose faith in the 99.9% of service personnel whose name this scumbag has tarnished with his vile actions. Just because people are disgusted at what this soldier has done does not lessen any other emotions they may have about the work of other soldiers. If ‘getting real with life’ means tolerating throwing innocent animals into their slow, painful deaths than I’ll leave that up to you to ‘get real’ about. I for one will never accept that as anything other than the behaviour of a sadistic, low life, moron.

  10. I wish the marines would throw all captured islamic extremists into ravines by their scruff, not puppies though. Toss the U.S. Media in Iraq into the ravine as well.

  11. I think that this guy should have a hot poker shoved up his arse. and then kicked in the face repeatedly.

    I think that people who abuse animals are the worst scum of all and are only one step away from doing it to a human being!

    I refuse point blank to watch the video as I know it will upset me greatly.

  12. RE: John Smith

    WOW! You are a dream come true for the likes of G.W.Bush. It looks like you completely swallow and believe pretty much every stupid stereotype and bit of propagandist trash puked out by the Whitehouse. Rhetoric and fear mongering is a political tactic and not reality. Please try to exercise some modicum of critical thinking.

  13. I’m at loss for words.

    Honestly. Why would you do that to something so fragile and helpless.
    It may have only been “a dog” but this is outragous. It’s shocking to think of all the people in the world who’d kill or beat a child, another person or an animal and not feel remorse.
    I hope he gets whats coming to him.

  14. From what I’ve read on the net, he is from Monroe Washington and his name is David Morati or Motari – unsure which. Some say it’s a plush toy, however,I don’t know…. perhaps if people call congress and the senate this scum will be brought to justice – there is so much evidence that these types turn into serial killers….
    Please, let every blog/etc…know about this – I may e-mail PerezHilton later – he tends to get the word out on things…

  15. The mental illness exhibited by the US Troops has provided a source of embarrassment for the American people. There have even been reports that some US soldiers fondle each others genitals while they torture terror suspects. This is another indication of the degenerating mental state of those in uniform. National security must not be used as an excuse to ignore problems of a sexual nature as they relate to the torture of terror suspects. The sexualized killing of puppies is also shameful indeed.

    The American people are ashamed of the US Troop’s inability to do the job and the constant scandals that seem to flourish around them. The murder of puppies is simply too much! Americans are embarrassed their hard earned tax dollars are being used to finance a “losers” Armed Service. Just like a football team that keeps loosing, Americans have begun to stop cheering for the US Troops.

  16. The video is disgusting and disturbing.

    My brother-in-law is retired US Military and is a member of a dog rescue group in the city that he lives in, and this video does not represent the majority of those who serve in the US Military.

    The military base where this poor excuse for a soldier and poor excuse for a human being has announced that they have launched an investigation, and I hope that the punishment is swift and severe for both the soldier who threw the defenseless animal to those who filmed it.

    Louisville, Kentucky

  17. I would personally pay a large sum of money to have the privilege of pushing this creep off of a five story buidling — not tall enough to kill him instantly. He deserves a worse fate than that puppy. If Jesus is just, he’ll be coming back to the US in a body bag.

  18. I don’t know why all you people are making a fuss over a puppy. You are responsible for the daily torture and killing of animals. Though you have distanced yourselves from it you are no less responsible. Why is a cute puppy any better than a cute lamb or calf? If we killed puppies every day for food this video would have no shock value at all. Desensitized, the lot of you. Enough with the hypocrisy.

  19. When I saw the video on GMA yesterday it made me ill and I started to cry. I have never seen anything so emotionally horrific as this video. It made me hate those marines and wanting revenge on them. I rescue puppies and dogs too and they are so dependent on us for their care. I hope when someone finds out who did this the two marines get thrown off a cliff as well.

