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Do you have a passion for pets? Would you like to get a wider audience for your writing?

Total Pet Publishing, as well as K9 Magazine and MyDogMagazine.com, publishes a wide selection of specialist pet related websites.

We receive lots of submissions from writers who are keen to showcase their talents and combine their love of dogs with a flair for writing about them.

If you are involved in the dog industry you may be aware, one of the best ways to promote your business or website is by positioning yourself as an expert within your field. By having your content published on MyDogMagazine.com you can reach a wide audience with your message and ensure your work is seen by the broad readership of dog owners who view our site. Your article can contain a one way link back to your own website, something that can greatly improve your website’s ranking with  search engines such as Google.

If you are an author, freelance writer or simply an enthusiastic dog lover with a passion for writing, we can provide you with a platform to showcase your talents to a very appreciative audience.

As you might imagine, K9 Magazine receives a high volume of editorial submissions. Luckily for us, K9 Magazine is in the very fortunate position that we invariably have more editorial than space in which to publish it. This means we rarely commission paid for submissions.

This is not to say we don’t publish the work of independent writers and contributors but it does mean we are lucky enough that we don’t have to pay for editorial thanks to our large stock of fantastic articles we already hold on file. We appreciate that our subject matter (dogs) is a very popular topic and one that many people enjoy writing about.

If you are a freelancer and you require payment for your submission we appreciate your position and respectfully advise that you might wish to submit your work to other publications.

If you are a writer or business who simply wants to reach the widest audience of dog lovers possible, read on…..

Thanks to MyDogMagazine.com we are now able to invite writers to submit their dog content for inclusion on this site with a view to future inclusion in K9 Magazine or indeed some of other highly visited pet websites.

Any articles submitted will, of course, remain your copyright whilst appearing on our site.

For articles that generate positive feedback and plenty of reader comments, we will consider them for inclusion in K9 Magazine or we may ask the author to write specific features for us (so tell your friends if your article is published). We will always contact you should we wish to use any of your work elsewhere.

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