Want Cesar Millan to Train Your Dog?

Nat Geo Wild announced today that it has commissioned the 12-part series Leader of the Pack with world-renowned Dog Whisperer Cesar Millan. In the new series produced by POWWOW Media Partners, Millan combats the global issue of canine abandonment, giving “unadoptable” dogs a second chance and coaching families from across Europe who are vying for the opportunity to adopt these lucky pups. The announcement was made today by National Geographic Channels President Howard T. Owens and Nat Geo WILD Senior Vice President Geoff Daniels.

With countless dogs abandoned across the globe and carrying scars from their experiences that make them poor candidates for adoption, Millan steps in to rehabilitate those dogs whose uncertain futures are threatened with lifelong incarceration or euthanasia. Transferring extreme cases to his Dog Psychology Centre — this time in Spain — Millan will rely on his framework dog behavioral expertise as well as his instincts to isolate each dog’s problem issues, reverse bad habits and give dogs the confidence and ability to join their new “pack”. Cesar will employ his “exercise, discipline and affection” method, overcoming hurdles with dogs that are particularly skittish or aggressive to painstakingly rehabilitate each pup at his centre and prepare them for adoption.

But, Millan’s biggest challenge may be training the families from the U.K., Italy and the Netherlands who are hoping to give the dogs a new lease on life. Three families from each country will travel to Spain for each episode to compete for the chance to adopt one special pup, and their dog skills will be put to the test. Millan will evaluate each potential adoptee through a series of assessments designed to gauge their canine compatibility — and identify any red flags — before choosing the dog’s best match.

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“Cesar Millan’s unparalleled insight into the unique behaviour of dogs — and their less-than-obedient humans — has sparked a worldwide phenomenon and transformed the way we understand man’s best friend. Leader of the Pack represents the next step in the evolution of Nat Geo Wild’s relationship with Cesar, and we are pleased to provide our audience with a new franchise from a Nat Geo face they love on a global scale,” said Daniels.

Apply to Have Cesar Millan Work With Your Dog

All applications should be submitted by 1st June via http://natgeotv.com/uk/leader-of-the-pack/about.

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Jasmine Kleine

Jasmine Kleine

Jasmine Kleine is the the online editor at MyDogMagazine.com. She is an experienced dog owner and professional writer who lives with her two beloved dogs, Mabel and Charlie.


  1. i am happy to see your work and to see u help so many animals in need. It would be grey to meet u and get tips on training my addoptead pit mix. I know there are countless other dogs and people in much more need then I am. Please keep up the great work and Tyson and I will wate our turn. It would be great if some day all the other dogs in worse places and conditions were helped and you could get to us. Till then we will watch all your shows.
    Thank you
    Ian Hershey

  2. I am highly disappointed that a reputable publication such as My Dog has bought into the Cesar Millan “hype”. Does the fact that all reputable and scientific organisations are totally against his force / aversive techniques, and in addition his pseudo pop science wolf pack / alpha dog theories have all been scientifically disproved for years. There are numerous +R trainers who are just as entertaining, but definitely more scientific and with more qualifications both academic and practical “hands on” who your mag could support.

    L Thompson

  3. Please “My dog’ rethink your support or even involvement with this ‘trainer’. His reputation is built on dramatic filming,?charisma & an excellent publicity force. It is not built on any tried & tested scientific based theory of moderm dog training.

    There are plenty to give you a more interesing & kind reward based dog learning information – Jean Donaldson, John Rogerson, Victoria Stillwell & best of all John Bradshaw author of ‘In defence of Dogs’ which completely debunks archaic ideas.

    Cesar Millan’s methods are openly discouraged by many of the leading dog welfare groups in this country including, I believe, the Blue Cross & RSPCA & by many of us who believe him & his cruel methods, which have been seen in video evidence to included choking a malamute until it lost conciousness, pinning a dog down until it wet itself with fear, shoking with prong collars & regularly kicking dogs in the tenderest parts of their abdomens.

    No dog deserves to be abused & these dogs suggested for this series are rescues.

    Please listen to the voice of reason not hype.

  4. “Want Cesar Millan to train my dog” No thank you, not in a million years.

    Come on Your Dog do your research. Why do you think the RSPCA, Blue Cross, Association of Pet Dog Trainers, Association of Pet Behaviour Counsellors, Pet Professional Guild, Association for the Study of Animal Behaviour, Companion Animal Behaviour Therapy Study Group, Dogs Trust, UK Registry of Canine Behaviourists, Wood Green Animal Shelters, World Society for the Protection of Animals, American Veterinary Society of Animal Behaviour to name but a few have publicly spoken out against him and urge dog owners to carefully consider the help they choose to train their dogs or tackle behavioural problems, in particular to ensure that the trainer does not use any techniques which may put the welfare of the dogs at risk.