  20. Iknowu
    Well you certainly don’t know me! First off I do not ‘torture’ any animals. I have worked with animals for over 35 years, care, training (animals & handlers), veterinary, control, rescue, etc., and still do. I am certainly not divorced from animals, nature, food production, euthanasia. I used to be involved with slaughterhouse inspections and I do hunt rabbits for the table when I can. A clean, humane kill is one thing, this sort of event is another matter entirely.
    “I don’t know why all you people are making a fuss over a puppy.”
    What a crass, stupid statement. It would not matter to me if it was a puppy, kitten, lamb or mature or elderly animal, it is downright abhorrent to treat an animal in that way.

  21. It is my understanding that the iraqi insurgents are raising these dogs to deliver bombs in suicide terrorist missions against the marines. Isn’t that a factor here? This is a deplorable act of animal abuse on part of the iraqi insurgents. In fact, these terrorists gave the marine no other choice but to preempt a terrorist strike by removing the threat. As usual, the liberal media and the bleeding hearts are all over this. I remind them that if it wasn’t for this proud soldier protecting their freedom, they wouldn’t be in such a position of privilege to insult true american Heros.

  22. And these are the people defending and representing our country. What about the other soldiers in video showing them shooting dogs. Seemed like they were having a blast! This brings great shame upon the United States as a whole. This generation has become a society of murderers and cold blooded killers. And everyone wonders why the military now has a bad name. I served my country proudly in Somalia, Africa during Operation Restore Hope and this type of behaviour was unheard of. All I can say is that the military must really be hard up for recruits!

  23. Hey Captain America

    ‘It is my understanding that the iraqi insurgents are raising these dogs to deliver bombs in suicide terrorist missions against the marines. Isn’t that a factor here? This is a deplorable act of animal abuse on part of the iraqi insurgents. In fact, these terrorists gave the marine no other choice but to preempt a terrorist strike by removing the threat.’

    It is dogs today (or rather puppies) but when will the USMC simply start shooting people for no other reason than to ‘preempt a terrorist strike by removing them’ from being suicide bombers?

    What an absolutely moronic justification for animal cruelty!

  24. I think that he should be released from his duties with dishonorable discharge and but put in jail and not receive any financial assistance from the US Government. No wonder other countries think we are animals when we have morons like this representing our country. We need to let him know as well as the rest of the world that we are not and we don’t tolerate unecessary cruelty. And don’t just give him a slap on the wrist he should really have to pay…a civilian would! Does he shoot defenseless babies too just for the fun of it. I am personal ashamed of him as a Latin-American.

  25. Captain America you are a bigger idiot than that soldier! did you see the video he did not appear to be in danger with that big stupid grin on his stupid puppy killing face. It was stated that another soldier in the background laughed and said something like man that’s just mean…does that sound like a hero saving the day to you. And if the puppy had a bomb in it then it would have exploded but it didn’t it hit the ground with a thump and yelped…not exploded saving the lives of millions. Its people like you and that marine that give our country a bad name.

  26. This guy has a serious lack of morality and people are right to be outraged by what he’s done. For those of you suggesting the people of Iraq and Afghanistan deserve more sympathy than the puppy, you’re right, but it doesn’t make this act any less savage.

  27. Its very easy to swear and rant about this guys actions – but he should be brought home – in a coffin draped with the stars and stripes!

  28. This is very bad, however there is more behind this: Those young soldiers are deliberatly being de-humanised by this war in which, BTW, many humans and children are suffering too.

    Eventualy they will come back to the ‘Western World’ and be seeking jobs, perhaps in the police forces. The future does not look good for humanity.

    See UN Agenda 21 and Alan Watt, of Cutting through the, for more information about this and what we might do to stop it.

  29. havent seen the video someone told me about this and i wanted to post a comment, this is a very sick individual who has the cheek to call himself a marine???? surely this isnt what they are trained to do? im sure he will get what he deserves maybe a bomb that blows all his limbs off !! what more can i say hes a very disturbed individual. dont worry folks he WILL GET WHAT HE DESERVES. . .

