World’s Weirdest Inventions for Dogs

A popular aggregator website has compiled a list of the "ten strangest inventions" and a remarkable 30% of the list were inventions created specifically for dogs.

Of the top ten list, three of the inventions were specifically for dogs, proving either that the most innovative and ingenious people in the world are dog owners, or that dog owners are just mad. The Bow-Lingual, the dog to human translator was in sixth place, one place above anti-flatulence underwear and one place behind "clocky" the alarm clock that runs away and hides.

Neuticles, testicular implants for castrated dogs that featured many years ago in K9 Magazine, were in fourth place, one place behind a self perfuming business suit.

The highest placed dog related invention however, was the "Lavakan", a washing machine for cats and dogs. According to Oddpeak, "The co-inventors of the Lavakan, Eduardo Segura and Andrés Diaz, decided in 1998 that their dogs deserved the same treatment that humans get from a shower massage.

The side-loading automatic pet washing machine
, is safer and less stressful for the animals than washing them by hand. It soaps, rinses and dries dogs and cats in less than half an hour. It has a series of conical nozzles that wash and massage beasts from every direction, while dirty and soapy waste is filtered through a hose at the bottom. Operators use the Lavakan's touch panel to choose the best wash cycle for the animal's size and dermatological needs. Pesticide soaps, for example, require an extended wait period to kill fleas and ticks."

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The craziest invention however was reserved for victims of car crime, in the shape of a car alarm that is also a flame thrower.

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Jasmine Kleine

Jasmine Kleine

Jasmine Kleine is the the online editor at She is an experienced dog owner and professional writer who lives with her two beloved dogs, Mabel and Charlie.

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