  5. CM train my dog (s) Ha,ha, ha……don’t think so !!!! I would never even consider it, this guy is so “old fashioned ” in his ways regarding dog training.and imho uses unnecessary negative force and fear to achieve a short term solution.
    So all of you thinking about it……don’t

  6. The short answer is No, I would not let this man within a mile of my dog.

    For the long answer, please see this statement: http://www.dogwelfarecampaign.org/press-statement.php
    and this article:

    Along with the respected institutions and experts in animal behaviour that have co-signed the above statement, there are a few others who have publicly spoken out about the abuse that Mr Millan wrongly defines as “rehabilitation”…

    Italian veterinary behaviourists
    the Society of Veterinary Behavior Technicians (SVBT)
    the National Associciation of Italian Veterinary Doctors (ANMVI)
    Association of Pet Dog Trainers (UK) (APDT)
    American College of Veterinary Behaviorists (ACVB)
    American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior (AVSAB)
    Association of Pet Behaviour Counsellors (APBC)
    Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT)
    Australian Veterinary Association (AVA)
    Australian Veterinary Behaviour Interest Group (AVBIG)
    British Small Animal Veterinary Association (BSAVA)
    British Veterinary Association (BVA)
    Canine Partners for Independence (CPI)
    Dogs Trust
    DKK – Dansk Kennel Klub
    NKK – Norsk Kennel Klub
    DCH – Dansk Civile Hundeførerforening
    European College of Veterinary Behavioural Medicine – Companion Animals (ECVBM-CA)
    European Society of Clinical Veterinary Ethology (ESCVE)
    Norwegian Association for Pet Behaviour (NAPB)/Norsk Atferdsgruppe for Selskapsdyr (NAS)
    Royal Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA)
    The Blue Cross
    The Blue Dog
    The Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers, Inc. (CCPDT)
    The Flemish Veterinary Working Group on Ethology (VDWE)
    The International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants (IAABC)
    The Kennel Club
    Wood Green Animal Shelter
    World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA)

    This list is by no means exhaustive and does not include the names of individual professionals who have felt the need to speak out or write about the dangers of employing such abusive techniques as those used by Mr Millan.

  7. Cesar Milan is an ‘old school’ trainer using intimidation, fear and physical pressure to get dogs to work for him. He shuts dogs down and contends that they are then calm and submissive..no, they are scared and overwhelmed. These methods are outdated and cruel. Force free positive training utilizes science based techniques to work with dogs and maintains strong and loving relationships with dog and owner. I urge you to not allow this cruel and ill informed ‘trainer’ to work with any dogs or their owners. He has set dog training back years and has given the general population permission to kick, poke, shock, choke, and scare dogs in the name of training!

    1. Agreed John Jay.
      It is so upsetting to think of it from the dog’s point of view (now that we know much more about their cognitive functions and behavioural motivations than we did 30 years ago, when dominance myth was first conceived and punitive training took off).
      They are not ‘challenging his dominance’, they are terrified and actually fighting to protect themselves from what they perceive to be a threat to their lives.
      That moment that he calls ‘calm and submissive’, when they give up fighting and are in a state of learned helplessness… well, I can’t watch it without crying.

  8. I would never let cesar even touch my dog! We have worked way too hard for her to get screwed up by someone who uses fear based, outdated “dominance” methods. I really hope anyone considering this realizes that it is a very bad idea! The negative consequences resulting from these methods are horrible.

  9. No thank you. Never ever. I wouldn’t have the relationship with my dog built on it being afraid of me.
    C. M. in my opinion is deeply unprofessional and in many ways more dangerous than the red zone dogs he handles.
    I wish he would listen and learn and that his show would be taken of the air.

  10. I would not let this man train my pet rock!!!! His “methods” are cruel and out dated. He doesn’t “train” anything. He demoralizes both dogs AND humans with his inhuman methods Since he himself admits he has received no formal training, how any one with a brain accepts his bull crap is beyond me. I have watched his show and I would find it very hard to NOT smack the crap out of him the first time he abused my dog!!!

  11. Do I want CM to train MY dog? No. Never ever! I wouldn’t let him get near my dog. As a matter of fact, I don’t want him to train any dog. He’s cruel and sadistic and I think his “training techniques” should be outlawed. Give me behavioral-science-based trainers such as Jean Donaldson, Ian Dunbar, or Susan Garrett. These are people I would trust with my dog. Why doesn’t this magazine support trainers who use up-to-date, humane methods? Why a sadist? Pass!

  12. Before you let anyone train your dog, be very aware of the techniques they will use. Mr. Millan uses forceful methods that rely on outdated dominance theory, which has been abandoned by most veterinary behaviorists: (http://www.avsabonline.org/avsabonline/images/stories/Position_Statements/dominance%20statement.pdf). He has been filmed kicking, pinning, and choking dogs to ensure their compliance. These techniques are not only dangerous, they can be harmful and increase aggression (http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2009/02/090217141540.htm).
    The really distressing thing about Cesar Millan is that he has no legitimate credential, and no education in dog behavior beyond his own assumptions. Would you let a “doctor “who had never been to medical school operate on you???

  13. No thank you! Please do not associate yourself with this “trainer.” He uses outdated abusive methods to force dogs to do as he wants them to do. He’s a dog abuser and torturer, not a dog “whisperer” (which implies gentleness). Please stop promoting this guy!

  14. Please, Your Dog, reconsider your involvment with this trainer. He is highly controversial in this country for good reason. He may make good TV but he uses old fashioned, unscientific and often downright nasty methods to intimidate dogs into a change of behaviour (which thanks to good editing, most likely doesn’t occur as it appears anyway). Many UK animal welfare, dog training and behaviour organisations have spoken out against him. He should not be getting air time in this country, or his hands on any of our dogs.

  15. The first thing that popped in to my head when reading this headline – “Oh *HE:LL* no! Not in a MILLION YEARS!!” The second thing was, “What is happening to the journalist of today? Do they not do any kind of background research any more?? Are they so disconnected from the topic they are writing about? Do they just not care??”

  16. I would NEVER allow CM near my dogs. He is charismatic and has great timing, which makes his bullying appear to work in the short term but the kicking, choking and other antagonistic or abusive methods he employs are just begging for a dog bite when used by people who don’t posess his ability to read a dog and react quickly. Also it is just plain cruel. I protect my dogs from the likes of Caesar. Please encourae people to use methods that are rooted in behavior theory instead of propaganda and hype!

