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Kennel Hand Breaks Silence on What’s Happening to Dogs

Kennel Hand Speaks Out as the ‘Greyhound’s Voice’: A kennel hand has spoken out in sheer frustration and has published his video diaries and photographs, cataloguing the appalling level of greyhound welfare deemed acceptable by the Greyhound Board of Great Britain. The trainer’s refusal to accept his offers of help and the indifference shown to ...

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Shock and Outrage as Dog Fatally Injured Live on TV

A greyhound protection group was inundated with calls from concerned viewers after a dog was fatally injured at Belle Vue Stadium during a race broadcast live by Sky Sports. The greyhound, a 2 year old male, called Frisby Foreman, fell badly during the 8pm race last Tuesday and was carried from the track in agony. ...

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A Message to the BBC on Behalf of True Dog Lovers (Pedigree Dogs Exposed)

You are considering the future with regards to continuing to broadcast Crufts dog show in the wake of the explosive content of the documentary Pedigree Dogs Exposed. You have stated that you have a two year agreement to continue to show Crufts. You have seen the content of Pedigree Dogs Exposed. You, like us, MUST ...

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Shock as Lost Family Dog is ‘Sold’ by Animal Recovery Firm

Fears have been raised today about a trade in stray dogs being sold after it emerged a company charged with the task of reuniting lost dogs with their owners actually sold a much loved family pet forcing a distraught owner to have to fight to gain his own dog back. Earlier in the year warnings ...

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