Want Cesar Millan to Train Your Dog?

Nat Geo Wild announced today that it has commissioned the 12-part series Leader of the Pack with world-renowned Dog Whisperer Cesar Millan. In the new series produced by POWWOW Media Partners, Millan combats the global issue of canine abandonment, giving “unadoptable” dogs a second chance and coaching families from across Europe who are vying for the opportunity to adopt these lucky pups. The announcement was made today by National Geographic Channels President Howard T. Owens and Nat Geo WILD Senior Vice President Geoff Daniels.

cesar millan Want Cesar Millan to Train Your Dog?

With countless dogs abandoned across the globe and carrying scars from their experiences that make them poor candidates for adoption, Millan steps in to rehabilitate those dogs whose uncertain futures are threatened with lifelong incarceration or euthanasia. Transferring extreme cases to his Dog Psychology Centre — this time in Spain — Millan will rely on his framework dog behavioral expertise as well as his instincts to isolate each dog’s problem issues, reverse bad habits and give dogs the confidence and ability to join their new “pack”. Cesar will employ his “exercise, discipline and affection” method, overcoming hurdles with dogs that are particularly skittish or aggressive to painstakingly rehabilitate each pup at his centre and prepare them for adoption.

But, Millan’s biggest challenge may be training the families from the U.K., Italy and the Netherlands who are hoping to give the dogs a new lease on life. Three families from each country will travel to Spain for each episode to compete for the chance to adopt one special pup, and their dog skills will be put to the test. Millan will evaluate each potential adoptee through a series of assessments designed to gauge their canine compatibility — and identify any red flags — before choosing the dog’s best match.

“Cesar Millan’s unparalleled insight into the unique behaviour of dogs — and their less-than-obedient humans — has sparked a worldwide phenomenon and transformed the way we understand man’s best friend. Leader of the Pack represents the next step in the evolution of Nat Geo Wild’s relationship with Cesar, and we are pleased to provide our audience with a new franchise from a Nat Geo face they love on a global scale,” said Daniels.

Apply to Have Cesar Millan Work With Your Dog

All applications should be submitted by 1st June via http://natgeotv.com/uk/leader-of-the-pack/about.

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