  17. Every serious dog trainer I know think’s he is hooey, me included. His methods are outdated and Kohlerish. Inciting dogs to fight. Putting inexperienced owners in the position of getting bit should they use his “methods.” I think to move on to somebody using more modern methods.

  18. Unfortunately, Mr. Millan’s methods are antiquated and do more harm than good. He relates every problem to dominance. It would seem the public has learned nothing from the past. In the mid-1900s, every problem from schizophrenia to adolescent mood swings was declared to be curable via a lobotomy. Today, it’s the notion that every dog behavior problem can be solved by alpha rolling the dog or pinning her to the ground or hanging her until she is oxygen-deprived. How sad that people will not take the time to learn about what is right and what is just snake oil.

  19. ‘unparalleled insights into dog training’ ? Truthfully, if you have to, poke, hiss and jab a dog in the neck, I hardly call that training. Kicking a dog to piss it off isn’t training either. He is popular and a money maker, but that doesn’t make his methods humane or right.

  20. No thanks. I would never allow my dogs in the hands of someone who claims to be an expert but truly does not understand dogs or how to read their body language. It’s not about dominance, it’s about a partnership. I train my dogs with love, respect, understanding and positive reinforcement.

  21. “Cesar Millan’s unparalleled insight into the unique behaviour of dogs” WHAT? UNPARALLELED? He knows how to be a showman, and he’s very good at it, but his knowledge of dog behavior is either extremely lacking or he purposely misleads the viewing audience with made up mumbo jumbo. Either way, he’s dumbing down the audience and filling them with very inaccurate information, which is a huge disservice to his followers pets.
    Greed is alive and well at National Geographic Channel.

  22. IF this is supposed to be a show to demonstrate how careful editing can create another false illusion reality show… then step up and say so.

    IF, however, you want the truth about training, use REAL TIME filming instead of editing and use a REAL trainer not someone who got where he is by the illusions of TV editing. REAL TIME with Cesar without editing will reveal the “Real Housewife” in Cesar’s home and it isn’t what it appears to be. Carefully controlled editing, releases, promotions and false bravado are what landed this guy where he is.

    IF you, My Dog magazine,(who is currently losing respect by the hundreds if not thousands on the internet if you check, by lending public support to this means of training as a model for others to follow)… are supporting Cesar because it sells magazines, then the shoe fits and we know you are not about “MY DOGS” but the bottom line.

    IF you, My Dog magazine, want to retain your readership, then please educate yourself with facts not illusions. Contact any, and I mean ANY vet behaviorist or recognized professional animal behavior program (Moorpark Jr. College has one of the best) INTERNATIONALLY, a n y, and get the facts, science and peer reviewed studies to support why the methods Cesar employs are wrong on so many levels.

    IF you consider forced submission – a sign of good dog training, then My Dog in itself needs education.

    IF you think a dog that complies as a result of these methods is a dog changed for the better, then you need to do some better research. The dog complies because choices have been taken away and the fall-out is greater than the reward.

    Bottom line, the motivation to comply with Cesar’s methods is due to the fear of fall-out not based on a level of trust. This compliance forced training has already destroyed the foundation of any trusting relationship… nurture.

    Nat Geo and My Dog… want to see readership and viewers increase? Do an article and a show after going around the nation and finding out who had fall-outs from Cesar’s methods. Talk to the family whose dog bled from a ruptured esophagus on a treadmill (Cesar blamed everyone but himself and closed shop to avoid recourse). Talk to all the hundreds of pet owners who discovered walking around the house with a backpack accomplished nothing but scratched cabinets and furniture. It does not give the dog a job to do, but it did give the homeowner lots of repairs to be made. Talk to the owners bit in the face when they rolled their dog over on its back. Don’t talk to Hollywood, adept at spinning.

    Get a thundershirt instead of a back-pack and accomplish the calm behavior while applying correct theory and behavior modification. Get a real trainer who knows operant and classical conditioning and its application. Sure the dog sits for Cesar… at what cost?

    The same can be said for all the smooth talking forced trainers out there with the IACP, Sit Means Sit franchises and more. What is the dog’s motivation to comply? Options have been taken away so compliance certainly was not voluntary or based on a nurtured relationship but darn, the dog will sit on command.

    The cost to achieve that sit is too high a price to bear for a true pet lover looking to resolve anxiety and inappropriate behaviors without damaging a relationship that should be built on trust instead.

  23. I heartily agree with those above whose posts have articulated the countless reasons why this man should not be allowed to continue causing profound pain, suffering and exacerbation of fear-based behavior problems of already terrified animals who are completely dependent on humans to provide understanding, care and compassion. I shudder to think of him having access to helpless animals as much as any animal abuser I can imagine. I would never let him near an animal of mine. This publication is doing a great injustice to the educated and respected animal behavior community and to itself for endorsing the practices of this individual. Please rethink this.

  24. Definitely, definitely, not! I would not send any dog to get “trained” by any individual using abuse and intimidation as a technique. Please, please, please see a certified trainer or behaviorist if you are having trouble. Do your companion animal a kindness and get them help from a trainer with behavior education, not farm boy-know-how. His techniques are antiquated.

  25. I am very disappointed that My Dog would advocate the methods of Cesar Milan which are based on outdated theories promoting force, fear, and domination, not science, not taking into account the dog’s physiological or emotional state.

