Introducing The Cockapoo Owners Club

Introducing The Cockapoo Owners Club By Shirley Fearnley and Sarah Webb Cockapoos are fantastic dogs and it’s not only their name that often causes people to smile when they hear it mentioned. They are friendly and fun and can make an ideal family pet. This wonderful cross breed has been growing in popularity for some ...

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Help Your Senior Dog Age Gracefully.

It is important as an older dog owner to familiarize yourself with the signs of canine aging, health issues and how to help your four-legged friend live his golden years with comfort and happiness. Mental Routine and Physical Therapy You can help slowing down your dog’s natural aging process by providing him with a mental ...

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Learning Methods for Dogs

Four Ways to Teach Your Dog LURING The luring technique requires the handler to maneuver a treat around in such a way that the dog, in his attempts to get the treat, will give you the behaviour you are waiting for, or some version of it. You reward as or immediately after the command was ...

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Barren Lands

The drought left the pasture as dusty, dirt colored cement. Huge cracks revealing a depth of at least a couple of feet spread here and there across the barren surface. However, he would be successful, no matter the difficulty, as he prepared for his grim mission. He looked out upon the barren meadow and blinked ...

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