  30. its no suprise you all ought to hang your heads in shame you americans,this is typical of the scum you are bringing up,all the world seems to want to be a yank.and look at whats happened to itin the uk.gun crime stabbings and gangs,all copied from yankee films.these scum that threw the puppy are typical yankee soldiers i hope you are all proud

  31. War places great strain on all parties involved. The moraly weak are the first to crack, asserting their dominance on the physicaly weaker than themselves. My greatest concern when seeing this sort of conduct is not the welfare of the puppy. It is the fact that this individual will, as his “condition” develops, take to inflicting similar or worse injuries on innocent civiliands or pow’s like a duck to water!
    Ronnie Brit…. to say your comment is ill-informed is a slight understatement to say the least!!!

  32. I spoke to an American friend of mine who estimates that most American Marines are on at least their second or third tour either in Afagahanistan or Iraq. No matter where these soldiers move to afterwards PTSD wont go away. My personal experience of PTSD was when i joined the Parachute Regiment in the mid eighties. All of my instructors were Falklands veterens. Back then we just thought that several of our Corporals were just mad, looking back at it now it’s obvious where their issues lie.

    I do see what you mean though Ricky, there is always the chance he is just a piece of shit stationed in Hawai!!!!

  33. War brutalises every one involved. I don’t in any way condone or minimise this act but what the marine has seen probably makes this look inconsequential. The murders in Haditha seem to have had less of an impact in the world than this barbaric act. The real criminals are the ones who sent this young guy there (based on a lie) in the first place.

  34. Hey folks how about we take a deep breath and read what we are writing?
    I for one can not stand the painting of all military persons with the same brush. What this marine (not soldier) did to that puppy, if true, is horrible! However what some of you are saying is even worst! How can you blame all the people in all the military service because of the alleged act of one person. That is like saying all the people of one race are bad because someone of that race commits a crime. Of course when that person is arrested, many of you who are calling all military people dog killers. Will say that the person is a product of this “rotten” country and the bad guy had to go to crime because of society. Or because President Bush is to blame.
    Yes, if this is a true video, the marine who allegedly did this to the puppy should be dishonorably removed from the marines and put into a cell next to Vick! However you people that are blaming the entire military and President Bush and the Country of America for this alleged puppy abuse are just as bad as the marine alleged to have done this! I know you will now attack me for my comments, and I can take the heat. What I would like you to do is think about what you are going to say. I know some of you will not, but others will. So go for it.
    I am an AMERICAN and I love this country! I also believe that people need to take responsibility for there actions.
    It use to be that way years ago, but now no matter what happens in some peoples lives, it is not their fault, it is this rotten country, or President Bush or the guy down the street or the cop or the mayor or the post office, anything or anyone but themselves!

  35. The criminal, David Mortari, Marine, Soldier, loser, coward or whatever needs to be publicly identified and humiliated in ways the military and government won't as they would like nothing more than to bury this as though it never happend.
    True, ignorant, cowardly scum like David Mortari have managed to worm their way into the military but only due to much reduced selection standards and a crippling lack of potential recuits who now realise that to join up is to be screwed over big time – denied discharge after your agreed term under stop loss, high probability of mental or physical injury and the prospect of death for no good reason, dying for a pack of lies in essence.
    President Elect Obama need to take hold of the situation and stop the rot as soon as he takes office.
    Evacuate from Iraq, bolster the effort in Afghanistan, gain public support for the righteous war in the correct place and bring credibility and honour back to the U.S. Military.
    Hillbilly trash Like David Mortari and his pals are the product of the decline of the USA as a world power, morally, militarily and in the respect the rest of the world once had in us.

  36. I am sick of all the pondering if the video is real I saw it on It is REAL man no blocked footage. There is no way to rationalize this. LIke on other sites you eat meat everyday. Yeah but I didn't kill the animal you dumb ppl. What the hell is this world man. This guy is the devil this is not rationalization. This guy needs to go to hell.

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