    Please rethink your support of these methods and put your time and money into promotion of reward based, family friendly techniques that promote the dog/human bond.

  26. I feel sorry for all the dogs he will work with and for the families that will think he is giving them good information. Cesar is not a trainer in any sense of the word. Ugh!

  27. Please reconsider the so many organizations and professionals have spoken out publicly against him and urge dog owners to carefully consider the use of his methods for behavior modification. The following is just a few of the organization are RSPCA, Blue Cross, Association of Pet Dog Trainers, Association of Pet Behaviour Counsellors, Pet Professional Guild, Association for the Study of Animal Behaviour, Companion Animal Behaviour Therapy Study Group, Dogs Trust, UK Registry of Canine Behaviourists, Wood Green Animal Shelters, World Society for the Protection of Animals, American Veterinary Society of Animal Behaviour. His methods encourauge cruel abuse methods, kicking punching, and harmful physically abuse. He has no formal education, he was a limo driver for the wealthy and gave some advice. His alpha and pack structure theory has been debunked by the experts within animal behavioral community and founder of the theory himself has said its wrong yet he continues to use it. Stop, before more dogs are hurt, Ceaser nearly killed ‘Shadow’ how many dogs get abused, and damaged by this man.

  28. NO. I am tired of intaking dogs at our shelter because the owner tried abusive techniques that they saw on tv-via Cesar. The dogs are frustrated and aggressive. It is sad that you can’t find a handsome dog trainer that promotes the good health and well being . Teach the public that they too can use reward based training to build trust with thier pet, not shove it poke it choke it and kick it. This psychopath needs to go. Stop the cult.

    1. Oh Sally! I know the feeling! At my shelter we’ve had countless dogs surrendered for “dominance” behavior problems. Many have taken a bite or a nip out of the owner while being strung up (remember the “Shadow” episode?) or forcefully rolled.

      What I actually see are dogs that are afraid of people and defensive because, what the dog has learned, is not to trust people – we’re to unpredictable. There are some I can work with and maybe even put up for adoption, some I may be able to get to rescue, and some that will pay the ultimate price because people are getting training ideas from someone w/ a TV show.

      Three things I’d like to see My Dog magazine cover:

      1) Follow ups on dogs in his past seasons, with the owners and ZERO Cesar people around to see how the behaviors are now (they will need special permission from Nat’l Geo and CM people due to the confidentiality statements they are forced to sign).

      2) An article informing the public that dogs are not out to dominate and take over the world.

      3) Articles from/about trainers that actually study behavior and have those crazy initials like “Phd”.

    2. Zak George is a handsome dog trainer that promotes good health and well being. I’ve seen him on Animal Planet and he’s on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.

    3. I too am tired of all the dogs turned over to rescues that are out of control because aggressive, dominance tactics backfired. There are enough homeless animals without Millan’s advice adding to the numbers.

  29. There’s no way on earth I would want CM (or anyone using similar methods) to work with my dogs. It makes me very concerned to read this article and see that he has been commissioned for a new series.

    I was going to provide the link to the Welfare in Dog Training campaign too.

    Please don’t encourage people to seek Millan’s help or subscribe to his methods. Our dogs deserve to be handled by compassionate, qualified people. Rescue dogs have often experienced trauma, whether that be in a previous home/situation and/or by the experience of going into rescue itself (no matter how wonderful the rescue). The last thing they need is to be handled by someone like Cesar Millan.

    There are warnings on his shows for people not to try this at home, but people do 🙁

    Please reconsider your support for him and look at focusing on compassionate, qualified behaviourists and trainers. That is what our dogs deserve.

  30. No way would I let this actor anywhere near my dogs. Same as I wouldn’t let any actors that play doctors on tv operate on me! He’s just a showman and an animal abuser. It’s great to see the sensible responses, I hope more people see the light.

  31. On yesterdays german TV episode we got a step by step instruction by Cesar on how to use a shock collar. I can’t understand how anybody can stand behind this man. He is not a trainer. He is selling himself and makes good money with it.
    This man, or anyone using his methods, will never come near my dog.

      1. In the episode where he uses one to teach a GSD not to attack the cat, he never mentions he’s using one and he does his best to hide it.

        I wonder, since shock collar is obviously not his first tool of choice, how long he unsuccessfully tried his other methods before he decided to use the use the shock collar?

  32. The day I want a fearful, unresponsive, socially and mentally aggressive and ill communicating dog, I will be sure to call on Cesar Millan and all the dominant wannabees out there.

    For now I’ll continue my positive training techniques on my dogs, our wolves, kids and other exotic animals I use for animal-assisted therapy.

  33. Totally Agree with all the above and more !!! ……. Your Dog used to be a magazine I would buy but after this I will no longer buy or recommend it to anyone I train now or in the future … unless of course you do your studies and get a proper insight into modern day dog training that does not include kicking shocking or alpha rolling your dogs into submission , all traits of the awful Cesar Milan 🙁

  34. Oh gosh no. In no way do I even want him to look at my dogs. I have a Hound who is fearful with strangers; who if Cesar trained would just make it worse. A strange man coming in and shocking, jabbing (what I call kicking), yanking, and rolling over will go back on everything I worked for with her. She is so much better now then when I first rescued her, and I never once used force based training.

    Then I have a Pit Bull friendly to all walks of life, but if Cesar used his methods to train Phil not to bark at dogs (it is out of excitement and play) then it will make Philly hate or fear dogs, which he is in training for his CGC and therapy so in no way would that help him. He is also sensitive, even if a voice is raised he gets anxious and nervous. I wouldn’t want him to end up like Junior, dropping to the floor every time I came near him. I want my dogs to love and trust me.

