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Alice Cooper & The 1991 Dangerous Dogs Act

Some people never learn from the mistakes of history. Ken Baker is one of those people. His introduction of the 1991 Dangerous Dogs Act and, along with it, breed specific legislation (outlawing/banning certain dogs by ‘type’) has been an unmitigated failure. A disaster on every level. Dog attacks have not reduced, the cost of attempting ...

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Government Admits Dangerous Dogs Act Mistake

Written by Alison Green. (just a shame they haven’t actually done anything to fix their error all these years on!) Twelve years on and thousands of dogs later…. Today is a special day for anti BSL campaigners within England, Scotland and Wales as 12 years ago our government did something amazing. They held their hands ...

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What Will The New UK Government Do About Seized Dogs: How About, Kill Them All?

As the UK starts to get used to a Conservative/Liberal Democrat coalition Government, the country could be forgiven for quickly forgetting the short, sharp burst of activity surrounding the Dangerous Dogs Act in the final days of the Labour regime. A quick refresher: The then Home Sec, Alan Johnson, announced there would be a public ...

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Eleventh Hour Mercy Plea to Save Death Row Dog Bruce

Dog lovers around the world have reacted in horror to the recent news that the high profile case of pet dog “Bruce” may finally be over as a court orders he be destroyed in a few days time ending an exhaustive twenty one month battle to save him. Bruce was a young Staffordshire Bull Terrier ...

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