    So no, Cesar can unfortunately mess up someone elses dogs, but not mine.

    1. I’m glad that other people can also see the fact the Junior is terrified of Millan. I can’t stand to see photos of them posing together and the poor little pooch looks absolutely terrified… ears pinned back, cowering, whale eye… the lot 🙁
      Like the wonderful Jean Donaldson says, I would rather have a joyful, confident dog than “calm, submissive” any day!

  35. How anyone who cares about their animals at all would deny their own common sense and conscience to allow his brutal uneducated and dangerous “methods” is beyond anything I can comprehend. I would absolutely put myself in harm’s way in order to keep that man from getting near any animal of mine.

  36. No way! Cesar Millan’s continued use of outdated “dominance” theory and cruel and completely unnecessary punishment, flooding, pain and other aversive techniques prove him to be uneducated and nowhere near qualified to call himself a Dog-anything. Not a dog trainer, handler and absolutely not a “whisperer”.

    The true Dog Whisperer is Paul Owens, who uses compassionate, non-violent dog training methods and has 35+ years experience!

  37. Oh please no…
    My dogs may not be perfect but they are happy and well balanced !
    I wouldn’t let Cesar Milan near my dogs even if he paid me. I’m not a perfect trainer, neither do I know much about dog training but I know I don’t want my dogs strangled or kicked. His methods are un-necessary and out of date. I feel so sad when I see people trying to copy his ways, he has too much TV influence as it is. Please cant the TV companies use the likes of Victoria Stillwell more ? Or someone more positive ?? He is depressing 🙁

  38. I would like to see a positive reinforcement trainer instead. How about Dr. Ian Dunbar, or Dr. Sophia Yin, or Karen Pryor? Cesar is only one side of the coin. Flip it over and show the gentle and effective training methods as well.

  39. Also why waste all that money on flying people to Spain to work with Cesar ???? The money would be of a lot better use educating a lot more families with their dogs by sending them to some of the fantastic positive reward based trainers we have in this country , no brainer really …. would be able to help a lot more people if you did this and on top of that you would gain full respect from the many trainers and people out there who know what damage this man does to dogs !!

  40. It’s very telling that he makes prospective clients sign a waiver that they will not press charges if there is an exacerbation of the dog’s problems and it causes harm to someone. They also have to sign a statement that they will keep silent about the things he does “behind the scenes” when the cameras are off (as if that’s not bad enough.) I’d love to see some real investigative reporting to uncover and report the dirty little secrets behind what this show really does. It’s all illusion and high drama (big bucks) television.

  41. Wow,,, what a tremendous turn around in just a year or two… I am so thrilled to see such an increase in awareness about the nasty piece of work this man, his team and associates are. I am also disappointed that the mag has endorsed this man and his training. in short; NO. NOT NOW NOT EVER WOULD I WANT THIS MAN WITHIN A MILLION MILES OF ANY DOG, LET ALONE MINE.

  42. Nope, Cesar won’t be getting near my dogs. I treat my dogs as dogs, as evidenced through scientific study not some made up hoooey that some guy uses on a bad reality tv show. Cesar is as much a real dog trainer as Snookie is a good example for young girls.

  43. The only people who will train my dogs will have to be students of animal behavior and use methods approved by veterinary behaviorists. Cesar does not meet any of these requirements.

    Should anyone want to argue about Cesar’s training and “behavior” knowledge, I can only point you towards his books. Read them, maybe even Cesar has read his books. He actually brags about never having to study behavior because it’s all “innate”. No Cesar, what you think is innate is actually myth and epic. I wonder if he knows the Cyclops and Medusa are mythical characters?

  44. Sorry, do not want my dogs trained by somebody that has a history of abusing dogs, turning their tongues blue and kicking them over and over. This guy should be kicked back to his country and allow modern scientifically approved training methods to bloom. If you asked me would you like to have my dog trained by Victoria Stillwel, thenl I would have said yes without hesitation!

  45. Like others I am disappointed. What do you base your opinion of Cesar Millan on when you write that he has “unparalleled insight into the unique behaviour of dogs”. Actually he gets it quite wrong. He labels dogs calm when they are shut down and very inhibited from having been punished with slip collar corrections (often panicking and fighting for their lives, which he then calls dominance or “throwing a tantrum”), jabs in the neck and sides, and intimidation. He labels dogs “dominant” when they are anything but, for example a dog obsessivelly chasing a dot of light. He uses choke, prong and shock collars. He constantly employs flooding to force dogs to face their fear, a method which is psychologically very stressful and which has a very high failure rate. Modern force free trainers understand the laws or operant and classical conditonning to train and modify behaviors. They also understand the importance of managing the dog’s environement while it is being trained, to set him up for success. What Cesar Millan does is set the dog up to fail, then punish the dog. This does not set up the dog to learn anything else than to be anxious, and to behave as little as possible in order to avoid a correction. This does not teach thet dog what to do, and it damages the bond between the dog and human. It breaks the trust. We are our dog’s protectors and guides, when it comes to learning, we owe it to them to train them with kindness. There are many good force free trainers who get fantastic results training dogs to do amazing things, and rehabilitating formerly fearful or aggressive dogs to create confident, joyful dogs, not shut down, depressed, damaged one. A force free approach offers the best potential for a truly confident dog that is safe to be around, wheras Cesar Millan’s approach of intimidating, foring into corners, poking, jabbing, choking, forcing, alpha rolling creates dogs that are at risk of biting humans and other dogs. Things need to change soon, enough damage has been done.

    1. Very well stated, Clicka. Thank you for taking the time to write this well thought out comment. As I read it I was recalling all of the Youtube videos demonstrating amazing things dogs have been taught to do using positive non-aversive (operant and classical conditioning) techniques and how happy and engaged and confident they clearly are. Why is it that we see nothing comparable – ever – from those who use force and intimidation (read dominance) techniques? Isn’t it obvious?

  46. Have Cesar “train” my dog?!!!!! Absolutely NOT! I love my dogs and I know of many far more fun, fair, and effective ways of training them than I’ve ever seen Cesar use. Again, I love my dogs, I would never subject them to Cesar’s “training” methods.

  47. The whole idea of this concept is ridiculous. Why with all of the scientific study showing absolute proof that this is not the method to train dogs – then why is it being popularized to damage behavior consulting all over the globe. The damage that this man has done to dogs and training is an atrocity. I would never let someone like him near any living animal.

  48. No. Not in a million years would I let this man handle or “train” any dog that I know. He’s been vilified by real dog behaviour experts and rules through intimidation and fear. It’s all a crock, this calm assertive/calm submissive bs.
    You would do better to actually research before posting heavy handed press releases from money grubbing, dog harming media conglomerates.

    Terrible idea, this series.

  49. I am seriously concerned at the lack of dog knowledge most of the world has. Cesar’s methods are outdated and rely on dominance theory which is not what dogs work on. Dogs work through problems just like people do and can be taught to be wonderful companions and fantastic pets without jerks, kicks or intimidation. If you wouldn’t do it to a child why do it to a dog? It worries me that so many people admire him yet he uses choke chains, prong collars, shock collars and often hits and kicks the dogs to get them to do what he wants. It’s not a state of submission but it’s what they called learned helplessness. Your dog will not learn to love to work for or with you but do things only for fear of being harmed. Please reconsider supporting this man. Dogs shouldn’t be subjected to this kind of “training”.

    1. I love your statement, it’s so perfect. “Your dog will not learn to love to work for or with you but do things only for fear of being harmed.”

    2. This is ridiculous. But your statement about children and dogs is very telling. Dogs aren’t children and most definitely respond to different things (although I have encountered a few techniques that bridge between the two LOL). Cesar doesn’t kick or hit and I’ve only once seen him use a prong collar because the owner wanted him to! Have you even seen the show? you are woefully wrong.

  50. Do I want Cesar to train my reactive, fearful, often anxious-of-men, rescue dog?

    No, I do not.

    I refuse to let anyone who uses such outdated, punitive, and frankly downright harmful “training techniques” anywhere near my dog.

    I train my dog using scientifically proven, force-free methods; the same ones that are used by all respectable animal trainers worldwide.

    Cesar Milan uses excessive force, which forces the dogs he works with into ‘learned helplessness’ – i.e. whatever they do, they cannot avoid his kicks, pokes, and collar corrections.

    Sophia Yin, a veterinarian and applied animal behaviourist says that dominance-based dog training techniques made popular by TV shows can contribute to dog bites – http://www.huffingtonpost.com/sophia-yin/experts-say-dominance-bas_b_204482.html

    Jean Donaldson, along with Dr Ian Dunbar any many others refute that dogs are pack animals, instead realising that the dog is instead a social animal; and there are many articles available on why “dominance theory” is in fact, not correct when applied to dogs (http://www.whole-dog-journal.com/issues/14_12/features/Alpha-Dogs_20416-1.html?mid=540); even Dr L David Mech – the scientist who first popularised the term ‘alpha’ and ‘beta’ accepts that they are no longer scientifically accurate (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tNtFgdwTsbU).

    Why Mr Milan continues along his current path, which he admits is based on his own observer bias, rather than accepting there are ways to train animals which don’t involve pain, fear, or intimidating them into compliance at best, or a shut-down time-bomb waiting to bite at worst, is beyond me; but until he proves he has left his out-dated methods completely behind him, and brings his knowledge up-to-date, I will not let him anywhere near my dog.

  51. I only have to see the man’s face on the TV and I start to seethe and I hope I can explain to you why he elicits such a strong reaction from me.
    1. He always pushes dogs ‘over threshold’ this is a state in which they are unable to learn, where they will react rather than think. This is a state in which they will not smell food or hear your voice because they are ready for fight or flight. They are using the back of the brain, not the front of the brain. As they are on the lead they can’t flee so they fight, and they fight until exhausted; physically, mentally and emotionally. This is when they shutdown. They aren’t ‘calm submissive’ they are scared and broken. Not only does he force the dogs to work so close to the stimuli they react to, he actually whips them up into frenzy prior to filming…well it makes good telly doesn’t it? Can you imagine the psychological damage just one session with this man must do to a dog?
    2. His fanbase always use the ‘but he stops dogs being euthanized’ line. Well so do thousands of positive reinforcement trainers and behaviourists all over world. They do it quietly, with no drama, no aversives, no pain and no fear. They change how the dog feels about the stimulus, they change the emotional response. Change the emotional response and the behaviour changes itself. The dog will no longer react not because he is too scared to but because he has no need to anymore. However this does not make good TV, sitting watching a person and a dog watching other dogs from a distance while the dog is reinforced for watching the aforementioned dogs and not reacting, would not get a slot on Nat Geo.
    3. He has taken things that do not belong to him, his name for one. The original Dog Whisperer is a man called Paul Owens. http://beyondcesarmillan.weebly.com/paul-owens—dog-whisperer.html
    4. His fans justify his violence by stating that some of his methods are fine. NO, NO, NO. The acceptable advice he gives is not ‘his’, it is basic, kindergarten stuff that good trainers have been advising for many years before CM came on the scene. You cannot justify the use of choke, prong and shock collars, hitting kicking and asphyxiating, by advising a dog has plenty of exercise and mental stimulation! If a father beat his children to get the behaviour he wanted, you would not say ‘yes I know but they are so well behaved and he does make sure they eat 5 different fruit and vegetables a day so he’s not all bad’ Would you?
    5. I have been informed that his clients have to sign a watertight agreement to not discuss with the press etc. any fallout that may occur as a result of his training. He has a huge legal team that protects him from the results of his methods. Ask yourself this. If a surgeon asked you to sign a contract stating that if the surgery goes wrong you will remain quiet, not complain , not seek any compensation and certainly not go to the press, how confident would you be in the surgeons capabilities and would you let them operate on your child?
    6. The fact that he is so successful and on TV means people copy him. They systematically tsst, jerk, kick and choke their dogs with no understanding of the effect it is having. They are waiting until their dogs screw up and then punishing them for it. Worse still they are paying for stamp and jerk shock jock trainers to do this and not questioning it because Cesar does it; it’s on TV, so it must be ok. Even sadder is that it doesn’t occur to them that it isn’t working. If a year down the line you are still jerking on the lead and tsssting your dog to get a ‘leave’ or a ‘quiet’ then your dog has not learnt not to steal the cat food or bark at the postman, he has learnt it’s safe to do it until you tssssst. Tssshhhhhtttt, how I hate that noise! How would you feel if you whole working life was spent with your boss correcting you with a startling noise but never showing you how to do it properly, never giving you the chance to get it right first?? Would it affect your confidence? Damn skippy it would.
    7. I believe the ignorant use of his methods leads to many dogs being given up to rescue with behavioural issues or put to sleep. Kicking or poking a dog in an aroused state is likely to make them snap or bite. Leash snapping, kicking and poking a dog that reacts to others dogs, humans, cars etc. is, overtime, going to increase the reactivity and level of response to that particular stimulus. Violence begets violence.
    8. Cesar would have you believe that your dog is trying to be dominant when all your dog is doing is being a dog. Dogs’ natural behaviours are all very undesirable in our world. Digging, resource guarding, humping, chewing, barking. They don’t come pre-programmed to live in our world A dog that pulls on a lead is not being dominant it is keen to get where it’s going and has not been taught to walk at our slow and boring pace. A herding dog that is trying to control movement is not being dominant but is showing the behavioural traits we have bred into them over thousands of years. Neither of these dogs needs ‘putting in their place’. This won’t teach them anything. A punishment will subdue the behaviour but it isn’t a cure.
    9. When discussing CM someone will always say ‘but there are different methods, not all dogs are the same’. ABSOLUTELY, couldn’t agree more… yet Cesar always uses the same method – flooding and positive punishment (positive = adding; punishment=something that stops a behaviour). He takes nothing into consideration; he does no preparation and does not even suggest a visit to the vets in aggression cases. The aggression could be a result of pain or hyperthyroidism for example. There are many different ways to train a dog or change a behaviour that do not involve pain, fear or coercion.
    10. He has no peer support. Not one qualified animal behaviourist supports his methods, and by qualified I mean properly qualified to degree level at least, not ‘Pete Smith’ who trained as a dog handler for the Met in ’82. In fact many speak out against his methods, quoting them as dangerous and harmful. His supporters consist of people who have no knowledge of dog psychology other than Cesar’s own warped ideas. He watched the dogs round his grandfather’s farm, how is that an education? How does that stand up against years of specific research in different environments?
    Hush now, I can hear the Cesar faithful muttering the name Dr Ian Dunbar. I met Ian Dunbar last year. Yes he did contribute to Cesar’s book BUT at the time he believed that as Cesar had such a huge following it would be an opportunity to present the benefits of positive reinforcement training to a wider audience.
    11. He doesn’t listen to dogs; he doesn’t allow them to communicate with him. They throw so many signals at him and he ignores every one of them until he makes the dog fail, so he can punish. Here the dog is giving calming signals right left and centre and is punished for doing so. The dog is obviously stressed in the extreme and note at the end not only is there a yelp but the dog is wearing a second collar, draw your own conclusions.
    12. He talks about dominance and pack leaders. The dominance myth has been debunked. He is scientifically incorrect. He is wrong.
    13. And what about the professionals he influences, people you entrust your dog to, dog groomers, dog walkers, vet nurses? Would you truly be happy with a dog walker that kicked your dog to ensure he saw her as the pack leader?

    1. Very, very well written, Amanda! In Germany we have CM now on public TV….horrible. A group of active dog trainers and owners try to collect statements against. Would you allow us to use your text? You can get in touch via facebook, if you like! Thank you!

  52. Wow! Way more intelligent and informed people out there than I thought. I don’t think I even need to add anything except to say – no thanks!

  53. I wouldn’t let this guy near any of my dogs with a ten foot pole. No thank you. How about a real trainer/behaviorist who employs actual scientifically sound methods?

  54. If only the people at Nat. Geo. could come up with enough scruples to put an end to this. Instead they are actually profiting from this program. They know full well what they are doing. It’s no different from making money from dog fighting, as far as I’m concerned.

  55. Yes I would allow him to ‘train’ my dog, but only because I want to see just how he deals with 64kgs of extremely stubborn akita. Yes Cesar Milan, try to alpha roll my dog, because I doubt you’ll come out of that unscathed. Try to kick him in the gut, you’ll probably lose a leg. Try to hang him by his collar (good luck if you can so much as lift him because when that dog wants to stay grounded, he’ll stay grounded!). Try to do things positively with him, and he’ll do whatever you ask. But try to force him and he’ll show you who the ‘pack leader’ really is.

  56. Cesar would never be allowed near any of my animals…ever. His only qualification is being on TV and having spent a lot of time around dogs. Working in the veterinary field, I’ve spent a lot of time around poop. That doesn’t make me an expert at it. Anyway, so glad that there is an outcry against this. I can only hope this level of enlightenment will spread…

  57. God no. Rescue dogs have been through enough already. Being “rehabilitated” by Cesar Millan is the LAST thing they need. If he thinks that a dog is challenging his make believe “dominance”, he will do anything in his power to force the dog into a state of what he calls “calm, submission” in order to become a “balanced” dog, which is actually just a state of learned helplessness. The more the dog tries to defend them self, the more he claims the dog is trying to be dominate and the more force he applies.

    And if the dog is already in a state of learned helplessness, then he’ll use his cure all for fearful dogs: flooding. He’ll throw their worst fears at them.

    Especially rescue dogs with their often damaged psyche, and really ANY dog does NOT need his confrontational, aggressive, abusive methods.

    What does it take to put this to a rest already? How many real experts do we need speaking out against him and his abusive methods? How many veterinary behaviorists, ethologists, clinical applied animal behaviorists, educated and trained dog trainers and behaviorists and animal organizations does it take?? How many damaged dogs at his inept hands?

  58. Oh no! I would certainly not want him to come close to my dogs! His methods are cruel, outdated and show all signs of animal abuse. Unfortunately his followers don’t want to see the reality and are turning facts around. Give dogs a last chance – and keep CM away from them!

  59. Hmmmm would i let CM train my dogs, let me think…….NO !!!! Not for all the money in the world, he calls himself a dog trainer when the reality is he is a bully, what other name do you give someone that kicks, chokes and intimidates an animal causing stress and fear, all negative reinforcement. He is living in the past with his “training techniques”.

    My Dog magazine you need to disassociate yourself from this person, if you want a descent trainer to back think of Victoria Stillwell her methods are kind and positive.

  60. I agree with Dee – whilst CM is their money making milk cow – the show will go on, at the expense of the dogs! I still battle to comprehend the fact that just about all the methods on the DW show have been scientifically disproved and CM personally discredited by scientists, veterinary professionals, welfare groups and more – but the public still only buy the hollywood hype. How shallow humans are…………..

  61. Shame on NatGeo, shame on My Dog magazine. Dog trainers (the real ones) everywhere will breathe a sigh of relief when this man’s fad like cult of followers forgets him. In the meantime, I’ve seen what his training can do first hand and am sad.
    In fact, when shown what positive reinforcement training can do he not only expressed his surprise at how effective and fast it was, but continued to ignore it. I’m starting to believe he doesn’t care about the dogs at all, and is simply out for the fame and fortune. Not surprising I guess.

    1. He’s had more than ample time to take in all the feedback and education people have given him. Now it’s clear that he has no problem doing the damage he is doing to the lives of countless dogs (and the safety of people) for the money. Nat. Geo. is in the same boat and, after all of this so is My Dog Magazine.

  62. Never , ever would I let Cesar Milan within 100 miles of my dogs, or any of his followers! Training is not done by intimidation and bullying, but by kindness and reward.
    The methods he uses (which by the way the TV programme advises NOT to use at home) are so outdated and abusive, they are beyond comprehension.
    I am bitterly disappointed in the magazine for associating itself with this man and his methods

  63. Does anyone find it ironic that dogs are usually rescued from people who abuse them, yet Millan gets praised for his abuse and even worse, people say that he’s rescuing dogs!

  64. Soooo? When will we be seeing this magazine do the right thing by publishing a retraction of their support and endorsement of this man’s barbarian animal abuse? Is this the response you were expecting? Just curious.

  65. I wouldn’t let Cesar Millan feed my goldfish but near my dog?! Never. This man is not a dog trainer, he is a fraud and a phony. Shame on you MyDog for giving this man more publicity, he makes yet more cash and dogs all over the world pay the price.

    Ask yourself this. Would you like CM to do this to your dog?!


  66. I wouldn’t let Cesar Millan near a flea, let alone a dog. PLEASE rethink using this person and setting back actual rehabilitation and training decades further. There are many behaviourists and veterinary behaviorists out there who are actually qualified and can give sound, useful, humane, non-dangerous advice.

  67. Please reconsider this man causes harm & pain to dogs.

    No I don’t want nor need him to train my rescue dogs they have been damaged enough & are recovering nicely thank you.

    Please visit youtube & see what he did to Shadow the Husky & many other dogs. He hangs dogs, kicks them in the stomach & face, shocks them, pokes them & generaly bullies them. He tells people to dominate & alpha roll their dogs like they are wild wolves but wild wolves do not dominate or alpha roll each other they are simply the breeding pair. In wild wolf packs some wolves will submit to a more confident wolf. Our dogs are far removed from wild wolves & as neither dominance nor the alpha dog does not exist we should not use Cesar’s techniques on our dogs.

  68. I absolutely agree with these comments. Positive reinforcement really is the way to go. See Kikopup’s channel on youtube, inspired by the methods of Karen Pryor. Brilliant.

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